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  1. Am I misunderstanding the post then? I thought they nerfed the torps? They used to be able to hit DD's almost directly on top of them because they armed almost immediately, now they take 2 sec to arm so the DD can hover over and not worry about getting insta-deleted. Or is this new 2km? range better for the sub?
  2. Rasparthe

    WG employees = 300 battles total average?

    I just figured that WG doesn't pay enough for their employees to afford a personal account.
  3. Rasparthe

    Just a heads up.....

    Wow, an actual apology, not the sorry you were offended, or sorry you don't understand how awesome we are but can't comprehend how lucky you are to give us money kind of apology, but an actual apology, that is sort of incredible. Still, they wreck it by just issuing a gentle slap on the wrist. Someone pulls that stunt on a company produced live stream and doesn't get fired? That is one valuable employee, or perhaps maybe just quite a bit higher level employee than they are implying...
  4. Rasparthe

    Number of players in all Wows servers

    You look at those numbers and say it looks fine? Year to year comparison says July is down 2500 avg players from 2020? The COVID bump in 2019 brings them up, but even with the pandemic raging in 2020 they are steadily losing players. Only 7 of last 16 months show a gain, every other month is a loss. That includes some artificial looking spike in Feb 2021. If I saw those numbers and this was my company I doubt I would be talking about how fine everything was.
  5. Rasparthe

    LWM Needs Help Crowd-Sourcing Missouri Data #2

    Random - Win
  6. Rasparthe

    Which Premium ships need to be buffed...

    Benham's torp reload
  7. Rasparthe

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    WG is easily the most bizarre company I've ever encountered. I've played many, many games over the years and moved on from most of them for a variety of reasons, completed, ran out of interest, nothing further to accomplish, etc. This is the only game that I've every stopped playing because of the way the company deals with its customers. The funny part is I enjoy the game and am still interested in playing it but WG actually makes me contemplate to never play again. I've stopped playing twice that had nothing to do with the actual gameplay or boredom. Absolutely amazing. Being Canadian, and firmly believing in "act with your wallet", I have every Commonwealth ship (I believe) with the idea that if they produce revenue WG will put more out and maybe give a tech tree. I was an easy sell, the ship didn't even have to be good, even the review wouldn't have fazed me, it still would have been in my port. But the way WG dealt with WM and Chobittsu is just shameful, more shameful than the Yukon itself. Now its impossible to sell it to me. Like I said the most bizarre company I've encountered. All that said, I probably won't stop playing like I did after the PR incident but WG certainly seems to go out of their way to alienate their customers and actually make it harder to spend money on their product. Bizarre.
  8. Excuse me while I lol. You literally didn't read the OP. Continue on, sir.
  9. Rasparthe

    Twitch Mission Not Appearing

    I can confirm this worked for me as well. I had the container and the mission both wouldn't show up even though showing claimed in the Twitch Inventory. UNLINK Twitch from the WOWS account and redid it and when I opened the game after that they were both there.
  10. Rasparthe

    Puerto Rico Grind: A Sinister Long Term Plan

    Exactly right. I've been reading through most of this for the past few days and you have another way of voting. Just move on. I've played for a couple of years, dropped it for a bit because of the grind came back recently. I bought some Santa crates, as is my usual tradition along with my yearly purchase of Premium (luckily haven't done this yet). Got 2 ships in the Mega crates this year, got 4 last year. Wasn't even upset, that's the roll of the dice. I was looking forward to an event to sink a bunch of time into over the holidays but instead I'm browsing Steam for something else to play. To me that's how I show my displeasure, its not ranting on a forum, its just spending my cash and time somewhere else. I won't even pledge not to come back, I may be back, but WOWS handed some other game the chance to land a player that spends money on these pixels. Seems pretty risky on their part. They are apparently willing to take the chance.