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  1. Absolutely. WG makes lots of noise on how fun and balanced CVs and subs are so, of course, they are included in the highest level of gameplay.... right?....
  2. I agree with this, you would think clans would enjoy the chance to create new strats based on these restrictions rather than revert back to the same ol', same ol' that's been done a million times. I would much rather they have ship restrictions for these high level battles than nerfing every ship too powerful for CB (see threads on Black), or the giant steaming mess of homogenized **** they turn out now because they too afraid to make an unbalanced ship.
  3. Rasparthe

    Help your team cause damage ...

    I guess, indirectly, his point is made.
  4. Rasparthe

    PSA Hector's heal is nerfed

    It is just proof of what the majority of players already know: 1. WG does not do adequate testing of ships. 2. WG is chasing the artificial religion called "balance" and seems as in touch with it as much as any other religion and their deity. Honestly, how do you balance a ships stats and then find out you had a error in these stats and then "oops" that is what we meant all along when we meant balanced. Embarrassing.
  5. I actually thought WG would take advantage of the permanent camo situation after they divorced the bonuses from them by getting some community involvement to generate themselves some revenue. What I mean is, I'm surprised they haven't introduced either a monthly competition or an easy way for community members to create permanent camos that WG would offer for sale. Even better if they offered a portion of the dubs to the creator, but that seems wildly out of line with WG's standards, but one can dream. If they lowered their expectations on the price per camo, even a skin flint like me would be interested if it looked great, especially if I knew it was supporting other players/creators.
  6. Rasparthe

    Dockyard Requirement Changes

    Wow, I guess kudos to WG! Have to respect when they change their mind. I don't think I've every seen them take out the ship restrictions.... Much easier.
  7. Absolutely correct. Not arguing there were more rewards, or better ones, but you pay 2500 dubs for a set of rewards, including the final piece. Last update, it was 60 stages, rewards were higher than the original BP, except in the final reward. You paid 2500 dubs for both of them, you could argue which was more worth (to me the first one). This BP, you get the lowest amount of rewards, it takes you less time sure, but you still pay the exact same amount. If you focus just on rewards to dubloons ratio, this is the worst one. That is all I was commenting on. It may very well still be worth the 2500 dubs to get the extras, but there is no denying the amount of rewards for your 2500 dubloons has shrunk considerably.
  8. But notice the number of stages varies, and the rewards go up and down accordingly, but the dubs to purchase the pass stays the exact same. (or at least I assume - haven't been home to check)
  9. Which will be especially painful because of how badly WG over values RB points. Likely be final reward of 500 RB points.
  10. @lordholland4293 I think that you had better provide a replay or your excellent run of logic and incredible argument against will be diminished.
  11. It appears the final reward for the next Battle Pass was hinted at in the Update 12.0 posting. The first BP was auto buy for me, a Tier VII ship was worth the 2500 dubs especially including all the other loot. The second one a little less but still bought it, with reservation (it worked out got a ship with the certs). Now this third one, it appears the final reward will be a tech tree ship. Quite the drop in value within only 2 months, from premium ship to chance for premium ship, to Tier VIII tech tree ship you can get for free. Hard to get excited about paying dubs for tech tree offerings. Hope the rest of the rewards are worth the cost....
  12. Because they want to defeat you with boredom and so you will spend the dubs to get the final reward. It isn't enough to get the dubs in the beginning, they will try and make their game less fun just to squeeze out a few extra dubs. It is an incredible monetization system.
  13. Rasparthe


    This game is a variation on a game called 2048, you can look up strategies for that you can apply to the game. As a general rule keep the highest blocks (ships) in a corner. It doesn't matter which but never ever move it from the corner, no matter how you are tempted.
  14. Kudos to you @Stuby5600 for taking the time to post on the forum. You won't find much sympathy here, the sub and CV apologists are always ready to pounce in this space. As some have stated above, I took the advice, spent some time playing CVs, I think I'm around 100 games now and I can tell you this, you are correct. CVs are among the worst interacting classes, and the Russian ones are top of the worst things to happen to WOWs. Unfortunately, many have tried logic before you and many will try after. WG just isn't listening. They have stated more than once what their main goals are and player satisfaction and enjoyment never makes the cut. I suggest grin and bear it, rejoice when you get those few games without any subs or CVs, it makes them all the sweeter.