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  1. Jussie_Smolensk

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    I think you have longer bans on twitch than they took to write this masterpiece of forgiveness.
  2. Jussie_Smolensk

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Did you guys have the same person that wrote up the original description for the distant voyages containers write this apology too? If so when can we expect the new version?
  3. Jussie_Smolensk

    Update April Fools' Day

    Can’t wait to log in launch into a random battle and get nuked by a submarine bot
  4. Jussie_Smolensk

    For those who want the PR, here's the spreadsheet

    I’m just trying to get some subway man.
  5. Jussie_Smolensk

    For those who want the PR, here's the spreadsheet

    Thanks for putting that together. I figured if it wasn’t going to be steel it was going to be a kick in the sack.
  6. Jussie_Smolensk

    Arsenal Buy - Flint or Black?

    I'm on the same boat. I have enough steel to get flint and black at the same time, But also have been leaning towards stalin. I know previously flint was available as a reward for ranking out 3 times which I can pull that off this next season being my third. However if she is just available via steel now I guess stalin might be a better choice for me.
  7. I’m only missing maybe 6 ships out of the list so I’m sure RNG will bless me with a crap ton of camo lol.
  8. Going to definitely wait and see what the drops look like before I spend any money on a couple of these. However it is pretty disappointing that premium time was removed from this years crates.
  9. Jussie_Smolensk

    Tirpitz mission for Tirpitz B

    You will need to have the original Tirpitz in order to complete this mission. It’s kind of like some compensation for players who got the black camo model but already had the original tirpitz.