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  1. Two of the fire directors on the Alabama appear to have the top cylinder part disconnected from the rest of the ship. I have no idea if this is just a glitch for me, seeing as my computer is a potato, or if this has happened to other people. I checked the other USN fast battleships they appear to have a similar problem.
  2. The music thread

    When one wishes to feel epic in the Bogatyr, one needs to look no further.
  3. The music thread

    This is the 30 minute version of the soundtrack. Its great nonetheless. Our Great and Mighty Gnome Lord Jingles used this for his Cold Waters intro. Hans Zimmer also likes to come back and repeat this every one and awhile. A great march from the Second Schleswig War between the Kingdom of Prussia, alongside Austria, against Denmark.
  4. TwoOfFour Mostly plays battleships, especially low-tier and is excellent in them Deals an above average amount of damage Extremely rarely uses torpedoes Key vehicle - Alabama Pretty sure Alabama isn't a low-tier BB....
  5. The music thread

    Btw, this isn't the Alexandrov Ensemble (Red Army Choir). Its the actual piece from the Hunt for the Red October soundtrack.
  6. The music thread

  7. One of the best renditions of Ra Ra Rasputin. It just sounds so great. Makes me forget it was built in 1905.
  8. The music thread

    The Great Granddad of all Sci-Fi themes.
  9. The music thread

    You will never get the corn on the cob part out of your head. Ever.
  10. The music thread

    I do. However, most of it is well over a hundred years old.
  11. The music thread

    Arguably the best Star Trek main title theme for one of the best Trek films.
  12. When the enemy team has a division of three Giulio Cesares.
  13. The music thread

  14. Forum Game - Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

    David Lloyd George: Stop stealing my kills Vittorio! Vittorio Orlando: Its not stealing! It's just.... um, selectively killing targets with low health! Georges Clemenceau: can you stop yelling guyz, cant we just cap B already? Woodrow Wilson: WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?!
  15. The music thread