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  1. The music thread

    Arguably the best Star Trek main title theme for one of the best Trek films.
  2. When the enemy team has a division of three Giulio Cesares.
  3. The music thread

  4. Forum Game - Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

    David Lloyd George: Stop stealing my kills Vittorio! Vittorio Orlando: Its not stealing! It's just.... um, selectively killing targets with low health! Georges Clemenceau: can you stop yelling guyz, cant we just cap B already? Woodrow Wilson: WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?!
  5. The music thread

  6. Reaction gif thread.

    Self explanatory:
  7. The music thread

    "The US Navy Band"
  8. The music thread

  9. I wasn't around when the last Santa boxes dropped but have heard about all the great and awesome stuff people of gotten out of them. (I.e., Nikolais, Kamikazes, etc). Since the Santa boxes have dropped today and people have already bought some and opened them, I'm just wondering which pack is the "best buy" for my moneys worth. Edit: I'm mainly looking for the best pack that has a higher chance of premium ships and doubloons. Camos and signals don't interest my currently.
  10. Least Intimidating: (USS Kearsarge BB-5 as Crane Ship No.1) It does still count as a battleship, riigghhhtt? Most Intimidating: (US Navy Recognition Drawing of the KMS Tirpitz)