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  1. The music thread

  2. The music thread

  3. The music thread

    Remember Brothers, the Emperor protects!
  4. All aboard the hype train: Godzilla 2 trailer

    I can't wait for that certain somebody to make a thread about how the designs of the creatures are absolutely terrible, not give any criticism on how to improve it, say that the guy in a Godzilla suit is somehow better, and say that some of the actors look like horses or something like that.
  5. WOWS Make Your Own Meme Thread

  6. Caption the profile image above you.

    Now, gather round' lads, its time for yer Cappins' story time. It be a damp day in Scotland. I went there to visit me favorite pub to get some good ol' booze. I was a regular there, still am, but one day when I was drinking me favorite booze there was a commotion bein' started by eh Royal Navy sailor. I, bein' the intellectual cappin' doggo I am, walked up to quietly calm him down. I grabbed me booze and came right behind him. He wasn't being very, uh, complient, you see, so I did what any rational pirate of the seven seas would do. I slit his throat with an adjective. Before anything else could happen, a British police officer came up and said, "Oi, do ya got a license for that there laddie?" Needless to say, I made a dashing escape with my Kongou bodypillow, booze, and left. The End. Fin.
  7. The music thread

  8. The music thread

  9. The "Blackie" Affair

    Sounds like something straight from a harem anime.
  10. Caption the profile image above you.

    Captain Doggo got up from the deck and watched as his ship was set aflame by the bombardment by the enemy destroyer. He kept his cool as his crew were scared for their lives, trying to evacuate. The Captain grabbed a large bottle of boose, big enough to make even the Irish proud, and walked to the helm. He relieved the scared ensign at the helm and looked at the enemy destroyer. He drank his bottle halfway and saw the enemy captain. In his drunken state, he believed that the captain, who was disguised as a neko maid for some reason, was his worst enemy. The captain, he thought, was a cat. He ordered his crew one last time as his Captain Ahab skills kicked in. He gave out one, final shout, that could be heard for hundred of miles away. "PrEpArE fOr RaMmInG sPeEd!!"


    We wouldn't have won that war if not for help of the French, Spanish, and Dutch supplying us with arms and annoying the British on the coastline. The Germanic state of Prussia also indirectly helped the colonials when Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben came and trained Washington's troops into actual soldiers instead of farmers holding muskets.

    (US*, after watching that glorious clip of superior Soviet engineering.) Da, comrade. Here is a token of OUR* appreciation for OUR* contribution to OUR* glorious Soviet Motherland!