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  1. Colorado
  2. Don't forget about the Clemsons, St. Louis', Bogatyrs, Dresdens, and the Russian long boat.
  3. Better add Respawn to that list, its going to be EA'ed soon.
  4. Did he say Martha?
  5. I was going to leave the obligatory popcorn emote here but I've decided to leave my two cents. First off, Wargaming is a for profit company and will remove certain symbols so its products can be sold worldwide. This is why we don't have the swastika in-game, because it is outlawed in Russia, Germany, and several other countries. The Rising Sun is banned in several Asian countries. If Wargaming was to include these symbols in the game, this could possibly lead to WOWS being outright banned in Germany, Russia, and China. Two, I think the roundel Wargaming chose is actually pretty cool looking. I always liked eagles in symbols (Could be the American in me or the German). Third: (I may or may not be studying the French Revolution right now...)
  6. Its one of those moments when you're trying to make a thread for fun but then people come along and ruin it. This is so true it isn't even funny. +1
  7. Shhh! Stop ruining the fun! If you want something more German, then...
  8. It doesn't get anymore German then this.
  9. Spam. .
  10. I honestly can't tell is this is an actually true post or just another troll thread. I'm thinking the ladder for the most part, looking back at the track record of SALTY members.