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  1. box o gimmicks is kinda bad game design and the last the game needs is another form of rng in the form of an air attack you really cant counter or mitigate.
  2. I wouldn't hold my breath since it's already known by WG its not balanced and the class does damage easily without little weaknesses. They were and have discussed this and as long as cv pop stays where it's at they wont change it. They have spreadsheets and metrics they use to determine how to handle classes. Comparing the skill work to class balance in itself is a whole different thing entirely.
  3. Yes yes. we have this thread every day. The same superunicum cv mains will come in and most will admit the class is the best in the game and strongest and OP and you will get a few that will defend it. And no, WG will not do anything to fix cv surface ship interactions. But who knows, maybe they might. But at this point I've noticed more friends and a lot of good players I've played with before left more because of the average skill of teams and the playerbase than cvs with CVS mostly just being the final nail on the coffin.
  4. ThiccLoliThighs

    If MM doesnt like you.

    I politely disagree. Usually those that blame rng and MM to a certain degree usually dont look at mistakes and things they are doing that caused a loss and or was a reason it was a loss. Unlike randoms which are more affected by divisions and team comp. Rank is 7v7 and more you focused than anything which doesnt allow you to just throw blame always on your team. Rank usually is how you can influence the battle just like clan battles.
  5. ThiccLoliThighs

    Deadeye is gone, how about the rest?

    Removing deadeye is a nerf but it won't change much for bbs. Most broken bbs like thunderer still will be able to do 200k or more a game under skill players' hands since it's an easy ship and to be frank most bbs will be the same for the better half of the playerbase. If anything removing deadeye might help the bad players since better dispersion of deadeye meant your aim has to be really good to take advantage of it like how slava is. Now without it, RNG might give you a hit or citadel with bad aim like in the past, thanks to dispersion now spreading out more without deadeye.
  6. seems like a quick fix more than anything. I'd like to see a skill that allows people to push more efficiently. Maybe a skill making a 4 point skill that is for encouraging brawling like less flooding and fire duration and more accuracy at 10km or something. I guess the accuracy skill was one before for the cqc skill but a better pushing skill at that tier would at least award us that like to push.
  7. ThiccLoliThighs

    Good Bye Deadeye

    still wont fix this horrible playerbase.
  8. ThiccLoliThighs

    Johan de Witt vs Zao

    both ships are still in testing please wait for test ship zao to be finished.
  9. ThiccLoliThighs

    Good Bye Deadeye

    they will now even faster thanks to them indirectly buffing gunboats now.
  10. ThiccLoliThighs

    Question: Stats about aim assist banns

    Hope you know those Asian clans were more people got banned for using their skills to grind and sell accounts than hacks like aim assist
  11. ThiccLoliThighs

    New ship announced - USS Congress

    Calling it but there will be a t9 smaland clone and thunderer clone.
  12. I think the playerbase has antagonised and made me wanna quit more than wg decisions tbh
  13. ThiccLoliThighs

    Article on stats in World of Warships

    I've noticed with stats the higher your wr and pr the less toxic you are usually. I've noticed the most toxic in the game from my experience are potatoes and average players. Most unicums ive met and played with might make a smug comment but rarely do they say it in chat unless its literally a bad player sabotaging their team and even then I dont consider telling someone not to suicide or make a bad play being toxic as long as its respectfully saying they shouldnt do that.
  14. Meh. I've been smashing players in all those ships in rank so far. So idc tbh
  15. You could always take it as a learning experience by fighting really good player or you could just yolo in and die and just get the match over fast and go to the next one. Or you could just git gudder and join said clans or do like most of us and realize its how every multiplayer game is?