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  1. Outplay them since the majority are usually the ones that die early and never contribute.
  2. No, I treat every player as a threat. Even a 40wr can kill you if you play bad and give side to him.
  3. I don't think WG knows really where and how they want to balance these things. Radar also depends on if you have a team that uses your radars which is why most radar ships div...but the main issue is if you nerf radar to a point, you allow some dds, especially ships like Z52 that are good at cap control, to have well, more strength. Idk I'm mixed. Cruisers kinda get bullied by everything, so radar is a tool which gave the class some purpose.
  4. Tanky Cruiser?

    Moskva with fire related damage stuff is quite tanky. Only thing that counters moskva still even with fp and stuff is hindy since it can pen the deck compared to zao and the rest with their he.
  5. NO is quite the cruiser killer at lower tier with consistent citadel strikes on anything giving broadside. Baltimore is just plain nice since you got 27mm armor still everywhere. It feels quite nice compared to cleveland tho, cleveland is still the damage farming king of the line other than des moines.
  6. Lol I feel like a fool ever getting worked up on this game.

  7. Makes sense to me. You go from the line with every ship being able to torp from stealth or almost in full stealth to not being able to, which is weird. I still dont consider it broken since torps rely on player rng in the end.
  8. Basic build should be Priority target, Adrenaline Rush, Demolition Expert, and Concealment Expert, from their, the light cruisers can take well have to take IFHE, you can substitute Concealment expert for IFHE if you have no points since you sit behind islands a lot or just tough through the shatters and praying on RNG. As for the Heavy line, you can go aft and go with whatever you want from there, likewise you should try aft as well on the light line too. You can put halsey on whichever ship you like tho, with the expert loader boost, probably a heavy cruiser would be nice. Also forgot to say, expert loader is a nice perk to pick too after you get 10 points to change ammo quickly on your heavy cruisers.
  9. yes Idk how many times it feels nice to be able to pen anything at any angle almost. Izumo is ok but not the worst in the world, and nagamon isnt too bad either. In the end grinding it yourself is the best way to see if its bad, versus other's opinions. :3
  10. Best Days to Avoid Potato Teams?

    People say x day has potato teams everywhere, but everyday seems the same to me in team quality tho.
  11. Dev Blog- ST IJN Tier 10 DD Harugumo

    no, you dont have the speed or agility of a khaba to open gunboat all the time, youll just play it like the akizuki before, being a support dd for your dds and being a utility ship that can strike anything with ap and he spam.
  12. I thought forums scare you D:
  13. Is AA on destroyers completely useless?

    you can build many dds with aa people often put duk with manual aa and aft well used to..why now when kid exists.