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  1. SuzutsukiKaiNi

    [DAKI] Because fluffy waifu's are all you need!

    lewd clan i think
  2. SuzutsukiKaiNi

    That feel when you get done with rank.

    IJN dd...you madman..btw i saw some people doing some crazy carrying in shima..so idunno
  3. SuzutsukiKaiNi

    That feel when you get done with rank.

    Was it that rough? D;
  4. Anyone else think we need a few changes in rank, with season and xp.
  5. SuzutsukiKaiNi

    Kitakaze a "keeper"?

    its a better aki and still a cap contester with its good stealth. So yes, its a keeper, I like it.
  6. SuzutsukiKaiNi

    The Ranked Report

    ...its kinda depressing doing good in two rank seasons, and barely doing 45wr this one....kinda rough season so far
  7. SuzutsukiKaiNi

    Top ten reasons people hate BBs

    I hate bbs because it takes forever for the guns to reload and rng always says no.
  8. SuzutsukiKaiNi

    minotaurs with 41% hit rate lol

    Its a mino..he probably always positions himself in good positions and gets a lot of sides..lol some people are good shots anyway no matter what they play, some usually the best, are smart to only shoot when they know they'll get accurate shots, and some are like me that just dont care and spam mouse one.... lets not go the if hes better than me, hes cheating route.
  9. SuzutsukiKaiNi

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    yep. won a rank and two random battles and it isnt showing up. Maybe adding another op ship will fix the game too :3
  10. SuzutsukiKaiNi

    THOSE players...

    I need to win because im a useless insignificant femboi with nothing going for him.
  11. SuzutsukiKaiNi

    Possible Solution to Radar

    radars should at least be balanced in number. seeing more than 3 sometimes is as worse as 5 dd games. And this is someone that loves playing radar ships a lot.
  12. Having one good game doesnt equal being op. In the broad spectrum of things, the worcester and cleveland can do the same but with radar since you are basically a light cruiser at this point with its abysmal turning circle. qwq everyone is so quick to call everything op when they break 100k in a gunboat..You'll probably get farmed more by other cruisers than her. It still takes time for it to burn down ships it just does it a bit more efficient now.
  13. SuzutsukiKaiNi

    A gunboat Shiratsuyu, Yuudachi. POI!

    Would nice to have another t7 gunboat other than Leningrad