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  1. Suzutsuki_Kai

    What's the easiest/zero skill ship to play?

    CV You help your team by spotting, you don't have to care about planes so long as you aren't dumb and you are the only ship that can touch any spot of the map with pure impunity so long as you are smart with your planes. Also the most frustrating class in the game rn other than radar cruisers with stealth radar.
  2. Suzutsuki_Kai

    Matchmaking Balance

    Same. I lost many of good friends from all skill levels from the frustration of the game. Many a unicum too cause of CB. I won't renew premium or anything anymore and am gonna move on. Until we as players stand up they won't fix stuff. But sadly too many are complacent with mediocrity.
  3. Suzutsuki_Kai

    Your update is garbage

    sounds like a tom and jerry cartoon with all the noises.
  4. I honestly don't even know what the MM does anymore. Its random rng chance but lately these games aren't even close. It's not fun blowing out or losing cause my teammates die early. But tbh I can't complain since I've been only playing nevsky and halland solo lately and 100 games in them in total im at least above 60wr...but the quality of play as of late made each game fundamentally boring and stressful. The best approach to play now is to not really care about the MM and expect you will lose and just enjoy whatever you can
  5. honestly they should put them at all tiers. I really don't see the difference in bots than the average player nowadays.
  6. Suzutsuki_Kai

    Help for Destroyers (they need a buff)

    I do fine against radar. The only radar they need to fix is Nevsky radar with it's spotting but its in a weird place where, yes you can spot it ahead of time but the distance it can close which is barely below 1km is very easy to do in Nevsky. The issue I see with it vs other cruisers is moskva to compensate for the good shell ballistics with radar has a retarded spotting range while DM and Worcester have slow american shells which balance it with also the spotting window of the ships balancing it as well. Other than that, I find the average dd player is too reliant on rushing in versus thinking about map positioning and game sense. By now most people should know the obvious spots DM and moskva etc should be at. As for the rest, people should realize to scout the cap out first then react. But thats what separates the average dd player sadly.
  7. Suzutsuki_Kai

    Dsynch issues

    Is there any fix you can do to fix it, do i need to start my game over again. I'm guessing theres nothing one can do since dsynch is server related....but please wg its been said before please look into again. I've had dive bombs on my cv go through dds and explode later...its clearly still a persistent problem.
  8. Suzutsuki_Kai

    The Secret to Dealing With the Venezia

    the secret to deal with venezia is just play a german bb or kremlin and kill it with ap
  9. Suzutsuki_Kai

    is anyone actually liking nevsky?

    Seems strong to me. Like most cruisers its about positioning right to do damage and avoid fire. If caught broadside, I can easily cit the crap out of anything so far in my games. The ship is no joke and no sleeper that is for sure.
  10. Suzutsuki_Kai

    Who is excited about Siegfried?

    literally would rather have an alaska.
  11. Suzutsuki_Kai

    2 bad so sad(in Chat)

    who cares about karma anyway
  12. funny when a purple player is whining to OP about skill and a game mechanic but the number one crowd whining and qqing about CV are the top 10 percent of the game. Have some retrospect and stop trying so hard to seem more intelligent than you are.
  13. Suzutsuki_Kai

    Next season of clan battles

    how hard is it to put a pick ban system in the game?
  14. I've had zero problems vs belfast. In fact fiji is better in every other way. Belfast has no torps, so its [edited] if a bb like sinop or any bb for that matter realizes it and pushes it when its in a bad spot. It also has no heal so unlike fiji its pretty much dead for the rest of the match when taking too much damage. Also like any ship its radar is known by now and you can play around it by using map awareness, and bbs can kill it if they know how to smoke fire. But that requires the average player to know that. I have a 71wr in fiji and Sinop all the way to rank 5 in 50ish games...doesnt that mean they are as broken as a premium ship? I think at a certain point a ship can only do so much for playerskill overall
  15. Suzutsuki_Kai

    How to Ranked?

    just find a ship you are good in or comfortable in and try to go for key ships you know control the game. If you are in any ship, go for the dds anytime you can get them spotted. If you are in a BB learn when to push and be aggressive and always get center map control or be in an annoying spot.