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  1. Suzutsuki_Kai

    How many is your losing streak?

    O luckly thanks to divs. Solo is too painful unless you play something broken nowadays.
  2. Suzutsuki_Kai

    WG needs to factor player ratings into MM

    sometimes I think this since honestly ive played the same lately and had a ton of losses compared to losing. Though likewise you can call that variance tbh.
  3. Suzutsuki_Kai

    WG needs to factor player ratings into MM

    then youll whine that players of your skill are wrecking you in game tho, OP.
  4. Suzutsuki_Kai

    so radar?

    honestly i hate spotter planes more than radar.
  5. Suzutsuki_Kai

    a most painful week ahead

    I like players like that. Makes it easier to kill their dds and win.
  6. So you are good at kill stealing. Great to know.
  7. Suzutsuki_Kai

    [WAIFU] Your Waifu is Trash

  8. Suzutsuki_Kai

    Who's the idiot???

    I am the idiot that makes a post to this thread
  9. Suzutsuki_Kai

    Best ships for ranked t6

    Nothing like clubbing people with warspite
  10. Suzutsuki_Kai

    Does WG hate skill?

    yes thats why i play henri son
  11. Suzutsuki_Kai

    PSA: You don’t need a Missouri.

    I make more money playing t10 ships than anything so meh. i just want a port queen.
  12. Suzutsuki_Kai

    Montana should get a speed nerf

    mutsu~ no nerf my ships i like, baka.
  13. Suzutsuki_Kai

    What ever WG did to the T8 MM it made it worse.

    Tbh I think t5 has the worst mm of all the tiers, for instance, I bet if we were to run a sample of games over a 50 game period doing just t8 youd get a large majority being top tier over you seeing t10, its just we usually may get one or two games as t8 bottom tier and think and get frustrated and assume that is t8 mm in general.