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  1. yawn, just let the game die is the best answer to all.
  2. Suzutsuki_Kai

    Would you still get the Bourgogne?

    yes...its a good bb overall and many people seem to be doing good in rank with it.
  3. Suzutsuki_Kai

    Nerf the IJN gunboats already

    poor ijn dds, they cant have good anything compared to any lines.
  4. this is sadly why most in my clan and most of my friends only play the game for cb, kots etc. Randoms are just dead now.
  5. I just wish theyd fix the dang autopilot and allow us to control cvs again. time and time again that dang thing gets me kill when im having good games.
  6. Suzutsuki_Kai

    Problems that prevent GC from working at Tier VI

    dunno but wg advertised this ship as a t5 premium and now its t6, I want monetary compensation for what i bought not doubloons which are a made up value you created as a company. If I wanted a t6 id buy it. If i wanted those doubloons Id bought doubloons in a nutshell. Changing premiums and stuff like this is clearly bating and switching. It gives zero consumer confidence. Why should i give you money when you change things down the line. I've given this game over 2k dollars, but if you wanna ruin the confidence of those that put money in your game and lose customers thats fine with me. This game gave confidence by the line of premiums not changing.
  7. Suzutsuki_Kai

    Is it possible for a Zao, to Cit a Stalingrad?

    You'd be surprised what can citadel it. And yus you sure can easily. Zao has really high penetration values cause of the railgun velocity.
  8. Suzutsuki_Kai

    Are we now playing WoCaTS?

    I solved your problem OP, by just not playing the game for the next few months rn. Meta is just boring asf rn.
  9. I stalk u noaw


    comiendo onigiri.gif

  10. Suzutsuki_Kai

    Why are detonation's still a thing?

    so below 50 wr players can feel good every now and then.
  11. Suzutsuki_Kai

    Giulio - why should I EVER buy a premium again, Wargaming?

    This is just baiting and switching and WG should be ashamed. Funny to get passed EU laws you created a newer ship and give it for free. Honestly, creating a ship and nerfing it when so many people had chances to get it and own it is so dumb. If you do this to gc, you better do this to several op premiums. I dont get the point when premiums should be a bit stronger than their counterparts. Their specialness is supposed to advertise them.
  12. Suzutsuki_Kai

    What are you doing instead of playing WoWs

    I'm playing ships and winning a ton of games while learning the new cv, or playing in divs with clanmates that are really good in the new cvs while i play kutuzov or some strong ship. I adapted instead of whining like some are doing, so idek, im enjoying this game somewhat.
  13. wg likes to punish decent play and cheese it up. Look at cvs and detonations...never once gotten det by a 50wr player.
  14. Suzutsuki_Kai

    [WAIFU] Your Waifu is Trash