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  1. Delicious_Flat_Chest

    Is it fun to play CVs?

    No, I hate CVs but I play them since I'm tired of being the one getting griefed and also this toxic playerbase deserve it. But no, personally I only been playing them since I'm so bored and tired of surface ship action since thats all I used to do. Plus I wanted to see how hard they are. But honestly I will say I agree with the CV playerbase as in the toxic harassment given from them is kinda sad. Makes honestly play them more just to ruin that lot's fun.
  2. Delicious_Flat_Chest

    CB is Dead

    literally forcing myself to play this season to get steel but yeah its so terrible. You can really not have any fun or do any plays with t6 ships compared to higher tier.
  3. Delicious_Flat_Chest

    WG balance department and RU CV

    I can tell you haven't played them. I honestly hate them. I don't know how many times my bombs have went everywhere on the reticle in my chkarkov.
  4. Delicious_Flat_Chest

    Consider taking Russian CVs into Co-Op rather than Random for a bit

    COOP will never teach you anything how to get better in CVs since bots don't play like humans and bots uber agro. Also, do you say the same for potato dd players suiciding and being the 9/10 cause for most blowouts? I bet you don't. Also, players of all skill levels have a right to play in any mode.
  5. Delicious_Flat_Chest

    The New Russian Prem CV

    just use the skip bombers and you will do fine. my issue is that the other cvs feel more better at team playing. i think you and others are better off playing a kaga.
  6. Delicious_Flat_Chest

    ReimuBakarei - Impressions on the Soviet CVs

    good cv but kaga has way better teamplay and carry potential
  7. Delicious_Flat_Chest

    CVs are Overnerfed

    you're right. cvs are nerfed by bad teams like every class. that is true.
  8. Delicious_Flat_Chest

    So what about your Karma?

    lol who even cares about karma when anyone and their mom can report you for whatever they see fit.
  9. Delicious_Flat_Chest


    The main issue with MM is actually the distribution of ships with the same type of battle performance than wr. Ofc there are blowouts if a MM decided to throw 4 gunboats versus 3 torpboats and 1 gunboat or stack radar cruisers on one team and give the other zero.
  10. Delicious_Flat_Chest

    What Steel Ship Would You Chose?

    honestly all the steel ships are kinda meh rn in this meta except for ragnar since its a gunboat dd.
  11. Delicious_Flat_Chest

    CVs are Overnerfed

    seem fine to me, and i've just been screwing around solo in kaga.
  12. People will do anything to find excuses for their performance and stuff.
  13. Delicious_Flat_Chest

    Tired of these posts

    my old rank wr used to be 60 with the old system but its now 57 down from 61. Only thing I'm learning from rank is literally theres ships you instawin no matter what you do in and some ships even if you are purple solo in, just cant do anything in them in rank. Even ships I was purple in last sprint I'm just losing in. And its frustrating.
  14. Delicious_Flat_Chest

    Newbies - Can we be nice?

    who cares anyway about rep. Most average players think they're john the ruthless and. most of the good players abuse broken ships anyway
  15. Delicious_Flat_Chest

    Subs - FEEDBACK and Suggestions

    depth charges make no sense. I surfaced to parascope and it still did damage to me....depth charges irl go way deeper before detenation.