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  1. I wouldn't use shell arcs as a meaningful reason for justifying anything. While it would be nice to know, it should not make or break a ship, or eve determine a spec. The given situation may be relevant in possible 1 in 100 random battles at best. In terms of accuracy, graphs exist https://images.app.goo.gl/AvCdbHoRtNHrdWfc7
  2. You cant compare Kremlin to Yamato. Two entirely different playstyles, stats, UUs, and balancing measures to match. Personally I probably wont touch Kremlins UU with a 10 foot pole unless it is a super small scale battle (3v3 CBs, 5v5 ranked, or something of the sorts). If you want to play with one less DCP and heal, the only thing stopping you is 20k RP
  3. _BBaby

    Kremlin and Kuznetsov

    In ranked, I pass on CE. As a Kremlin I can take the hits for an entire ranked team and let them do what they need to do. Id be spotted anyhow, so dumping those 4 points into High alert AND Joat instead is well worth it. With all those perks plus the slot 1 upgrade stacking, my DCP is up a lot and has an incredibly quick recharge. With 5 charges (6 if I hit first blood) I can sustain tanking for plenty of time needed to hold a cap and let my team (and myself) take out anything that opposes us. In ranked my build is PT, HA, JoT, EM, AR, BoS, SI, FP In a random battle, I much prefer CE as I can disengage if needed and not be spotted across the map. Best build here is to take any 2 of the 4 viable 2 point skills. Usually that will be JoAT and AR since HA is only useful for DCP and EM is not as useful with Kremlins fast turret traverse. That means you have PT, JoAT, AR, (sub in EM/HA as preferred), BoS, SI, FP, CE TL;DR - no CE for ranked, but yes for randoms
  4. _BBaby

    BB Line Suggestion for Variety

    Of course that ranking depends on how you play and how you build your ship... But yes, as far as generalizations go for a standard build, that is pretty accurate
  5. _BBaby

    BB Line Suggestion for Variety

    Japan is pretty standard BB play. Blap people for all they got and have fun doing it. IJN will also probably give you the most solid BB background to build off of, so I recommend mainly focusing on that line. From there, based on the criteria, I would say British and French. British can get away with firing HE and farming fires which is a VERY different mentality than any other BB line. You can go 100% HE and get results, but knowing when to swap back to AP is going to separate the good from the best. French is nice because you get the engine boost, but you also have secondaries if you want to spec into those. The French secondaries aren't very good though so if you want to solidly play with secondaries go Germany instead.
  6. _BBaby

    Why are BBs so wimpy? New Player

    That's why. I also came from tanks and I only play battleships. A transition is possible but it is quite the adjustment period to go from a heavy tank that reloads in 7 seconds down to a battleship that reloads in 30. The key to BBs is positioning and awareness. You wanna get to a swedish spot, and get comfortable with your gunnery that you can slam anything that may try to rush you. Keep track of DDs and their torps and the rest should take care of itself
  7. _BBaby

    French Premium BB's

    Very much this^^^ Champagne isnt anything crazy special, but she is fun. Tried her for ranked but fell back to Gascogne. However Bourgogne and Jean (if you can get your hands on her) are really fun ships. Their main battery reload booster consumable is worth the price of admission alone. In case you arent aware since you came back, steel is a currency made for competetive game modes. You can get lots of it in ranked and clan battles, and there also is some in the daily missions. 24000 or so (with the armory coupon) will get you a Bourgogne and she is oh so worth it. Imo she is the most fun BB in the game
  8. The 75th anniversary camos were offered a while back to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the end of WW2. It's not tied to the anniversary of the ship itself sinking. Would be cool to see a sale or something, but I doubt a camo will be pushed through in such a short amount of time.
  9. _BBaby

    Secondary Alsace Builds?

    I wouldn't. If I recall she has 100mms, which already have a plenty fine rpm. Sure its still a 10% dpm bonus, but BFT gets less useful the quicker the ROF imo. On the other side, SI is going to be super useful with the extra engine boost and extra heal. The difference often between being alive and being dead. Nah, secondaries on Alsace are more for funsies. She doesn't get the quarter pen, so it leaves her stuck with her decent fire chance. Even then your main battery is going to be doing more work. Keep that reload mod in there. I would personally take FP over CE on a secondary build. Seems counterproductive to try to hide while pushing in close (unless you are Odin with the .4km gap between detection and secondaries). As for MFCSA, its a personal call. You have to decide how far into secondaries you want to go. I would stick with MFC if you are putting ANYTHING into secondaries. The only exception being if you are planning a guaranteed knife fight (<2km). At ranges of 5-max km, that extra accuracy is going to work wonders. I am no unicum Alsace player. My stats in her are good but that was from a while back and I believe no secondaries. Just dropping my 2 penny's worth!
  10. Customer support can track that I think. Just submit a ticket and state your issue. I would also suggest checking your ships resupply costs. You may be paying doubloons to run your economic signals if you have run out.
  11. _BBaby

    Thinking of coming back after a year.

    The shipyard training system/naval training center got knocked back quite a bit from what it was exactly a year ago. You still reset lines to get currency, but I stead that currency is used to buy high tier premiums and legendary mods for tier 10s. Still is a great game! Free to try so there isnt really any reason not to!
  12. _BBaby

    Ranked Battles: the Seventeenth Season

    I know! They seem to have always had the mentality that a lesser tier means an easier time ranking out (therefore less rewards) but quite often it is the opposite. Lower tiers means more inexperienced teammates and more frustration!
  13. _BBaby

    Yamato's Secondaries

    Short answer, no. For starters, you shouldnt even be doing secondaries on Yamato ever, save for a meme/challenge. You are blowing 11 captain points on something useless. However it is your boat and your cap, so I will say Yamato does NOT benifit from IFHE secondaries. Shikishima however, does. It may be the same hull but their secondary armaments are vastly different. IFHE pushes BOTH Shikishimas batteries over 32mm pen (a crucial threshold). I forget what it does to Yamato, but Shikis powerhouse is her quarter pen 100mms (which Yamato does not have) are a BEAST with IFHE. With IFHE, I'm fairly certain Shikishima is the best secondary ship in the game in terms of pen and dpm. TL;DR if you want a secondary Yamato, get a Shikishima where IFHE will actually be useful.
  14. Sorry for the delayed response, but deleting that XML file worked perfect! Lost my settings, but the issue is fixed. Thanks for the great help!
  15. I tried to describe the issue as best I can in the original post. Basically, when I enter battle, the settings screen for my side panels is up and I have to manually close out of it (every game). I think it was caused by me having the menu open as a previous battle ended, but I am not sure. Yes, but only by removing it from the Modstation then re-adding it. I didn't go manually hunt down the files and delete anything because frankly I do not know where to look. My experience with installing and removing mods does not extend past the Modstation UI