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  1. They want the tier 10 to match better with the rest of the tech tree. But they still are adding in/keeping heavier Russian cruisers via the Petro line split.
  2. _BBaby

    World of Warships Ship Opinions: Bourgogne

    Bourgogne stats are obviously inflated by her steel paywall. I wont say for a second she isnt potent, but she is by no means overpowered
  3. JB is worth her weight in coal just for the main battery reload booster
  4. Steering, but I prefer DCP. Prop doesn't help a whole lot, except maybe for French BBs if you have a habit of popping speed right at the start (since it lasts 4.5 mins)
  5. _BBaby

    German BB secondary build questions

    The reason IFHE was useful on GK was to pen BB 32mm plates, which post rework it can now do anyhow. Skip IFHE. I would take FP long before concealment. If you are going to run secondaries, you want to be close, which negates any hiding you are trying to do with CE. Put those 4 points into FP.
  6. _BBaby

    What is the April Fools' Day event?

    I mean it seems valid and everything, but I have not seen it for myself yet
  7. _BBaby

    What is the April Fools' Day event?

    Someone in my clan posted a photo of triple epicenter (each cap is an epicenter cap). I'm thinking that's it but havent seen it myself yet
  8. _BBaby

    Advice on which steel ship to choose?

    If I was stuck playing one ship for all eternity, I would pick Bourgogne. She has a lotta guns which is always nice, and the speed to get on flanks. You catch a broadside BB with that reload booster available. Your gonna deal some HEAVY damage. She wont hard carry a team, but she is such a fun ship with so many build options. Shikishima/Yashima (right now) is really overrated. The 510s are no better than the 460s on Yamato. In fact you could argue they are worse considering how much they will overpenetrate cruisers. That plus having less guns to begin with actually is a totally useless and harmful gimmick to have. Of course she is still WiP and subject to change The other two I know are solid buys, but I'm more of a BB person too. If you do CBs your clan will thank you for pulling a Stalingrad or Somers. All I know is Bourgogne is a super fun ship with a lot of different build choices
  9. _BBaby

    Jean Bart Commander Skills Question

    Two superstructure fires is one too many. I have always viewed FP as near essential. People are gonna aim for your center of mass, so cutting those 2 fires to 1 is a huge difference. As for DE, never take it for main battery BB guns. An extra 2 percent chance every 25 seconds on a BB is VERY different that an extra 2% chance every 3 seconds on cruiser guns. If you take DE on a BB, do it for secondaries instead of IFHE
  10. _BBaby

    Ramming Achievement? Random-Only?

    You can get achievements in randoms and ranked. You do not get achievements in co-op, clan battles, or training rooms.
  11. _BBaby

    Video Card Recommendation

    I built my PC with a 1070ti. Still works fantastic, and is right below the crazy overpriced 1080tis in terms of performance. I'm not nearly as familiar with the newer stuff. And this is all from about a year ago when I built my pc. All I know is the 1070ti is fairly cheap and has yet to dissapoint.
  12. _BBaby


    You will keep the UU when she becomes a 'special' ship. As for the camo, you will keep it if you own it, but I am not sure about the/any compensation for it
  13. Well you could check your stats and count the wins in the profile tab under ranked battles, or you could look at the ranked battle emblems in the emblem screen. Both should give you a count on how many wins, and therefore stars, you have.
  14. _BBaby

    Is Italian Smoke Broken or Something?

    Smoke firing penalties are a thing. I think Italians are spottable from maybe 9km or so when firing in smoke. All it would take is one DD. If not spotted, it could be shells that were fired before you smoked up. Long range shots easily have 10 seconds and higher flight times. If you are firing from the rolling smoke unspotted, it still is not terribly hard to blind fire. The mechanics are all there. A smoke screen is a smoke screen, the Italians just disperses faster and puffs longer and faster. More a question of what is spotting and shooting you
  15. _BBaby

    What do these visual filters represent?

    Glad to hear the Normandie! So then I guess decorative hides special camos from national arcs? Camos from events in release events that have that common theme to them