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  1. _BBaby

    Quáng Róng

    It demonstrates how un-knowledgeable the general playerbase is about the game. Not to call out the OP at all, but I have seen several topics on the exact same issue... when that exact same description shows up for DE in any ship/captain.
  2. _BBaby

    13 Hours left to collect Double Rewards.

    This is wrong... you have 15 hours to reset a line if you havent done so already to get double rewards. Once reset the points stay with the ship.
  3. I'm just hoping for a nice "Howdy folks" at the start of my battles
  4. _BBaby

    Hmm, wonder what I can do with this?

    One last training room battle to spite the system
  5. _BBaby

    Division bug in team line up.

    That is not a game bug, that is a mod bug. Completley different scenarios. I would suggest looking at the players clan tag instead of the little emblem. Were all 5 members in the [ARP] clan?
  6. Your trading 3 points for 4 points? For me, I just swap into the boosted JOAT instead of taking EM. However, ever since the conquerors heal got buffed, this becomes even less of a viable choice. Overall, it's a personal call but I wouldnt give up tankiness for a few seconds off your repair cooldown. Swap it for EM or AR
  7. _BBaby

    MM Balance?

    The teams are bad or the matchmaker is bad? There are distinct differences
  8. _BBaby

    Clan Battles Wednesday?

    The original clan battle article says you can do CBs on patch days, but only for your prime time. So technically "yes", but who knows
  9. _BBaby

    Legends Mod Missions Expiation

    Legendary mod missions do not expire. They only have expiration dates because they have to (for whatever reason... could be programming, legal, marketing, etc)
  10. _BBaby

    Downtime Notification - 11/13/19

    Am I correct in saying that we will have CBs tomorrow but only for NA prime time? Im fairly certain that is what the original CB season 7 article states for patch days
  11. _BBaby

    Modeling stupidity - what are your "favorite" nits to pick?

    I always like to complain about clipping flags while moving in reverse
  12. _BBaby

    Chat window

    There is a mod on the WoWS mod hub that let's you do just that. Resize it, make it permanent, shows the player ship next to their name, etc. It actually is a very nice feature that I'm fairly certain isnt in the vanilla client.
  13. _BBaby

    Colbert Questions

    It's already released via the research bureau. You can reset a tier 10 ship to tier 1 and gain points to spend in the armory. If I am correct, you need 5 tier 10s to access it, so you probably can not get Colbert until then
  14. _BBaby

    Yamato or Montana?

    Not nessicarily true on either side if that. Clubbing bow on cruisers in randoms is fun with Yamato, and Montana is a great pick for CBs and competetive (especially pre-Kremlin) Overall I do love my Yamato, but I also adore Monty. They were the 2 original BBs in the game, set they are good teachers and not crazy over-gimmicked. A large part of it is quality over quantity of shells. Japan reaches further and typically hits harder than the US, but the US has a heavier broadside and a little bit more tanking ability.