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  1. An equivalent is saying I don't think DDs should get AA. Classes are meant to be more better against some than others, but they at least need a way to fight back. In a 1v1 a BB with no depth charges has no counterplay to a submarine. I do not like the planes however. It is indeed to easy and a point-and-win kinda thing. From the start i have always supported ship launched BB charges just like DDs have. Its not very historical, but neither is a ship launched bombing raid.
  2. Started playing CVS and having to grind for the first time in 2 years.... I dont understand how new players do it
  3. _BBaby

    Green AA tracers?

    Is it with mods, yes (sue me). Am I still convinced there are green tracers, probably. However specifically looking for them, I am beginning to think it is a reflection issue or even GPU/display. That tracer looks green to me, but I don't think it signifies anything and is a result of the water and sunlight reflection. Others were very green, but were too quick to catch even at .5x speed
  4. Only if I get compensated for having to play against DDs in my battleships
  5. I recently started playing CVs, and I swear I have seen green AA tracers coming from some ships. There seems to be no correlation of nation/class I saw it at least on Warspite, Vladivostok, and I believe it was a monaghan. Does anyone know if it signifies anything? I know red is DFAA, but everyone I have asked has never heard of green. My thought was either priority sector, maybe a captain skill, or short/medium range AA. I'm new to CVs to be fair but trying to learn the best I can. I saw it once before I installed mods this patch, but I suppose mods are possible. It also could be my monitor? I have a decent 4k monitor though. I'll try and collect photos next time I see it.
  6. _BBaby

    GunCam? Torp Cam?

    There also is a keybind to switch which shell/torp you follow. I want to say ctrl but I am not 100% sure. Its only practically useful for torpedoes and I'm not exactly a DD main
  7. Remember when ranked used to be competetive?
  8. _BBaby

    Flandre VS Alabama

    Go with the nation you prefer. Both are good representations of their respective tech tree lines. I would opt Flandre because I prefer French BBs over American for random battles. Alabama is a better NC in most regards, Flanders is a bit of its own beast but in line with all the other tier 8 French BBs. Remember that it doesn't have speedboost, but it is baked in and goes really fast ALL the time
  9. _BBaby

    CV's x2 in clan battles

    Adjust and overcome! With no Grafs, a 2 CV comp will have ZERO tanking or pushing potential. Easily countered/pushed by a double BB and some beefier cruisers. You have to act fast, if the CVs draw out the game they'll win. Quitting works too, but there is less steel in that
  10. I am starting to get into CV play. One skill that has seemed interesting to me is the 4 point skill hidden menace. It adds concealment to the base ship, and benefits to aircraft recovery at the cost of returning airspeed. Seems like it may be worthwhile on ships I like to play a little closer to the action (Japanese CVs, maybe German or Russian upon release). Is this a worthwhile skill, or is it generally considered a waste of 4 points? I am working with mostly all high point captains (19+) so have plenty to spare for important stuff. Also is there any CV worth putting points into fighters with? (interceptor, better fighters, etc) Even just for fun? Thinking maybe on my British CVs since I can spare some points from plane skills b/c they have the most tanky planes but unsure. Fighters are useful for helping allies and spotting enemies, but dont win games imo. Still may be fun to spec into I feel like if I dumped a moderate amount of points into them they have a high potential. Any other fun builds anyone uses please let me know! Even if its more 'memey' similar to secondary's for BBs Im down to try. One thing I hate is one build to rule them all I like some national flavor and variations in my captains.
  11. _BBaby

    For all new players

    Curious to know which you speak of? Have you only bought premiums in the past 6 months?
  12. The forms and reddit are the vocal minority getting mad at a game they still play admit it or not. Its a shame to clog these avenues for people still interested in the game, but it will pass. The complainers will always find something new to complain about.
  13. _BBaby

    Best tier VI battleship

    For what though? I'm assuming just to play in random battles with the context. Probably Warspite. Shes a fun and good boat that will mesh well with your existing captains. Now if the criteria is clan battles, brawls, unique/fun, etc, the answer changes
  14. _BBaby

    Steel ship?

    Staly has been powercrept by Petro, but still would be the go to for clan battles. FDR is great if you play CVS but with ship bans being the new norm it has limited use. Plymouth and Austin are likley too frail to become a cb meta but if CBS are your thing they could probably perform in ranked. Im much more of a BB expert... Bourgogne is one of my favorite ships in the game. You can spec her a vareity of different ways which makes ranked VERY fun. In CBS she will see no practical action but in ranked she can be a fragile menace if played right. Shikishima is a trolly Yamato. In competetive she won't offer much that Yamato doesn't, but if you like Yammy and want even bigger guns and awesome secondaries then she may be for you
  15. I take the accuracy mod in slot 6 on all Americans, even Vermont leaving me the whole 40 seconds for reload. I feel like I can consistently hit shells though. Newer players may want to get more shells out as opposed to tighter groupings (shotgun vs sniper) and prefer the reload module