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  1. Are you using the correct Wargaming account? You either are using a different login or are very new to the game.
  2. _BBaby

    Help me choose a tier 9 BB

    Izumo: solid platform, but pretty globally hated because of its wacky gun layout. Nothing unique. Iowa: a beefed up NC. Very solid ship on a great platform Alsace: Similar to Richie. Good secondaries, fragile, but speedy and a great flanker. Soyuz: More of the typical RU BBs. Extremely potent and very deadly with a real fragile broadside. I'm regrinding Iowa and Alsace currently for RB. Iowa is a steady performer, and Alsace just has so many different build options that you can customize to your style. Secondaries are viable, but not required. In the end I would follow your gut and go with what you feel. Many are similar to their tier 8 counterparts, and the tier 10 that follows plays a bit part in your decision. However I will say, if you were having money problems with FDG, buying another tier 9 probably wont solve your issues. Just wait and build a reasonable bank before moving up. The worst thing you can do is rush to tier 10.
  3. What data are you using? All I see is it topping the charts on WoWS numbers and it dominating the CB season with minimal counterplay and zero entertainment. Either way, it seems we are comparing apples to oranges. You can complain about the Kleber nerf, but to compare it to Kremlins (an entirely different CLASS of ship) is a bit much. Different ships get balanced differently!
  4. _BBaby

    Thunderer, or Smolensk

    There are quite a few high tier ships in testing, and a bunch introduced recently (check dev blog). The only thing that is confirmed is Hayate (Japanese tier 10 DD) was voted on by the players to be free xp. Yes, the nerfs are global to the ship. Doesn't matter if you own it or are playing against it, or both. The stats of the ship are 'permanently' changed. I can't speak for WG, but I am almost positive they would pull it from sale before they nerfed it. While not explicitly a premium ship, it caries the same sort of status. Nerfing it would make a lot of people very mad, therefore I strongly doubt it will happen. There is no doubting Smolensk. A VERY strong and potent ship with so many tools available to her. However, Thunderer is also a fantastic BB. Great accuracy on her guns, with a quick reload too. Nothing super unique, just stellar gunnery. To choose between the two, I would go with the class you prefer. A light cruiser or a battleship. Both ships will not disappoint.
  5. _BBaby

    When Can I Sell?

    It should be next update (0.9.1) when the rest of the British heavy cruisers go live in the tech tree.
  6. _BBaby

    Georgia T9 Premium Battleship Thread

    Pardon? So 4 points for 1.5km off comcealment isnt worth it, but 3 points for an overpen worth of extra HP is? Sorry but there is no way I can agree with that. SE does not belong on any BB end of story. Still, a well thought out guide. Georgia, like her sister US BB premiums, is a ship that can wear many hats and this write up touches on some of those options. For a lot of people (myself included to an extent) are almost turned off by ships which struggle to have a one size fits all build. This lays out some options
  7. _BBaby

    new to clan joining

    You should be, hence my confusion. Did you leave the clan on your own or (it's a big red leave button with confirmation iirc) did the clan leader boot you because you had to go? (S)He may have booted you for whatever reason.
  8. _BBaby

    new to clan joining

    Do you mean logging off when you say you had to leave? Your clan is saved and you remain in the clan when you log off. You shouldn't have been prompted to leave. Do you perhaps have a screenshot? Did you try logging back in and re-joining?
  9. I'm thinking PR is going to be a very strong choice. It's new so not many know how to deal with it, and it just brings so much HP to the table. As painful as it is to say given the events this month, I think 2 PRs on a flank is going to be meta
  10. The announcement was talking about special upgrades (hydro mod, radar mod, the likes)... stuff available for coal in the armory. So post WiP changes you can run something like a Missouri with the radar mod, whereas currently you cant because of the class restriction on the upgrade. UUs are still tied to tier 10 ships
  11. _BBaby

    I did the thing

    Gratz man! Been meaning to get mine fir so long now, I should just give in and free xp her. I was hoping to play the tier 9 ships though
  12. Hey I actually remember that topic. Glad to see you finally made it!
  13. _BBaby

    Artic cammo really?

    I beg to differ kind sir. I find it very sleek and elegant, while not too over the top
  14. _BBaby

    Thought on all the tier X focus lately?

    I dont mind tier 10 for competetive play (full ranked and CB seasons). It is the 'premiere tier' after all. It takes dedication to even get there, much less be CB ready. Plus, while it is very interesting to see what metas develop when other tiers are used, it is no doubt an inconvenience. I feel like tiers 6-9 are better for ranked sprint, Clan brawls, etc. I think generally tier 10 is overused, but rightfully so. It's the tier that SHOULD be overused because it's the final tiet
  15. _BBaby

    Thunderer/Georgia thoughts?

    Both are fantastic ships. Thunderer is a more well rounded boat with great 457s, and Georgia is a gimmicked up boat. If you want a BB with great guns and solid performance then Thunderer will serve you well. If you want a ship with a fantastic toolkit if gimmicks and is fun to play, Georgia may be the answer