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  1. _BBaby

    Community Token Ship

    Some muffin in a random battle when Incomparable was in testing mentioned it was going to be for community tokens... needless to say my recruits stopped receiving containers for a little bit. Scared the pants off me and would not suprise me of it became a bad reality
  2. Back in the pre-rework CVs, high tier CV play had such a huge impact on the game that I seem to recall some high 20s over a thousand games or two. I can not recall any specific cases or numbers though.
  3. _BBaby

    BB builds: Survival and Secondary

    The captain rework helped fix this so there is not JUST two builds. There will always be a 'meta', but there is far more options now for alternatives. Many are memes or for funsies, but they can't make every skill meta at all times. Some things to look at: Brisk - Not as useful for coop, but fun in randoms especially on already fast ships. Super heavy AP - Pretty meme, but fun in ships with a super heal or sit in the back Close quarters combat - I use it on my French sometimes since the range is so great but the secondaries are bad. I will get max range on my secondaries but not spec any points into their accuracy/DPM, and take this skill for a huge main battery buff Consumables - Skills/upgrades for consumables have been changed to be cheaper over the years. On ships with a lot of consumables or fun consumables (like my Bourgogne) I will often spec some points in upgrades into making my consumables last longer or cooldown quicker.
  4. _BBaby

    Steel refunds?

    With resource purchases in my experience (hearing from others) they will offer to roll back your account to a certain date. It just resets your account to whatever day so anything you have done since is lost. This also if I recall is folks who have played the ship and disliked it or some other circumstance. Hopefully they can do a direct refund instead since you haven't played her, or the rollback date be just last night. You should have no issues, but Burger IS a fun boat!
  5. I hate to be a CM pinger, but now that @Ahskance is a community manager, maybe we can get some information or push some changes... Is hidden menace (the 4 point CV skill) working as it was intended, or an accidental/overlooked bug? For those unfamiliar with carriers, hidden menace is not a very good skill to take, despite what it seems on the surface. The conceal and DCP changes are pretty self explanatory, however the safe altitude and return speed are the trap. I wont go too far into the mechanics because I am not nearly as familiar with it as some that have been playing CVs since day 1... but simply put your planes still take 50% longer to return, but they take the same amount of time to reach their safe altitude, but do so slower. This equates to eating a whole lot more flak and losing a lot more planes than if you did NOT take the skill. I first started CVs a few months ago, and the skill looks glorious and seems to add a whole new dimension/avenue to spec carriers for (which is nice), but the harsh reality is it not only is a waste of 4 points, but also costs you way more planes. Its a great skill in principle, exchanging your return time for both safer and stealthier planes, but impossible to use. Even if it was working as intended, I would be in favor of adjusting it so that it does become a little more straightforward. Conceal speccing a carrier at the cost of return time and regen speed (via equipment) would be fantastic, even if there had to be tweaked values (-75-100% return, useful on ships with fast planes, big reserves, or for captains ballsy enough to get very close). As it stands now though, in my opinion both are a waste. Some of Ahskance's (who is way more educated on the subject) content I'm sorry if there has been changes or there has been some official announcement. From my point of view it looks like a fantastic skill that is awful due to an overlooked technicality by the devs
  6. _BBaby

    Cv help

    Check out Ashkance for sure, someone beat me too it. As for the issue, Saipan isn't the perfect boat for anti-AA. Also, tier 8 is rough with uptier. I get that its for missions and all, but as someone who has recently learned CV (past few months) id recommend starting at tier 4 for the bare (absolute) basics. Once you understand the difference between flak and continous, go to tier 6 to learn how to dodge and stuff. Tier 8 is the final test. As for advice, WSAD hax works. Also realize flak will pop up in front of your plane. Approach at an angle and its incredibly easy to dodge the first/second burst and put you directly in line for attack. Also, there is a lot to be said about attacking isolated ships. Groups kill planes.
  7. While I am a supporter of arms race, this does add a proponent I never considered. With stats being so different in arms race stats, stuff like average damage will be a whole lot more meaningless. While 3rd party sites can filter by game mode (maybe in game can as well, but its not as clean im sure), I have heard the maintenance/support of the API is almost nonexistant for several years now. Hopefully WG can alleviate this...
  8. _BBaby


    Complaining has been and always will be easier than counterplay. I have yet to have an interaction with submarines that I thought was undeserved. Same with CVs, people like to go alone, turn a blind eye to their surroundings, and wonder why they get punished.
  9. _BBaby

    What is the age range for world of warships?

    Its a lot of opposites. From my point of view it mostly consists of younger folks (16-30), and very older folks (60+). The younger folks seem more into the history and is a large portion of the anime crowd, and the older folks enjoy the slow pace of the game. Of course its all generalizations, but imo it has always been the case.
  10. It is just the tier 4 skills. I have found 21 points worth of use for tier 1-3 skills. Many do jave goofy trade offs that involve things you try and avoid (detection, damage, etc)
  11. _BBaby

    What is the best type of ship?

    Entirley a personal preference. If you enjoy indirect support, carriers are different but worth investigating. Submarines are also a new addition. Not fully in the game yet but its planned. The other 3 classes very (very) simply put operate similar to rock paper scissors. Cruisers counter destroyers, but get hit hard by battleships. Battleships hit cruisers but are susceptible to DD torps. Try each one out and find your favorite!
  12. _BBaby

    Counter-Tactics To Subs By Class

    Best way to counter subs is positioning. If you keep in mind where they could be before they are there you will have a much better time. Maybe I don't play enough but in all my encounters with subs as a BB, I have never thought "I did not deserve this" or "this is broken"
  13. _BBaby

    Season 15 Clan Battle Season

    The ONLY available info at the moment is from the developer blog post. Season lasts Nov 17 thru Jan 3, 7 vs 7 at tier 10, no CV and a maximum of 2 BB. There also can not be any duplicate ships in a team. I too am awaiting info (especially maps and cap format) but we will not get that for the next several weeks most likely. While I doubt it, the season could also be arms race, could have subs, superships, or pre-season bans we do not know for sure yet. There is a lot in the air at the moment. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/217