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  1. _1204_

    Torpedo arming distance

    With planes (albeit for the next week) I dont know how to tell, but on ships I believe it is where the green 'track' starts. It's close enough to be a rarity to not have armed torps. That's practically ramming distance
  2. _1204_

    Vigilance on BB captains

    I'd go for more survival perks. Getting hit by torps is not unavoidable. Compare that to, say, 15 second fire reduction... you always benifit from that. Imo it's by no means useless and has good purpose, but typically I dont run it. Maybe if you HATE torpedoes, but otherwise BoS is a better 3 pointer (and SI is a given). My exception would be on German BB hydro, stacked with the German captain with the vigilance boost. Take it absolutley. No reason not to!
  3. _1204_

    What premium ships do you have?

    October Revolution (with weird spelling)
  4. _1204_

    What premium ships do you have?

    I'm an avid collector. To save a buck, I only play battleships (seriously, check my stats. 95% BB). As such, I have almost all of them. I am a ranked season or two away from Bourgogne, no Alabama ST, was probably around during open beta testing, but I didnt know a lot or play enough to get Ark B, and never got Nikolai (took a year and a half break from wows). I try to avoid reskins like black ships, but the truth is I didnt get the chance to buy tirp and mass B. Still, not counting reskins, I am only 3 battleships short. Not half bad imo
  5. _1204_

    service fees & fire chance

    http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Fire Calculation method, fire resistance data, and time calculations are all on the wiki
  6. Or tier 9, or American, or battleship
  7. _1204_

    PEF *

    It has a small and little used specialized skill. It's like an flexible cruiser hunter. I feel your pain, but dont hate the ship, hate the playstyle. And remember, it was crystal clear. You could earn the ship for free. If you bought it, chances are you did so willingly to complete missions. So do the missions. They arent going to gove away broken op ships for free
  8. _1204_

    Doubloon captains

    Depends on how much you value their boosts. For me, a bb main, the honoree brothers are fantastic because they boost em and ar, which is used on most battleships. Other captains dont do that and are of less use to me
  9. _1204_

    World of Warships YouTube Ad

    'WHY THE HELL NOT' watch it?
  10. Dont spec for a CV meta until there is a cv meta. Tirp is meant to be a secondary ship, and a dang good secondary ship as well. Just watch out for planes and dont isolate yourself. It shouldn't be too terribly different than it is now. Isolated noobs will get what they deserve, while people with a brain will remain for the most part safe
  11. _1204_

    Battleships shells vs destroyers

    That sucks. So a dd can just rush me and I am just expected to die. Dd mains complain too much
  12. _1204_

    Lack of play balance

    A lot of that raw 100 to 0 alpha strike will hopefully be removed with the rework. As for your Montana, you should know the only BBs that are completley safe from air attack are the Texas and the hood (vs lower tier aircraft). Even then they still can probably drop a few on you if you arent prepared
  13. It's a rant about killing radar ships. Why do they want them dead? Starts with a R...
  14. I know this was in testing, and I took a little 3 month break fro wows. Did this ever go live? I think it did, but I'm not 100% sure Also, just to clarify, the mechanics of the proposed change were that BBs of all tiers would always overpenetrate destroyers right? Even if they are perfectly bow on and our shells had all the time and armor in the world to detonate? If so I think this kinda dumb, but I'm just a silly BB main. I mean no citadel or penetrations on dds... I am locked into only doing 7k damage or so every 30 seconds