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  1. Training rooms

    Where you see the random battle icon, click that. That will let you chose your game mode. random, co op, ranked (if applicable), clan battles (if applicable), arms race (if applicable) and training battle. Obviously click training battle... From there it will let you either pick a room or make your own
  2. 3 SC in a row!

    I got 2 SCs in a row last night from a Harley mission. Lovely results of steel and free xp
  3. What ship were you trying to take the gallant captain from? Was it a tech tree ship from the mission crates?
  4. Battle Royale

    Hit me with that slurp juice bretheren
  5. It appears I am the only one concerned that there is a borgogne flag (which usually comes with sold ships)
  6. Yeah it rocks. If you actively try for crates, hitting tier 6 or 7 is easy. I started at Lyon for the French BB line. I had the tier 5 and 6 for a few games each, but I have never played the tier 3 and 4 French BBs, yet I have republique
  7. That shouldn't be worth 3 points for a battleship.
  8. It's not exactly memory (even I only know a few and I've played o9% of the battleships in game). There's 2 main ways I tell. - (I believe) GK is the only ship with over 100k base hitpoints. If a ship has over 100k or 110k for gk, it's a given. There is only a few ships that satisfy this, but those are the most tempting to take it on. - look at duplicate ships. If both teams have a NC and one has a few thousand more HP than the same ship, either friendly or enemy, then they obviously have SE. If it's more than like 5k, they may be a stock hull, so keep that in mind. It's not super obvious, but sometimes your stop and think 'wait a minute!'
  9. Penalties

    Use the check and repair tool in the wargaming game center. It could be a problem with the game. Otherwise it may be on your end. Check to make sure your computer specs are appropriate to your game settings If your appealing the penalty, it is meaningless. Regardless of whose fault it is, you still left your team and were afk, so you get branded pink. Again, it means nothing and I doubt wargaming even tracks if your pink.
  10. Okay, but there is something intimidating about 100k hitpoints... just sayin
  11. Bourgogne!!?

    Most likely, hopefully, a tier 10 arsenal ship like Salem and alsace. I'm pretty sure a tier 10 French cruiser is also in testing
  12. I watched somebody hit the jackpot on that slot machine. Therefore, I am entitled to the same rewards as them!
  13. WOWS Blitz: BCV Ise

    Well hot dog! Subs, new CVS, and now a carrier/bb hybrid (in blitz). Might as well make a WoWs 2 at this point For the record I would kill for an Ise
  14. Subs might underperform

    Yes they have limitations that will be hard to compenstate for in game, but how can it underperform when it or its gameplay is not even released yet? Underporfmance is just a few numbers and stats in the code that need changed, and wargaming will do so accordingly if and when submarines come out
  15. Nelson is going to be one of .y main end game ships. Just to be able to fire full salvos without giving broadside is nice, and the super heal is like icing on the cake. Having a blast in the lion right now too. Probably going to sell her for conqueror cash, but I'll bet her back