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  1. _1204_


    No They are the best! I'm pretty biased, it if you can get over the reload, there is so much you can learn about the game from battleships
  2. _1204_

    Mission Briefing Monday - Situation Report

    I'm doing a personal mission Waiting for Jean Bart to arrive without scratching someone's eyes out
  3. Im thinking it's that both world of warships and hockey are played on water... Or maybe because both teams tend to fight a lot? Either way... there's no clear connection
  4. _1204_

    Black ships... No thanks!

    Personally, I see no reason other than cash flow to make black ships their own separate ship. Forget any west Virginia post refit controversy, this is just clones. Black ships are litterally just premium ships with permanent camoflages. Why do they get to be their own thing? If it was me I would just make black camos a premium camo for ships. The benifits are great and if artic can be 4k doubloons you can make good money from black permanet camos. But I get it. These camos haul in a decent cash flow, and I am one voice among thousands... a fraction of a fraction of a percent of wargamings revenue. I appreciate the acknowledgement of your need for feedback
  5. Link The dev blog said that there's plans in the works to bring 'black' ships into the game. For those unfamiliar with wot, it's an identical ship (in this case tirpitz, asashio, at ago, and massachusetts), except its colored and named black. I guess it's good and bad. I've been looking for a place to draw the line and wargaming just fed it to me. I usually buy every premium battleship, and have amassed quite the collection. But I don't need 2 tirpitzes. Hate to be the 'angry spender', but it's just a useless addition. Thanks for giving me a clean way out I guess.
  6. _1204_

    Unlimited planes the line in the sand

    that's why I left 1 percent out
  7. _1204_

    Main Battery Monday - Top Shot

    I actually pulled a 40% hit rate in Richlieu over 35 games.... My Missouri has like 150 games with 30%
  8. _1204_

    Unlimited planes the line in the sand

    Considering how 95% or carriers camp in the back, and 4% get close and die early... the flight time from carrier to battle is a heavy hit to dpm
  9. I assume so... if I understood correctly, aa is getting a complete makeover too. (Based on left/right of ship I believe?). The skill tree will get a major makeover, so a respec would make sense Everybody would be appalled if there wasn't. Even if not, there's free ones every few months from CBS and ranked
  10. A little confusing to read... All nations earn the same amount of XP. But if you want the Worchester, I hate to break it to you but you have to play American ships
  11. _1204_

    Musashi... Via coal or Free xp?

    Yes I know, but this was 4 months ago. I now have more than enough coal. Thabks for the heads up!
  12. _1204_

    Musashi... Via coal or Free xp?

    Well the question answered itself with the upcoming Jean Bart and/or Bourgogne. I have enough coal and more than enough free xp, so I will get both Musashi and Jean bart. Whatever currency JB costs, I'll use the opposite for Musashi.
  13. _1204_

    US Navy Birthday

    It was technically the continental navy back then (says a quick google search). The establishment of the 'american' navy is a little too vague and specific to make a big deal of in game. However it is well worth of a forum post! Take my +1's