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  1. _1204_

    Siegfried currency

    Nothing as of now. Recently Freisland, Somers, and Smolensk were confirmed on the developer blog, but nothing on Siegfried
  2. _1204_

    Oh come on WG!

    There is legendary commanders and there is unique. Prime difference is usually in game abilities that can be activated. Japan has Yamamoto, France has none (neither does Germany or Britain). Japan is missing unique commanders yes, but not legendary. Germans are the real ones being kicked to the curb. Jutland brothers are meh, and most the candidates for legendary captains are unfit for games (war criminals)
  3. Done 2 or 3 of these.... Would be thrilled to do another!
  4. _1204_

    The most amazing survey ever

    Maybe it's a survey on peoples patience
  5. _1204_

    Savage Battles: a question and a remark.

    The carnal's purpose is to lead to the Rumble (the best tier 3 by far) But in all seriousness, it is a great brawler. Good turning circles and acceleration help the whole eel line brawl very efficiently. They also get the best consumables of the bunch (speed boost and torp reload). I know in Rumble I can charge any ship and know I will win Totally agree with the remark, along with differerent torpedo colors. I get that there is supposed to be uncertainty as to who is on which team, but torpedo colors would help know who is where and what's shooting you.
  6. _1204_

    TVIII CA's for CB

    I only really play BBs, so I only have seriously looked at them. Best general pick is Alabama/NC for the great all rounder Montana substitute (AL>NC), but given the map pool, an aggressive well played Vladivostock will be equally potent. Been doing some scrimmages tier 8 6v6, and for cruisers: Chapayev, Kutuzov, Baltimore, and Atago seem to be the go-to picks.
  7. _1204_

    Seascythe Fire Chance Bugged?

    The only explanation I can think of is you either had crap RNG, or were shooting ships in places they were already on fire (or both) You also are missing something... your shells have 10% chance to start a fire, but that does not mean 10% of hits will cause fire. Ships have existing coefficients to reduce the chances of them catching on fire. Savage ships are marked as tier 10, so technically they get the best coffecient. Also there are captain skills and upgrades to reduce incoming fire chance (but I believe all of that is deemed irrevalent in Savage battles). I say this as a learning comment, not a reason... It's not the likley reason you are getting a severe lack of fires. The wiki has more info if interested https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Fire
  8. _1204_

    p2w clan wars

    What ships are you concerned about? So far I have seen Loyang being a favorite DD in scrimmages, and Kutuzov is a nice to have, but only in small doses. For BBs, a NC can replace an Alabama just fine, and given the map pool Vladvistock will likley be prevalent, and that's a tech tree guy. At least there is no Stalingrads or slippery Henris
  9. _1204_

    The Division From H3!!

    Nobody can explain the logic of trolls. Just because they are in a clan or division doesn't mean they will be good and honest players. You just have to brush it off and move on.
  10. _1204_

    How to get fires in Savage?

    Because I hate the gunboats and finished the mission before I got the rest. I might have gotten and used Mizu... frankly I forget. I think fire chance is the same, so you want whichever ship has the most shells/min. To be fair I also was doing the ramming mission, so I had flooding ribbons counting as well
  11. _1204_

    How to get fires in Savage?

    The only flags that would help would be both of the fire chance flags (dont recall their name). For the battle itself, speed flags are a must, and ramming flags are awesome (though I have had my fair share of bugged out rams). Capt xp boosters are nice because they are 19 point capts so it all goes to elite captain xp
  12. _1204_

    How to get fires in Savage?

    I did my fire missions in atomic rage... just gotta sit back and farm gun damage. Flags would help too of course
  13. _1204_

    So tired I accidentally clicked 'try your luck'

    Just gonna leave us to guess what yo--- Oh yeah, steel
  14. I'm sure @Lert will be very pleased
  15. A lot more goes into fire calculations than the fire chance of your HE shell. Each ship tier/type has it's own coffecient that gets better the higher tier you go. Also, the upgrade DCP mod 1 in slot 3 helps reduce the chance of a fire as well, along with the tier 4 captain skill fire prevention. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Fire