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  1. I was on Reasoner (FF-1063) and Kirk (FF-1071) as a LAMPS pilot. o7

    1. Darksaint1071


      o7 well met, sir... I was an OS (Operations Specialist) on the Badger '85 & '87, could very well have seen you when we were in the IO, or on our South Pacific Cruise... Our Captain was Cdr Erikson.

    2. Thornir


      Close, but no. I rotated off sea duty in '83. Were you out of Japan? 

    3. Darksaint1071


      Our home port was Pearl Harbor, HI where we were attached to DESRON 25 and later DESRON 35 (for our South Pacific Cruise)... couldn't beat the weather.

  2. My Free stuff

    I got the e-mail as well, but it's for my EU server account. Take a look at the sender's address, if it's World of Warships <wows@mail-eu.wargaming.net>, you may want to check your EU account for your free stuff.
  3. ** Salute ** Take care Niko.
  4. Unnecessary Hate

    While I have yet to take the plunge into carrier play, I do enjoy seeing a well played carrier when I'm in my Atlanta. It makes me think more about positioning my AA fire to help support the rest of my team. Does it always work, no... but usually I feel that I have a better game (overall) because of it. And if I do see a well executed aerial attack, or well played game, I like make the attempt to compliment the CV player, no matter what team they are playing for.
  5. Got my first Kraken recently in a RN Tier IV Danae... I was absolutely giddy. Congrats!
  6. In the real world (which this obviously isn't), the amount of smoke produced up the stack would depend on how well the fuel is being burned in the boilers. Coal fired and Bunker D fuel oil would both have a fuller and richer looking smoke than say the more modern DFM. But this is a game... so we're pretty much stuck with what we have.
  7. Too much radar

    Play lower tiers, there's fewer Radar equipped ships.
  8. T-61: RIP

    Well, nuts... I was hoping.
  9. Mail from WG

    I got the e-mail as well, but it's for my EU server account.

    I've played a few battles in the DoY as well, and the only issue I have is it's slower rate of fire... but I only dabble in BB's in Co-op games. If a few seconds were to be shaved off the reload time, I might be more inclined to take it out more.
  11. Dusted off the Hotlanta...

    While I was on active duty in USN during the '80's all the FF, FFG, DD & DDG's sailors in my home port (Pearl Harbor, HI) called themselves "Destroyermen", but I also served some time on the USS Mahan (DDG-42). Good catch...
  12. Thanx all, for clearing this up for me.
  13. The ships that are given for completing each mission in the raid have a rather confusing description on the WoWS Web Page: The part I'm a bit confused about states (in bold) : All the above ships are awarded complete with permanent "Snowy" camo, a vacant Port slot, and a three Skill-Point Commander. The ships are automatically researched in the tech tree without any upgrades. If you haven't researched previous ships in the tree, they remain unresearched. If you already have these ships in your Port, the full price in Credits and a vacant Port slot are awarded as compensation. In this case, a vacant Reserve space for the Commander are credited if your Reserve is full. Two achievements are issued to those players who managed to finish the Campaign: For completing the final task For completing all tasks in the Campaign So what I think is that if you haven't started down the US BB Tree, the first reward is only going to be a 3 pt. US Captain, vacant port slot and the Snowy Cammo in your inventory... is this correct, of have I missed something that is painfully obvious to everyone else?
  14. And most of them end up being low/mid level managers telling the workers how to do their jobs... the mill I work at is full of them.
  15. Survey: First Best Game

    X-wing vs. Tie Fighter... it's where I really got a taste for on-line multi-player games.