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  1. Darksaint1071

    Chill With Us at Naval Gaming Day

    It's free to register, admission to the museum is $25 for adults. Check the rest of the Battle Ship Cove announcement for an entire listing of pricing. World War II & Nautical Gaming Day Pre-registration
  2. Darksaint1071

    Sea Stories

    Great posting... brings back some memories of things and were done while I was on active duty. I look forward to your next chapter.
  3. Darksaint1071

    Snowflakes are the best idea in a while Wargaming

    Hard to say... it's got a peculiar AA suite. It could be very good, or it could become a non-issue all together. Alot will depend on the details of how AA works once the CV revision is complete. Right now I don't know enough to really say for sure.
  4. Darksaint1071

    Anyone like the Prince Fried Rice?

    I got the PEF after I read Mousie's review... I knew fully what I was getting into, but I bought it anyways to get moving on the campaign. BUT DANG... those guns... even though the range of the shells once they are fired is pretty good, the lateral dispersion is wonky as heck. The only way I can make them work (fairly) well is to close and try to ambush a cruiser and hope that my secondaries finish the job. It's a real good looking ship, but after this event is over, I don't think I'll be taking it out much.
  5. Darksaint1071

    Snowflakes are the best idea in a while Wargaming

    It's been a great time to play some of the ships that haven't been out of port in a long time... **cough** Duke of York **cough**
  6. Thank you for the great review, Ms. Mouse... I've been looking forward to see what you had to say.
  7. Not much of a Caps fan... but I am a fan of another 10 pt captain available for my use in game.
  8. Darksaint1071

    Armed Forces players Acknowledgement

    Most actual Vets do not crave the attention. As said above, we did what we did.
  9. Darksaint1071

    First 19 point Captain

    Congrats. It's a long, hard grind but very much worth it... I've managed to grind up a 19 pointer for the Scharnhorst, and the Elite XP is just rolling in.
  10. Darksaint1071

    Premium Shop Just for You

    Thanx for the notice... US$ 9.99 for the Texas is a steal.
  11. Darksaint1071

    when do those event containers pop out?

    I think those are Second Anniversary crates...
  12. Darksaint1071

    Since we get alternative camos for premium ships

    I wouldn't say no to another paint option for my Atlanta. Count another +1 Upvote
  13. Darksaint1071

    7.8 off to a good start

    You guys are lucky... I'm still in the "What's a Super Container?" club since around the first of the year.
  14. The Yorck is the odd-ball in the German Cruiser line. As long as you play into it's strengths, it can be a good ship.