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  1. Not much of a Caps fan... but I am a fan of another 10 pt captain available for my use in game.
  2. Armed Forces players Acknowledgement

    Most actual Vets do not crave the attention. As said above, we did what we did.
  3. First 19 point Captain

    Congrats. It's a long, hard grind but very much worth it... I've managed to grind up a 19 pointer for the Scharnhorst, and the Elite XP is just rolling in.
  4. Premium Shop Just for You

    Thanx for the notice... US$ 9.99 for the Texas is a steal.
  5. when do those event containers pop out?

    I think those are Second Anniversary crates...
  6. I wouldn't say no to another paint option for my Atlanta. Count another +1 Upvote
  7. 7.8 off to a good start

    You guys are lucky... I'm still in the "What's a Super Container?" club since around the first of the year.
  8. The Yorck is the odd-ball in the German Cruiser line. As long as you play into it's strengths, it can be a good ship.
  9. Most citadels dealt in a match?

    The Black Swan loves giving out Citadels on Co-op...
  10. Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    Looks like to me that their "offer" has been rescinded.
  11. I posted this back in June to a Sub thread: Here's some issues that I see (with adding Submarines to this game...) A German type XXI U-boat had a surfaced speed of 15.6 kts surfaced and 17.2 kts submerged. With 6 torpedo tubes fore and 4 AA guns around the conning tower. (Thank you WIKI...) As this was the most advanced U-Boat the German Navy had during WWII, it would probably fall in line as at least a Teir VIII boat. With some really generous options from WG upon development of said boat for it's consumables to make it at least marginally playable, you still have the issue of a really slow boat on a fairly large map with a very limited firing arc for it's main weapons. Then there still the issue of making sub-surface terrain, including a thermocline (where the various water temperatures effect SONAR returns... ok, so it's hydro acoustic... blah-blah-blah... ). And speaking of hydro-acoustic, every DD would and should have to have it equipped to counter this threat. That would more than likely entail a re-balancing of every DD currently in game and/or planned for in the future. Let's also look at how long a Submarine takes to dive so they can slink away... care to take DD or CL fire for a couple of minutes in a fragile craft? Last, let's consider early U-boat tactics... prior to what we consider as our mid tier warships, the deck guns were used more often against enemy merchants while they were surfaced. Please notice that I said merchants... not warships. Even with some outrageous concealment settings, once a U-boat is targeted, that would be the end of them... **BOOM** back to port. Note: I referenced German U-boats only because that's what I'm most familiar with, not to call them out or discount any of the other nations submariners during WW II.
  12. should i buy the scharnhorst on sale?

    Absolutely... buy it... buy it NOW!
  13. At best, the Atlanta can be a tricky ship to play... however, it has it's uses and can be alot of fun IF: - The MM grants you a carrier game, your initial positioning is good and you're not facing too many tier IX ships. - You have a dedicated Captain and the appropriate build to maximize your damage as well as manage your consumables. - You don't get focus fired (OMG... it's an Atlanta... KILL It NOW!). - The Red team completely ignores you -or- goes completely potato. I enjoy playing my Atlanta... but it can be a heartbreaker if things don't quite go your way.
  14. doubloon blowout

    The web site states that the bonus doubloons will be paid out by 17 July.
  15. My first game in the Indy

    I've tried to like the Indy... I really have. I picked it up when it was on sale when the found the wreck... unfortunately, that's about as much good as I can say about it. I just can't seem to get it together with this cruiser. So once the Indy missions are done (26k miles in the Indy... a free crate every three days as the reward), it will probably become a port queen to admire upon occasion.