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  1. Well said.
  2. Great work as always, Mouse!
  3. Two things I'd like to add... First and foremost, don't judge the game by what you see (or don't see) in Tier 1 or Tier 2 battles. The ships and their capabilities increase as you progress upwards. Think of it as being similar to comparing a Sherman to a Abrams, you wouldn't want to battle one against the other, but you can see where things have changed as time has progressed. It's the same with ships... Tier 2 & Tier 3 ships are pretty much WW1, where the higher Tiers place you closer to the end of WW2, or in some cases, designs that were based on lessons learned during the war. Second, travel through water vs. over land is very different, inertia from your forward momentum must be overcome before you change the direction of travel, so the idea of poking your guns out, banging off a volley, then returning to cover isn't as easy as it could be with a land vehicle. There are other viable tactics, check out some of the videos that are available, then see what works best for you. Last... have fun.
  4. ahla

    Great job as always.
  5. Ahh, yes... my first premium purchase... I still pull mine out or port once in a while, just because it's a bit more challenging than it's "sister" the Wickes.
  6. Always enjoy your picture posts... keep it up.
  7. Very nice... hope the old girl is ok now that the storm has passed.
  8. **Saulte** Rest in Peace, Jerry!
  9. Awful good of you to do this for the community, Zoup. Good luck to all that enter.
  10. Well done. I hope to finish my collection later today.
  11. Anyone else not getting the operation achievements (Natural Selection, Sea Star, Will to Win, etc...) for the Anthony or the Cyclone? I'm only receiving them in the Gallant. I'm wondering if it has to do with the Gallant being a premium ship vs. one of the two that are given out for the mission. To me it doesn't make any sense, but it's all I could come up with. Any thoughts?
  12. I also disagree with the OP... Tier 1 is (to me) more like an arcade game where I will play a match or two of co-op just to relax a bit after work. It's fun to bang away at the bots before switching over to some more difficult (random, ranked or scenario) and higher tier combat. As far as switching over the guns... nah, I don't see much need:
  13. **Salute** John Robinson and the AK clan. Fair winds and following seas, shipmate.
  14. If only we could get the people who are playing this event to watch the OP's video prior to trying the scenario... Twice, I've seen half the player ships either head into the mine fields, or race ahead to (I assume) drop off their troops then try to come back. Can't say I've done real well, I've died while trying to coax people into staying together and working like a team... maybe I'll have better luck tonight.
  15. Great review as always, LWM. I've purchased the Gallant just for the Dunkirk event, but there's a good chance that after that, she'll be sitting in port most nights. However, we'll have to see just how things go...