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  1. Scotland? Ancestry?

    I've got some Scots blood from what I've been told, but the actual linage and where from has been lost to history. Family oral tradition says that we had some relatives from Scotland come over and into the US during the mid 1890's from Quebec; but when I've tried to look up the name, I've come up empty.
  2. That's two DD's announced on the Dev Blog today... nice to see them working on some of the smaller ships.
  3. Free try your luck container

    There were only certain number of redemptions allowed for this code... if I remember correctly it was 30k. The code worked for me yesterday, I can only assume that there are no more offers available.
  4. Dusted off the Hotlanta...

    I've found that the Atlanta can be alot of fun, but it can also be a real pain... for me, it's all about positioning. If I can get to a good location with a bit of cover, I can rain HE on the Reds, and it can be good game. Catch me out in the open water, it's a quick trip back to port.
  5. This is not the HMAS Vampire

    Bingo! Surely there are complaints about the various nations paper ships that will soon follow.
  6. In a previous post about this, Lert indicated that the Tirpitz was only a place holder. And with it being on the test server, nothing is ever cast in stone...
  7. Detonations

    So you detonate the first time... and get 10 anti-det flags. Did you mount one for the next game, or did they stay in your flag inventory?
  8. With all the talk about the USS Arizona today, I went through my old photo album from when I was on active duty... found these pictures to share: And yes, it's taken me this long to notice that I spelled Hawaii wrong...
  9. Home ported out of Pearl on the USS Badger while on active duty... saw the USS Arizona Memorial every day for three years as well as making the trip to the far side of Ford Island to see the lesser known USS Utah Memorial. Very somber locations.
  10. Premium Ship Review: HMAS Vampire

    Great review as always LWM!
  11. Public test server rewards

    Thanx for the reminder.
  12. It's coming . . .

    Very good.
  13. Staying cool with potatoes?

    We all have good games and bad games... I've run from been absolutely brilliant, to completely being a tater over the course of a few hours in game. When I do, I get up, get a cup of coffee and take a break. Best thing for my sanity...