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  1. Darksaint1071

    jumping clans for steel

    There is also the cool-down when you drop tags. A person hopping clans would not be able to re-join another clan for three days. And of course there is always the social stigma once your clan mates find out you have left (or come to them) for the resource... not because they are a great group to play with.
  2. Darksaint1071

    NOOO! My flags! ;-(

    But WG also stated that there would never be Submarines as well...
  3. Darksaint1071

    Torpedo aiming

    The only thing I can think of to add is that perhaps your torpedo launchers have not come around yet to face your target... when you are maneuvering, are you making drastic course adjustments? The launchers only swing so fast and if they are not faced towards your target, then you do not get your suggested aiming assistance (grey wedge).
  4. Darksaint1071

    Anniversery back on>?

    The fact that a game company would take the time to recognize when a player first started with their game is amazing... I've never run into this with any of the other games I've played. Congratulations Comte for playing the game for three years... enjoy your free stuff.
  5. Darksaint1071

    Ranked Question

    Playing Ranked is like hitting your head against a brick wall... it feels better when you stop. No with that said, I'll play a few ranked games later today, just so I can get where I want to be this season... then bruised and bloodied, I'll have the sense (once again) to quit and move onto other things I enjoy quite a bit more.
  6. Darksaint1071

    Kraken on My Mahan

    Congrats! First Krakens are something to celebrate.
  7. Darksaint1071

    Never noticed this before

    Geeze... I thought it was a salt mine...
  8. Darksaint1071

    Pride of the Polish Navy

    I've had the Blyskawica for quite some time, definitely haven't played it as much as I should... the last time out I had a great time with it. I just earned the 303 squadron last night, so I now have all three... gotta say, I still like the Sarza the best.
  9. Darksaint1071

    Mysterious Additions!

    A good evening... about to happen.
  10. Darksaint1071

    Which Ship For New Year Event?

    Yeah... just corrected that. Writing while having my first cup of coffee... "some mistakes will be made"
  11. Darksaint1071

    Which Ship For New Year Event?

    I've been thinking that perhaps it will be the RM Tier VI DD Leone. Here's why... Italian - fits nicely with the current cruiser arc. Mid-tier - Previous "free" ship offerings that I've been able to acquire have been the Vampire (Tier III), Duke of York (Tier VII) and Prinz Eitel Friederich (Tier VI). Development - (And this is the weakest part of my thought process...) The Leone has been caught in development hades for quite some time. IF WG is working on it and trying to get it ready for the holidays, you would think the Super Testers would have seen it, and the Community Contributors would have reported sightings or pre-release reviews... unless it's all being done in-house. Capabilities - The last information I saw about the Leone had most definitely placed this DD in the low end of the Mehbote category. There was nothing really outstanding about the ship... guns, torps & concealment was fair, maneuverability and concealment was mediocre, and there was nothing special or gimicy about the consumables. To get ready for release - The SAP ammunition is already being looked at (and hopefully worked on) according to the notes from the latest PTS server. Add the fuel smoke consumable and re-re-re-balance the rest of the ship... and maybe it could be ready for the holiday events. Or I could be totally wrong, and WG has something else planned...
  12. Darksaint1071

    They found a Famous USN DD that should be in the game

    LoYang is the Benson...
  13. Darksaint1071

    Detonated 3 out of 4 rounds.

    As far as I'm concerned is Silver or Coal well spent for DD players... especially at the higher tiers and doubly so during Clan Wars.
  14. Darksaint1071

    WG ship design process needs a rework

    No Power Point Presentations?? I'd pay money to miss a meeting like that...