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  1. My only question is where do we meet to talk this over?
  2. Is PSV still recruiting and willing to play a BB main for a few games in CB this season?
  3. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Mar. 20th, 2018

    I have to show some love to my Tirpitz. Forever underrated in Ranked considerations and Random opposition, my Tiriptz has wrecked many a randoms hopes and dreams. While making up for subpar gun caliber, the shots are lasers and will pen any cruiser within 13 km. What she lacks in AA, she makes up for in everything else, from Handling to Speed to the Amazing Armor, Tirpitz has proved to me she is the best tier 8 brawling Battleship with a full rack of torps to slap some poor North Carolina with. Still my most played ship, I love my Tirp
  4. 53% to 54% Winrate player looking for a clan.

    As much as I would love to jump on your offer, all of my group specifically uses Discord, and your clan serms to only use Teamspeak
  5. 53% to 54% Winrate player looking for a clan.

    In my previous search for a clan I spoke to Teahee and I did not meet the requirements for ARP. I left CUTIE a month or 2 ago, my current clan ARMDA, is having trouble
  6. Ahoy Captains! I'm Swag, currently a Recruiter in a clan that is sadly less than well off. Me, and my Team of a few players are looking to join a Storm, Typhoon or higher clans, see below in Bold. Now, before you write me off as another noob with no experience, note that I have played and held my own with the best. Formerly a member of CUTE community's Semi-Competetive clan CUTIE, I have played with the likes of ZuikakuDere, ShinanoBB, and SenpaiNA, The latter 2 the leaders of Hurricane clan CUTER, top 4 in KOTS. Now, enough babbling, you recruiters probably want to hear my stats, ships, and such. I current have a Montana with an 18 point Captain. In the foreseeable future my tier 10's will be Hindenburg, Worcester, and Yueyang. My progress on these lines go as follows, Konigsberg with 10 points, Cleveland with 11 points, and Gadjah Made with 9 points. I grind lines very fast and very hard, so be prepared for me to have these by May. A very important side note is that this Clan change of mine will not happen for some time, so these offers must be available to be accepted in under 2 weeks time. Due to issues with my current clan, 3 or more members of our clan are prepared to leave the clan, and join this New Clan of ours as A TEAM/Squad for CB. We all want to play CB everyday, and we will go to a clan TOGETHER. I can and will personally Guarantee their Skill and Improvement in the game. Every one of my Squad has a tech tree Tier 10 to play in CB, mostly Cruisers. Thanks for the consideration and time, Swag Warning's for Clans: I am a VERY energetic person. I like to state my opinions on certain things and make sure I'm heard. HOWEVER, I know these in most Highly Competitive clans this will not be permitted, and I can and will shut my mouth and stick to my pay grade if asked of me.
  7. The Armada Dominion: Join us for Tea & Cake!

    Skilled Bumping Ensues
  8. Let the grind begin

    Tip for Izumo: Everyone thinks you suck, you will get targeted. I wish you nothing but Good Luck and Fair Seas during your grind for Yamato. The road to Yamato is goddam hard at times but very rewarding, stay with it.
  9. Tattered Flags is recruiting

    Dude put this in Clan Recruitment
  10. What the Worcester should be

    Thanks for filling me in. I was scared about making a post without much Info. o7 from CUTE and CUTIE, Will editor team
  11. What the Worcester should be

    It's been hinted by WG that the USS Worcester is going to compete with the HMS Minotaur for rate of fire. I believe that these key things need to be given to the Worcester to stop it from being the clone of the Minotaur with HE. 1. It needs armour worthy of high tier American Cruisers like the Design Moines. Minotaur is infamous for being incredibly vulnerable to Citadels. For the Worcester to be effective in a long term battle, downgrade strong US Cruiser armour as much as needed to fit the playstyle. 2. Equip the Worcester with Radar and Defensive Fire AA or Hydro Acoustic Search. Having no smoke would promote a smarter playstyle than "Sit in smoke and spam". Without smoke the Worcester player would actually be more beneficial to it's team by having to learn good positioning 3. Worcester shell arcs should be similar to Minotaur shells, but have a flatter arcs. High arcs on an HE firing ship would be stupid. Flat arcs would make it harder to hit the superstructure and deck of an enemy Battleship or Cruiser to start fires. 4. Worcester AA should be toned down. Having a Battleship and Cruiser arsonist with great AA and okay armour would be too OP. 5. No super heal. Better armour would stamp out the need for a heal that quickly gives you half your HP back. Regular USN heal would make it more difficult for Worcester captains to stay broadside, eat 2 Citadels, and immediately heal 1/2 HP back and use Cruiser detection to disappear from sight. These are all my suggestions as of now. When Worcester is released for viewing by the players I will update this list. (Disclaimer: These 5 steps were made with no prior knowledge of the USS Worcester or how she plays in the game. These are all opinions made by myself to help the process of creating the Worcester and how it could play)
  12. Lets talk about Graf Zeppelin 2

    I understand, but what I am referring to is an option for the player to choose IN GAME if they want to use AP or HE bombs. Lets put this into perspective. You are playing the Graf Zeppelin. A enemy destroyer has broken through your teams defenses and is coming at you. If you have chosen AP bombs before the battle. You are completely inefective and no help to your team
  13. Lets talk about Graf Zeppelin 2

    I didn't exactly say I wanted to remove deepwater torpedoes, I said change fuse time.
  14. Lets talk about Graf Zeppelin 2

    I have been told that the GZ 2 is balanced. Well WG, its not. Here are some suggested nerfs and buffs I think would make the GZ Strike Loadout a lot more balanced. Here I will focus on how the Dive Bombers and Torpedo Bombers could be balanced. 1. Reduce number of planes in a Dive Bomber Squadron from 10 planes to 8 planes and make dive bomber squadrons slower. In return for this decrease, the player can have a choice between HE and AP bombs so during high tier matches Graf Zeppelin captains can have a positive impact on the game 2. Make a tighter drop pattern and increase damage dealt by torpedoes. In return however, the torpedoes are slower and easier to dodge. Meanwhile, to avoid players just using Torpedo Acceleration skill to get rid of this nerf, make sure the torpedo squads cannot drop from very close to enemy ships with manual drop 3. Fix Fuse time on torpedoes. It would be ideal to increase the fuse time of GZ torpedo squadrons to near where American and Japanese Fuse times are. This is only because of the quantity of complaints about this fuse time. The fuse time does not even have to be very close to American and Japanese fuse times, but increased somewhat. Thats about it. If anyone in the comments notice anything I missed, let me know. Thanks