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  1. SwagOver9000Boi

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Everyone on Mac such as myself, there is a way to play World Of Warships smoothly after the update. Simply download the Wargaming Game Center and download World Of Warships. It takes a lot of unfortunately now currently necessary time to download the game. I have noticed a few lag issues like not loading into my first game in under a few minutes but It works. I don't know if this is some WG snafu in trying to force us to download the Game Center or what, but bear with me in not losing all your hard earned ships and in game items.
  2. My friend has been experiencing issues with his battleship salvo's. He says that his shells in the Yamato are not doing damage to ships in general, and not just destroyers. Was this nerf given when Wargaming released the legendary module or is it somewhere non-publically in the code? Can anyone help?
  3. SwagOver9000Boi

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    No I am not saying that. I'm saying that no good Yueyang should lose to a Shima. On average it's guns are better than Shima's, and it has better smoke. Shimikaze can use torpedoes in other engagements, but in a straight up Gun Fight Yueyang needs to win. This nerf and buff is just literally reversing Yueyang's gunboat ability and making a torpedo boat, ON AVERAGE, beat the Yueyang in a duel of guns.
  4. SwagOver9000Boi

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    I have a question. Will the Yueyang nerf disrupt the balance of the game? The way me and the folks at Anchors Away see it, Yueyang is in a good place. Because the Pan Asian destroyer line is fairly new, not many bad players use the Yueyang, and the majority of good players that use do well in it because they're rewarded for their skill by a good ship. Another observation that came up was the with the Yueyang being nerfed and the Shimakaze and the IJN tech tree being buffed, Yueyang will be outclassed by a torpedo boat in a gun fight. The Yueyang has American gun arcs, and with a 5 second reload, the Yueyang cannot beat a buffed Shimakaze with Straight line guns and a 4 second reload. It would be unfair to the skilled players of the Yueyang to be beaten by less skilled Shimakaze players that just have a better ship, that has amazing torpedos, guns, and detection. Maybe there could be another way to fix the Yueyang, and if there is, what is it? (I'm not saying that Shima players are bad, I'm just saying that there are more Shimakaze's than there are Yueyangs, because the IJN line was there since the beginning.)
  5. Can we get a new invite, I want to join