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  1. Correct it was a horrible idea, it should be a base mechanic in the game.
  2. You don't really appear to play a lot of high tiers anyway with about 15k of your 20k games being between tiers IV-VII, just saying.
  3. Hm, as a person who really only plays high tiers I have to disagree. For me, high tiers are the best they've ever been. I can easily achieve high damage in BB by just having the ability to punish mistakes and in cruiser by just not making dumb mistakes. On the team level I feel like the sniping meta is no different than it was before deadeye unless I have Angry_Turtle on my team, so I really don't know what you're on about.
  4. If it's not nerfing BB's then what is it doing...
  5. How do you come to that conclusion? Please explain as to how this is a buff to BBs at high tiers, I need to know.
  6. From what I've seen MM is a very mixed bag with a lot of games BB's being an endangered species. Honestly too many steps were taken to discourage BB gameplay as every other class got direct buffs
  7. I only recently got into playing comp BB but this is just suffering. We're just back to full tank build. It's not like any of the alternatives are even good. Super Heavy AP shells is more viable with the buff to the penalties but I personally don't care about a 5% increase in AP damage. Based on who you ask BOS is a bad skill and I didn't even remember that +10% to torpedo protection skill even existed.
  8. Several other nerfs to BB builds were overlooked by the playerbase on the account of Deadeye being controversial, i.e. superintendent being 4 points and not giving an extra reload booster for French Battleships, etc.
  9. Lilas21622

    Summer Sale in the Premium Shop and Armory!

    Loving the Knight's Tale reference
  10. I think this thread is gonna age like fine wine
  11. I guess it would be cool do see this? Wargaming would never do it though and it's very impractical.
  12. The Downfall Of American Tier V Battleships I want to preface this by saying that this is not an alcohol-filled rant. All I want to do here is lay out my grievances in an orderly fashion (with as few spelling errors as possible). I began thinking about this topic today and I realized how poor the American Tier V BB's have been as a collective since their fall from grace and how the player-base as a whole has been scammed out of a positive experience. I do not envy players who spent money on USS Texas when it was at the height of its infamous peak when RTS CV's were still around and are now stuck with this ship in their port today. This topic is very specific and may not have crossed your mind so let's lay out the facts. Firstly, the most important issue to address: The AA When I first began playing this game and ground through the low tiers it became very apparent how powerful the AA on these American Battleships was. USS Texas used to be the most feared AA platform at Tier V with outstanding close-range AA (44x1 20 mm Oerlikons) and range extendable to 5.1 kilometers using AA modification 2 and pre-AA rework AFT. This monster was the bane of Tier 4-6 CV's everywhere and I remember distinctly being said to go nowhere near USS Texas with my planes (and USS Atlanta as well before the rework but that's for another time). USS New York, the lead ship of the class, also had a powerful AA armament. She boasted 32 x 1 20 MM Oerlikons along with 10 x 4 40 MM Bofors and 10 x 1 76.2 mm/40 Mk. 22's. These 2 ships were outstanding against Aircraft Carrier's and one of the advertised strengths of the American Battleships has always been the AA efficiency. There simply aren't many other reasons to play these ships other than the fact that they have a history of smacking planes out of the sky. Now, in August of 2020, that strength is gone. The range has been nerfed 3.5 km and cannot be extended, USS New York has been stripped of its Oerlikons, it's quad mounted 40 MM Bofors, and it's 76.2 mm/40 Mk. 22's, while USS Texas has theoretically retained it's AA mounts. However, without the 5.1 km range on the AA, USS Texas has lost all of its effective long-range DPM. Tier V American Battleships are some of the worst (and most misplayed) ships in the game. The poor gun performance, bad reload, slow speed, average health, maneuverability, mediocre concealment, and now horrible AA do not outweigh the upsides of these ships, which in turn are volume of gunfire and decent torpedo protection. However, these issues are covered more in-depth in the next section. Secondly, The Overall Gameplay The fact of the matter is that American Tier V Battleships are incredibly boring to play. The overall speed of the USS Texas and USS New York (upgraded) is roughly 20-22 knots without speed flag and sailing in a straight line. These ships are slow beyond belief and this immediately makes their playstyle very questionable. The health on these ships is only average at around 45000-49000. The main battery on the USS Texas and USS New York consist of 10 356 mm/45 Mk. 8's. These guns have horrible accuracy issues and horrendous reload. Despite the volume of fire that is technically in a broadside fired by the USS Texas or USS New York, landing more than 3 or 4 shells on a target over 12 kilometers is a lucky shot. These guns are also prone to poor performance against targets that you do hit, over-penning on full broadside cruisers or battleships. The turrets these guns are mounted on are also rotated by F.D.R. himself in a wheelchair, rotating 180° in about 50 seconds, and to boot the back turrets are hard to fire accurately when maneuvering. In addition to all of this the concealment is subpar, with the fully upgraded Texas sitting at 14 km and New York around 14.2 km. And finally, to round out this crapshoot, the AA is utter garbage. Now it wouldn't be right for me to complain about these ships without at least explaining their upsides and a possible fix. The USS Texas and USS New York have the ability to do well in Random Battles. When RNG favors you the 356 mm guns can do large amounts of damage, and the turning circle (but the rudder shift is). The AA is somewhat useable at short range, and the 14 km detection could be worse at Tier V. The armor is solid and the torpedo reduction is also around 30 percent which is meh. The overall problem with USS Texas and USS New York is that the downsides are crippling and the upsides are mediocre. My recommended approach to re-balancing USS Texas and New York: Address the AA one final time. Increasing the AA range of USS Texas by a minimum of .5 km and up to 1.5 km would make this ship infinitely better. I believe that it wouldn't hurt for New York's old AA battery to be restored with a reduced range, 4.5 km perhaps. These ships really need something that's going to set them apart from the competition while keeping them balanced and this would accomplish that. Look at the gun performance on the 356 mm/45 Mk. 8's and evaluate if the guns need to receive a buff to vertical dispersion at long range and/or a small increase in sigma. That about wraps up my case on why the US Tier V BB's have become the laughing stock of Tier V. I didn't go in-depth into the armor of USS Texas and USS New York because I would probably embarrass myself, and the armor is pretty decent already. If you think I'm mistaken on my evaluations please leave a comment on this thread, or add in your own evaluations that I might have missed.