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    I like warships with high risk/high reward play-styles, or ships that offer unique/gimmicky ways to explore the game.

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  1. Just purchased the Irian, and found out it used to have a special skin with the eagles on it called the "Lunar New Year" skin. I really want to give Wargaming my money for this skin. Is there anyway I can obtain it?
  2. iamtheintrepidmouse

    Premium Ship Review #142 - Mainz

    Thank you for the detailed review
  3. iamtheintrepidmouse

    Irian vs. Mainz -- Which to buy?

    Lol, I just might get both now. Hahahaha *wallet cries out in pain*
  4. iamtheintrepidmouse

    Irian vs. Mainz -- Which to buy?

    I've received some really fantastic replies from you all, and I am very grateful. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. The information about the Mainz is spectacular and I feel like I can make an informed decision about the Mainz. However, is there a compelling argument for the Irian? Or is the Mainz, gun-for-gun & pound-for-pound, just that much better than the Irian?
  5. iamtheintrepidmouse

    Irian vs. Mainz -- Which to buy?

    Right, but when I do get good enough for Tier VIII, I'll have either Irian or Mainz waiting for me in my Port.
  6. iamtheintrepidmouse

    Irian vs. Mainz -- Which to buy?

    So what's the difference between these two premium ships? Both look like Tier VIII CL shooty boats with torps. Both in the shop are around $45 (at the time of this writing). Which one would you buy and why?
  7. iamtheintrepidmouse

    Best Tier V - Tier VII HEAVY CRUISER in the Game?

    Thank you for the detailed response! I really appreciate the info you put into this. I'll definitely bookmark this thread when I want to look at the different Nations' strengths and weaknesses. Great reply!
  8. iamtheintrepidmouse

    Explanation of DD Tech Tree Split?

    What's the difference between the two lines? Or can you point me into a direction to read about them?
  9. iamtheintrepidmouse

    Tech Tree Ship Comparison??

    Tanks already has a comparison feature built into the game. Ships does not. I really miss that feature in Ships. That's why I'm looking for a 3rd-party comparison tool to compare different ships' Survivability, Artillery, Torpedos, AA Defense, Maneuverability, and Concealment.
  10. Is there a comparison third-party website in the game to compare ships like there is in Tanks? If not, they really should put that feature in the game.
  11. iamtheintrepidmouse

    Don't Know Where to Put This

    Is there a destroyer with +140 mm guns in the game? And how many exist?
  12. iamtheintrepidmouse

    Is it possible to obtain unique Italian Commander now?

    Okay, great! That answers my questions. Just started playing the Italian line and it feels like a unique commander could help out a lot. I will look forward to whatever lands in the Armory. =)
  13. iamtheintrepidmouse

    Is it possible to obtain unique Italian Commander now?

    Is the commander supposed to be in one of the containers? And where can I look up the update schedule?
  14. Just found out on the Wiki that Italy has a unique commander named "Luigi Sansonetti". https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Unique_Commanders Is it still possible to obtain this Commander even though I missed the event? Started playing Shooty Boats just this February.
  15. iamtheintrepidmouse

    PLAYER BUILD: The Do-It-All Devonshire

    Just found out the other day that after equipping Devonshire with Secondary Battery Mod 1 upgrade, Signals, and commander skill Advanced Fire Training, I can bring her secondaries range all the way up to a maximum of 7.6 km!!! SEVEN. POINT. SIX. Take that, her torps, and that sweet British semi-armor piercing HE (starts fires at 17% out-of-the-box before equipping signals) all into consideration and what do you get?? You get a ship that wants to BRAWL. Beautiful ship. Just lovely. =)