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  1. Hi!!! This is my first post! So I have 12,240 doubloons right now. And I want a premium ship. Here's some things you should know. 1. I need credits, so some ship that can consistently print my $$$. 2. I enjoy playing USN Light cruisers the most, followed by DD and Heavy Cruiser game play(I enjoy them equally). 3. I hate CVs and BB gameplay(so no scharanhorst). 4. I dont have any other prem ships, nor do I play much ranked or clan, so no flint, etc. 5. I PLAN TO ONLY EVER BUY ONE PREMIUM SHIP. -------- That being said, it seems like Atago and Atlanta are my best options, followed by Lo Yang. Other suggestions that I missed are welcome! Atago - very consistent, decent ship, but everyone says its kinda been a victim of power creep. Prints more credits, and also you can use it in ranked. Atlanta - I heard its very fun, and I do enjoy USN light cruisers, but I heard its REALLY challenging to play, also, 127mm guns into t9 battle...yikes!!! ALSO, Its basically a mini Worcester...so I dont see much point in getting it. Of course, I could save the doubloons for a future prem ship. Would that be a better idea? THANKS! Charles