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  1. 10 seconds more and I would have pulled this one out - sigh
  2. My 6 year old would love this - steel ocean in space Only reason Im doing it is Ironium what a miserable way to get it
  3. definitely something wrong - I have only T1 ships in port no doubloons 225,000 credits and the check tool doesnt want to open sigh
  4. I know you know how Miserable it is to be in a battle where one CV player is completely over matched by the other - so Why ON Earth would you be promoting them when you still have NO SOLUTION ? And WHY in Heaven's NAME Would you let it happen in Ranked Sprint ? For Crying out Loud WoWs ? Misery x 100
  5. hushpup

    0.7.10 - Public Test Feedback

    One of The Most Miserable experiences I have ever had in 2 years playing Wows and the only time with the Public Test . Sigh ! I have always enjoyed the Public Test but right now I am questioning if I will ever try it again . The rewards have become So meager and then to go through the torturous wait times to do the Arms Race , division battle , mission - only to get massacred - and the other missions for less than what I could gain from Royal Navy missions on NA server ? You're kidding right ? Rreally WoWs I know my comments are often rather biting so I'm trying to tone it down but.. What Are You Thinking ?
  6. hushpup

    Arms race credit/xp rewards

    I used to do quite well in Arms Race but here are some screen shots from a recent battle in which I was 3rd on my team and in which we massacred the other team . If you look closely at the 3rd screenshot you will be able to tell that I have a Wyvern flag mounted (+50% credits ) as well as premium . Yet I Lost over 53k in game credits . Excruciating wait times in order to throw game credits in the toilet . smh Wows
  7. hushpup

    0.7.8 - Public Test Feedback

    enjoyed the reload booster - had the worst time figuring out what the Bottom of the World and Arctic were or how to get there . Barely made it in time
  8. hushpup

    0.7.7 - Public Test Feedback

    Narai - I finally got a 3 star and called it quits. It was a nightmare with ad hoc players and no Premium $hips . Killer Whale was also to difficult for most ; as is Ultimate Frontier on regular server . I'm sure that WoWs is very proud of its new Super Bots - I would be but .. What are mediocre players who cant afford money ships and Premium Bonuses supposed to do ? I'm talking about the guys who are not good enough to compete in random battles without losing their shirt once they get to middle tiers ? The credits and difficulty in Coop make it impossible to do anything but go broke there even for very good players at upper tiers , even upper mid .. Now you are taking away the Operations from them as well . If the objective is " pay to play " possibly you could make that clear early on . That would be more sporting . As things are , do you really want to cull thousands of players from the community ? As upper levels become more difficult in all types many less than stellar players will have to give up their dream of someday playing a T-10 . And have you thought about this ? As you cull less than mediocre players the mediocre players become the less than mediocre players . Eventually you have nothing left but a handful of superstars .
  9. I dont think anyone of the above people read the conversation with support in reverse order - the way it happened . sigh . I guess that was too much to ask .