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  1. Indeed, the number that it shows is the current amount that you have - it will only decrease once you have gone into a battle with one mounted - I think you can also check your warehouse under your profile picture/ username in the game as well to manage your stock (like selling excess bonuses if posible)
  2. The hanging planes with the landing gear flat against the fuselage are most likely SBDs, and the ones with the landing gear partially stowed into the wing are TBD Devastators. Wildcats had their landing gear on each side of the fuselage that was manually extended out and down, and Hellcats had not entered service in 1941 yet. (Oops looks like someone beat me to it lol) F4f Wildcat with the landing gear on the side of the fuselage right under the leading edge of the wing
  3. Boomer625

    My last thread about subs

    Yes I love my Bogue as well and the multitasking of RTS + carrier vs carrier battles
  4. Boomer625

    Ship has the jitters

    Yes that happens occassionally for me as well, even before the update - I think it might be latency between the computer and the server on the ship's model. Restarting usually resolves the problem, or maybe the computer is running slower due to RAM memory being too full If none of those work, it might be the drinking problem.
  5. Boomer625

    Black Friday Ship Recommendations?

    Does atlanta's limited range force it to push forward too often? I heard the removal of AFT limited the max range. Does Mainz require a high level captain to have the skills to be effective? How does it fare so far in battles?
  6. Boomer625

    Roon overmatch question

    Even if the Iowa did not overmatch, there can be plenty of penetration damage done by landing hits through the superstructure into the hull or just punching through the decks as well (given a high enough angle of the shells at long range)
  7. Boomer625

    Super duper container

    me: You guys get ships from containers? have only gotten things like free xp, even the 2% steel and premium is rare
  8. Boomer625

    Since it's Weekend

    How is the armouring the the GZ? in COOP grinding I usually would park my CV (Lexington) bow in on the cap so that the secondaries are mainly operational and minimizing the damage
  9. Boomer625

    Have you ever managed 4000 base XP?

    Only once I believe in a rental Massachusetts during a ranked battle
  10. Boomer625

    Since it's Weekend

    or if you are a GZ with two American DDs as escort...
  11. Very true. There are already numerous ways to personalize a ship - such as through special flags + number of flags from collections, camoflage, and signals perhaps (although used ot be mostly for boost purposes), as well as flares and tracers from special captains. I rarely am able to see/ notice flags on other ships already, a small crest on the ships bowis even harder to see. Take ships such as Scharnhorst that do have a crest on the bow or at the stern - rarely anyone notices it, even sometimes I forget about it myself when playing the ship looking at it from the rear most of the time. You do have to be looking at the ship when the flares occur, which is not very often, and tbh I dont really notice colored tracers as personalization - me sort of paniking trying to figure out what type of shell is headed my way lol
  12. Boomer625

    Since it's Weekend

    I mean I had a DD that spotted my radar baltimore, pushed into the cap, smoke, get radared, and then get detonated by one of my 203mm HE rounds after managing to outlast the radar duration, and that was friday!
  13. Boomer625

    Black Friday Ship Recommendations?

    do you by chance know of any potential method of obtaining 154 gold within the 10 days? Does ranked reset the rewards every two weeks currently? wow that is quite a bit Ah ok, so I think even with three turrets the dpm should still suffice - might try to calculate the effective dpm when under fire Yes, I am working up the coal to that - that was my planned purchase but the black arrived so I took that instead
  14. I've found that I have been accumlating a lot more freebie gold recently, mainly through ranked, to a point where I think I can get a decent ship for compeittive modes, espeically with the Black Friday discounts. Anyone have any recommendations? Should I try to bridge the jump to get a T9/10 ship form the armory? (currently able to get: Mainz, Saipien, Loyang, Kaga, Cossack, Atlanta, Scharnhorst, Sims, Atago, Asashio), really wish I had just a tiny bit more for Tirpritz/Massachusetts (154 more gold) - update I am actually 1,000 short (forgot math I guess) I do see people recommend Mainz a lot for its decent armour and German HE + Hydro, and Loyang for its decent DD hunting/cap control ability with the hydro (and familar american DD charcteristics), kaga for the plane count, saipien for the T10 planes - not so sure about atago due to the weak armour but also having area denial torps. I am not sure how Cossack preforms, but it does look like a gunboat DD with hydro although the turret angles seem to be limiting (from experiance with using them in alantic fleet) I'll probably eliminate Scharnhorst as I already have one (not sure why), atlanta due to my poor aim, sims looks like a poor D, and asashio for the limiting torp versatility
  15. Boomer625

    Tiers and Locked targeting ...

    If it is happening at the same ranges it might be that lower tier ships need less lead, or maybe the slower accelarations/ rudder shift limit dodging these salvos in the same time