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  1. Boomer625

    New Player Experience

    Ah ok. I usually cycle through the ships I am grinding (five line grind, American ships of all types) and then play t6 ships to exercise them in operations (and get free spins if I am grinding for it), then move back up to favorite ships. Once I got to t8, I slotted in Ranked for steel, as it both grinding my lines and earning me steel, but it moved to t7, so I am stuck with more tasks to finish in a cycle…. I usually only have time to take out one or two ships I am grinding, on better days all five top ships, so sometimes I focus on getting 14 wins for steel and gold, and then grinding my lines
  2. Boomer625

    New Player Experience

    I personally did not get up to t7-t8 until my 2-3rd year (along with many breaks), and I regret moving up to T8….. just as ranked moved down to t7 and not getting anymore rental ships, as well as fighting ships like Thunderer.
  3. Boomer625

    Great Game / Losing the "GAMER"

    I think the metric to judge someone’s performance in the game is not their stats, but their stat trends, such as if they are improving or not. If a bad player is improving, then thats good for both the teams they play with and themselves, as they feel the achievement of improving through better games and even clutch games.
  4. Boomer625

    USS Sims - Details (X-Turret)

    Here is what I have found: “These two models represent one type of the US Navy's 5 inch, 38 caliber Mk.30 single-gun mount (turret) with steel shield and canvas top as fit in a superfiring position aft to some Sims class, Benson class and Gleaves class destroyers circa 1941. The Benson class destroyer USS Madison DD-425, for example, carried this mount” - https://www.model-monkey.com/product-page/1-700-5-38-cal-canvas-top-mounts The American destroyers always were stingy about their turrets for weight savings, since turrets, especially five of them, were in a relatively high position, and so the skinny DDs would roll much/be top heavy while at sea. So many DDs had open pedestal mounts, where shells can to carried up to the deck and hand loaded into the guns, but were power-rammed. As American DDs evolved to become wider and bigger, gun mounts could enjoy enclosed turrets, shell hoists, and more ”^The Mark 30 mountings made up by far the majority of single mountings built during the war. The Mark 30 ran up to Mod 86, with Mod 0 being the original enclosed mounting and Mod 1 being the original open mounting. The Mark 30 Mod 0 enclosed base ring mounts were first introduced on USS Wichita (CA-45). There were also semi-enclosed mounts which had the upper half of the shield removed as a weight savings but having a canvas cover to protect the interior of the mount. Many of the Mark 30 modifications were trivial in nature For example, USS Fletcher (DD-445) used Mod 16 in positions 1 and 5, Mod 19 in position 2, Mod 30 in position 3 and Mod 31 in position 4. The differences were mainly related to the elevation and training limitations inherent in the different mounting positions.” - http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNUS_5-38_mk12.php (section 9e)
  5. Well not the Genova camo, but the Ajax 1940 one seems appealing to me, since Ajax participated in the Battle or North Cape, which led to Graf Spee’s scuttling.
  6. Boomer625

    Torp damage bug

    The maximum damage value you see on the torpedoes, is not always accurate, as torpedoes rarely deal the max damage to a ship, even without a torpedo bulge: Since the Farragut took about 50% of the max damage value of the 610mm torpedoes, this means it might have hit the midsection, and then the splash damage makes up the rest I fif not see the screenshot since it did not load, just going off of your description
  7. Boomer625

    CV vs DD attacking advice

    Tip: DD try to use the “drifting technique “ to swing out from the bomb aiming reticle, so aim next to their ship on the opposite side of where they are turning for good hits. Dive bombers only need a few hits to deal lots of damage to DDs, and can break modules landing near them. Also if you are unable to use rocket planes very well against DDs you can make them a cruiser killer instead, and maybe equip the tiny Tim’s for that
  8. Boomer625

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Fort Cronkhite and the Townsley Battery
  9. Boomer625

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Tesla Model S Plaid - Ludicrous speed!
  10. Boomer625

    One Word Story

  11. Boomer625

    Forum Game - Word Association

  12. Boomer625

    Forum Game - Word Association

    1944 October 24-25_ Battle of Surigao Strait.html1944 October 24-25_ Battle of Surigao Strait.html Battle of Surigao Strait 1944 October 24-25_ Battle of Surigao Strait.html
  13. Boomer625

    Have you seen someone in game?

    I do remember seeing you two-three times in game, think both were COOP matches, and both of the times I was a CV grinding out missions at the time.