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  1. New_Horizontal

    CV Rework Feedback

    Want a fix? revert to 0.7.12 Done
  2. New_Horizontal

    Why Does COOP not Issue Achievents?

    That make little sense as I said, very easy to abuse.
  3. New_Horizontal

    Quick easy changes for WoWS - Add to the list

    Some qol i think we need - algorithm to spread mm evenly: -2+2 is fine as long as chance to be top tier, mid tier or bottom tier are equally distributed. - postpone CV rework: right now it look half baking and a lot need to be adjusted. - new game engine: the longer WG keep using big world engine, the worse UI problem has become. Lesta should ditch out the engine that already outdated and replace new one with new coding. - replay system that really work: no need to say current replay system is hot garbage and need to be reworked. - spectator mode in training room: with every details for spectator to see what player trying to do. - reworked ranked system: make it not entirely dependent on winning or losing alone and readjust xp earning accordingly. - mandatory tutorials: most player have no idea what to do because no proper guide hand-held them and lead to frustration of other players due to that. - STOP USING FLASH ON UI IN PORT PLEASE
  4. New_Horizontal

    Why Does COOP not Issue Achievents?

    Same as achievement in coop some trying to ask for. Pointless to have one if only for decorating
  5. New_Horizontal

    Why Does COOP not Issue Achievents?

    Why would coop need achievements? Its easy mode that requires almost no brain to play well. Last time that coop have achievement was when ovaltine captain event was up and I abused coop mode for reward like milking from the cow. So nope
  6. Now I legitmately wondering what are you doing in entire game. Number of base XP in loss game is way too low even loss in standard game. Something must be wrong on yojr part.
  7. New_Horizontal

    Soviet Battleships Tier III-VII (DevBlog)

    I saw some OCD triggering
  8. New_Horizontal

    "Lifting the Siege of Leningrad" missions

    Its a counter for the event. You are not suppose to complete it, or you will be charged for botting or account sharing.
  9. New_Horizontal

    Soviet Battleships Tier III-VII (DevBlog)

    Time to learn how to "slav squat"
  10. Its called place holder record for your leningrad event. It intended to not be completed, otherwise you will be charged for rigging or botting.
  11. New_Horizontal

    Power creep and Japanese DDs

    IJN DD main line can be very potent gunbote, I have my friend on asia play Yugumo and spec in gunbote build and has very succesful result with it. Many people thouht he is crazy which he is but he can pull this work just fine. He can even win a duel with cruisers with it.
  12. New_Horizontal

    Kaga at Tier VIII with 1944 Planes?

    Gameplay >> historical accuracy You cannot withstand t8 aa with t6 planes. Your planes gonna fall like firefly
  13. New_Horizontal

    Mercy rule needs to GO!

    Or you want wasting full 20 minutes every game when last ship alive refuse to do anything and only drag time even further. That would be boring to see 20 minutes every single game.
  14. New_Horizontal

    Mercy rule needs to GO!

    Well, just rush mid cap and get the most out of it and you will find so called mercy rule not a big deal at all
  15. New_Horizontal

    Mercy rule needs to GO!

    Yes but no cap kill all is only warranted when your team already ensured victory and when randoms pay much higher than coop does. I would want game to end as well if very last enemy alive decided that edge of the map is good place to hide and only waste more time of victory team. Otherwise, id gladly farm them if they decided to fight.