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  1. jpdillon510

    Favorite ship from the WW2 Pacific theater

    Shiratsuyu class destroyer Shigure. If you don't know her, go read her captain's book.
  2. jpdillon510

    The last ship of the Kaiser's Navy

    Shame really, the wiki on her says she was offered for salvation as a museum ship, but alas, no.
  3. jpdillon510

    The Derpiest Warships of the Battleship Era

    They even kept the Conning tower in place. I suspect in case of Kamikaze attacks, over 20 years in advance prepared? She really was a beast of the future
  4. jpdillon510

    Throwback Thursday - HMS Warspite

    Yeah, the US got to preserve so many of its fleet simply because we were mad rich at the end of the second world war. It's a shame, though, I think the US should've helped the other allied navy in such historical preservation efforts.
  5. jpdillon510

    What about the Kongo sisters of World of Warships?

    Indeed, the Kongo sisters were the workhorses of the Imperial fleet during the second world war. However, mostly the destroyers were busy taking all the hits for all the other ships. The utter loss and devastation of Japan's destroyer fleet in the second world war is insane, and yet they fought so hard and so bravely even though supplies, fuel, and updated technology or even basic repairs were in dire straits. All things considered, it's pretty amazing how well they stood up, especially considering ship classes like the Fubuki class were dangerously topheavy and structurally unsound during their first construction. I think WG should go back anyways like they did for the USS Cleaveland, and "redo" the artwork on the older japanese ships. The newer Akizuki and her tier IX and X evolutions look so much better than the older IJN ships, it really shows. In the meantime, maybe they fix Kongo-san?~
  6. jpdillon510

    The Derpiest Warships of the Battleship Era

    I like how someone was expected to land on this thing. But moving the funnels to the back, in the path of incoming landing aircraft. was the next and final alteration that had me laugh.
  7. jpdillon510

    What about the Kongo sisters of World of Warships?

    That's perfectly fine! I think they have a cool skin, being a person who watched the arpeggio series. I just think it's weird that they wouldn't take the time to remodel the ships at least a little, because they did so at least for the HSF Harekaze, giving her all three gun setups as in the anime, and the Musashi, giving her the updated bridge and reworking her secondary and Antiaircraft armament. My thing is that they can at least remodel the ingame line Kongo to better match her real-life counterpart.
  8. jpdillon510

    What about the Kongo sisters of World of Warships?

    Wow, Never owned Flint so I didn't even know her bridge was wrong. As for Leander, I didn't even realize that or Lexington, either. You're probably right, WG doesn't have a reason to really care. But it would be cool to see it changed someday.
  9. jpdillon510

    What about the Kongo sisters of World of Warships?

    Yeah, but the WG staff must've known better. My thought is why would they purposely mix the two up?
  10. So, I'm sure a lot of you may have noticed that by the time they sank, all the Kongo Fast Battleships looked pretty different from each other. After I had bought the Kongo a few months ago, though, I was sort of confused. You see, the Kongo looks like this... But the ingame Kongo looks like this! Should/could Wargaming fix this? I also saw some arpeggio ships still sailing around, and all of the Kongo sisters there are reskinned. Does it even matter to anyone? Personally, I would love to see our real Kongo.