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  1. Hemophilia

    Kitty Purrfurst #4 Code

    They were in the closed captions of much older videos, but now they are putting them under the (I) info icon in the upper right corner of the video.
  2. 4th Video Code: MEOWNIFICENTSHIP Have a great day.
  3. Hemophilia

    Daily Shipments

    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/halloween-scary-battles/ It does not start until October 31st - November 9
  4. Hemophilia

    They say there is a Bonus code in Video

    Whenever they put a code in one of the videos, you need to have closed captions on. At 2:10 in the video it says "Check the comments." The code is in Wargamings' comment as mentioned above ^
  5. Hemophilia


    Let the Chieftain answer your question:
  6. Hemophilia

    Confirmed eagles gave up

    Just got mine for today. I usually get it the first match after obtaining my first shark container. Other than the 100 tokens when 75 loyalty is reached, you supposedly get an achievement. Otherwise it makes no sense to stay on the team once you have maxed loyalty out.
  7. Hemophilia

    Fighting Fridays - Sharks or Eagles?

    I misread part of your post apologies.
  8. Hemophilia

    What to do with sharks tokens?

    The choice is yours honestly. Even if you don't like the camos, they are free T10 camos and the benefits they give are what matter the most. The exchange rate is 50,000 credits per token. If you exchange all 195 tokens you can get 9,750,000 credits. Plus whatever you get if you switch teams after maxing out loyalty and so forth If you exchange all 195 tokens for containers, you can get 39 containers for 17,550 coal, 39 special signals (random), and 195 (random) standard economic signals. Plus whatever you get if you switch teams after maxing out loyalty and so forth
  9. Hemophilia

    Fighting Fridays - Sharks or Eagles?

    Here is a video on how to get the most out of the event which was posted by wargaming staff (MrConway) on EU Forums:
  10. Hemophilia

    Fighting Fridays - Sharks or Eagles?

    Sharks. Ever since I started playing world of warships, I always wanted a shark camouflage and now there's one and free no less! Then of course there's Megalodon and this: Birds are not safe either lol:
  11. Hemophilia

    Go Navy Tokens

    You get tokens at milestones for loyalty. You get 5 tokens when you reach 3 loyalty, 15 tokens for 10 loyalty, 25 tokens for 25 loyalty, 50 tokens for 50 loyalty, and 100 tokens for 75 loyalty. Unless you are at one of those milestones you will not get tokens. For instance I have 22 loyalty right now; I will not get more tokens until I reach 25 loyalty.