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  1. Hemophilia

    Where Did the FrenchFlakes go?

    Yes, that event is over. If you hovered your mouse over one of the symbols of france icons while in port, it said that they were only available until 8/19. Also the 0.8.6 update notes state that they are only available during that that patch.
  2. Hemophilia

    Sync drops

    When I commented, the op had posted a picture (which they've removed now) with different clans in each team (some with a random) and complaining of 9 vs 3. Think the op changed the title of the post later as well. Otherwise I understand their complaint.
  3. Hemophilia

    Sync drops

    There are 4 teams of 3 people each....the fact that people decided to division up with their clanmates for the 3 people on their team is fine.
  4. Hemophilia

    Ship Coupon respawn changed...

    No, the same coupon that was supposed to renew on the 22nd, now renews on the 26th, so just pretend there never was a new coupon on the 22nd, so the new one comes out on the 26th
  5. Hemophilia

    Ship Coupon respawn changed...

    All they did was move the upcoming 6 month coupon back a few days (22 to now the 26) to coincide with the next update. There is no "other" special coupon; you did not miss out on anything. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/weekend-highlights-21-06-19/ Radar_X has already commented on this:
  6. Hemophilia

    Revenge of Flag o Rama

    Unless they changed it, you have to keep track of it. The same had to be done last time and people complained. Just checked and there is no mission for it, so I would say you have to keep track of it yourself.
  7. I would have to say the Russian Dasha Captain is my favorite. She is the face of wargaming, as far as videos go for the homepage. The picture of her is very clean, elegant, and her hair is styled nicely. She would make a great Russian captain with the Russian voice cues as well.
  8. Hemophilia

    Hunt for the Bismarck?

  9. Hemophilia

    Hunt for the Bismarck?

    They brought back the event May 24-28, so it is over now. You can still buy "The Hunt for Bismarck" containers in the armory for 5k coal for 5 containers to complete the collection and get the two Bismarck camos:
  10. Hemophilia

    Remember the 'Mericans - 27th - 3rd

    Can't get more American in this game than the USS Colorado.
  11. Hemophilia

    Collect the Ribbons - 13th - 20th

    Thank you for the camos and continuing these fun little competitions!
  12. Hemophilia

    The Kill Trio - 6th - 13th

    Thank you good sir for this competition.