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  1. DarthCitadel

    Match ending with no xp/crash to port

    Exactly the same now happened. Kutuzov...3 games in a row. Did not register money or XP Rewards after the first...DID register for the 2nd, did NOT register again for the 3rd.
  2. DarthCitadel

    JR (Jolly Rogers) are recruiting

    Bumpety bump
  3. DarthCitadel

    JR (Jolly Rogers) are recruiting

  4. DarthCitadel

    JR (Jolly Rogers) are recruiting

    How much of point 1 are you missing?
  5. DarthCitadel

    JR (Jolly Rogers) are recruiting

    We have been a long running clan that havent been recruiting in a while. We have the oil to upgrade our clan size to 50, but would want to get the personnel before we do so. We are reasonably relaxed. We take our clan battles seriously, but dont think of it as life or death. We do have some requirements though. Read through them and if you meet ALL of them, leave a message and we will be in contact. You must have a winrate of 52% or better (55% would be preferable, especially in T10 ships)) A minimum of 1000 battles Have at least 2 Tier 10 cruisers with a better than 50% winrate (if you dont meet this one precisely...its ok...we will look at numbers ourselves and determine if you would be a good fit) Be capable of being on Discord every time you play Warships (thus a microphone and headphones would be a prerequisite). Be willing to learn. Be the kind of person that can be diplomatic and attempt to get along with others Have an average damage output number of 50k plus We will invite you to our discord where we will division with you and see what you are about. This recruitment drive is aimed at getting our personnel up to a level where we can challenge for a spot in AT LEAST the Typhoon league.