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  1. Shadow_Wolf7

    Best Tech Tree Ships?

    Thank you, added your suggestions.
  2. Shadow_Wolf7

    Best Tech Tree Ships?

    I have the Charleston, but only because it's a premium you get initially. I have like 23 empty port slots but I just haven't found anything to fill those with. Which is why I started this page. I want to keep ships that are either fun or competitive to play so that it's worth me giving up a port slot and working on a captain. So far nothing below T5 seems that way. For example the Isokaze, I just got passed it and have unlocked the Hosho, Menegaze, and Mutsuki. So I was playing it for a while to unlock all 3 of those ships. Thought it was ok but nothing to right home about. Tbh really surprised me that people mentioned it.
  3. Shadow_Wolf7

    Best Tech Tree Ships?

    Added except for Isokaze as idk if people really keep ships below T5 in port? Added Added
  4. Shadow_Wolf7

    Best Tech Tree Ships?

    Thank you! Added the Lyon, not adding Tier 10's to this list as I assume players keep them regardless. Thanks, but not adding Tier 10's to this list as I assume players keep them regardless.
  5. Shadow_Wolf7

    Best Tech Tree Ships?

    Thank you all for your replies! Adding them now. As a side note I will not put any Tier 10 ships or premium ships on the list since you presumably will keep those regardless. See OP for some edits and update on ships.
  6. Shadow_Wolf7

    Best Tech Tree Ships?

    So I still consider myself relatively new to the game. I've only grinded up one line (Minotaur) and have the Jutland so almost 2 lines now. When I went up the Minotaur line I free xp'd my way through some ships to get to the Minotaur. I later regretted this as 1) I would have been better off spending more time at lower tiers learning the mechanics before being thrust into tier X matchmaking with the Mino that I truly didn't understand how to play, and 2) I missed out on some really nice ships that I would have really enjoyed, in particular, the Fiji that I now realize is an amazing light cruiser tier for tier and I so wish I would have spent the time to both grind the improved modules, spent the credits to maybe purchase some upgrades for it, and kept in it port to play for fun. So this made me wonder what tech tree ships are great and that the community would recommend spending the time to really enjoy and possibly keeping in port? The only one that comes to mind is the Bismark that appears to be enjoyed by a large amount of players and kept in the ports for many when they want to play some non tier X BB games. Knowing this helps me because I know not to free xp my way through the Bismark or try to save time or money by not getting the upgraded modules. I would love your input down below. I will create 2 categories below of ships that are highly recommended and ships that are somewhat recommended/depend on your playstyle. Hopefully this helps others as well. NOTE 1: This does not include premium ships or T10 ships as I assume that you will keep those/research those regardless NOTE 2: Please clarify which category you would put the ship you recommend under (highly recommended or somewhat recommended). Also feel free to discuss and disagree with someone else's choice which may make me move it to "somewhat recommended". Highly Recommended: Japanese Kongo - T5 BB Fuso - T6 BB Amagi - T8 BB Furitaka - T5 CA Mogami - T8 CA Minekaze - T5 DD Fubuki - T6 DD Shiratsuyu - T7 DD Akatsuki - T8 DD Kitekaze - T9 DD U.S. Colorado - T7 BB North Carolina - T8 BB Iowa - T9 BB Dallas - D6 CL Helena - T7 CL Pensacola - T6 CA Baltimore - T8 CA Fletcher - T9 DD USSR Izmail T6 BB Sinop - T7 BB Sovetsky Soyuz - T9 BB Budyonny - T6 CL Shchors - T7 CL Chapayev - T8 CL Dmitri Donskoi - T6 CA Podvoisky - T5 DD German Bayern - T6 BB Gneisenau - T7 BB Bismark - T8 BB Koenigsburg - T5 CA Nurnberg - T6 CA Yorck - T7 CA British King George V - T7 BB Fiji - T7 CL Leander - T6 CL Lightning - T8 DD Jutland - T9 DD French Lyon - T7 BB Alsace - T9 BB Charles Martel - T8 CA Le Fantasque - T7 DD Mogador - T8 DD Pan-Asian Gadja Mada - T8 DD Chung Mu - T8 DD Italy Amalfi - T8 CL Europe Ostergotland - T9 DD Somewhat Recommended/Depends on the Player/Not as good as others above: Japan Isokaze - T4 DD (low tier so maybe not worth it?) U.S. Clemson - T4 DD (low tier so maybe not worth it?) British Icarus - T6 DD (not as good as Lightning/Jutland tier for tier) Edinburgh - T8 CL (not as good as Leander or Fiji tier for tier) French Friant - T3 CA (low tier so maybe not worth it?)
  7. I participated in the event when the Italian cruisers came out and even have unlocked the T6. They don't seem to be that useful. SAP can be interesting but doesn't seem to be quite as consistent as I would like it to be. Now I understand that it seems like the line doesn't get really good until the T8-10 or so but looking at some review videos no one seemed overly impressed by them either. Don't get me wrong, they seem to be fun and different and I'd rather have something new than another Russian cruiser line I just don't seem to see them a lot in random battles making me think their not that great, but looking at some clan battle videos or other competitive modes they seem to be used at least a decent amount (more than I've seen in random battles it seems). All that to ask: is the Italian cruiser line and the Venezia decent, OP, or just gimmicks that you can have some fun in? Thanks!
  8. Shadow_Wolf7

    Containers Sold in Armory Questions

    Is there a way I can tell which ones can be completed through daily containers once started? I'm not going to spend thousands of coal to go through the American Cruisers collection just for cosmetic items but I am totally fine spending 1 thousand coal to start the collection and then finishing it through daily shipments.
  9. Shadow_Wolf7

    Containers Sold in Armory Questions

    Unfortunately not for all collections. You can check which ones by going into the collection and there will be a little switch that says something like "enable collecting items for this collection through daily shipments". The recent High School Fleet Collection worked that way for example but the others don't.
  10. Hi, I have been using my coal to buy containers in the armory lately. Specifically the "Dunkirk" and "Vive le France" containers for the unique commander rewards for completing their respective collections. After looking at the other collections and their rewards with the other containers offered in the store, such as the "American Cruisers" container that just gives cosmetic stuff like changing the color of your camo and being able to mount two flags they don't seem to be worth going for. Personally, I would rather spend my coal on some of the commanders for resources or getting a ship like the Thunderer or Salem that will improve the game for me. However, after some research it seems like containers like the "American Cruiser" containers and the "In the Service of the Motherland" containers had a small chance to give you a mission for a premium ship originally. This could be worth it for me since I am a free to play player but if I look at their description in the armory it doesn't mention this chance to drop a premium ship mission, just the camo, freeXP and other stuff. So my question is: do these containers still have a small chance to drop a mission for a premium ship or was that aspect removed when they where placed into the armory? I still am not going to prioritize getting them if they still have that chance since it's probably extremely small but would be nice to know for the future if I have some extra coal lying around and nothing else I'm interested in. Also, side question, anyone know if containers for the Italian collection will ever come out in the armory? I was like a couple items short of completing that collection but didn't quite make it.
  11. Shadow_Wolf7

    Questions about Worcester

    My first tier X that I got recently was the Mino and I have been loving the faster firing, low damage, stealthy nature of the ship even if you have no armor in it. I also got the Smolensk (the day before it was removed) and have really been loving that ship and sort of play it as an HE Mino. However, I'm trying to decide on my next cruiser line to go down and was thinking about grinding to the Worcester since it's the only other light cruiser currently and from what I understand it has the same sort of gameplay as the Mino and Smolensk but when I asked some teammates in a match (some who where playing the Worcester) they all said it wasn't worth it and acted like the Smolensk was just better. Was wondering if people that had unlocked it would give me their opinion on if it's worth it to grind to, and what the difference between it and the Smolensk? I know it has radar and no smoke but I can play the Mino if I want radar. I also understand that it has some amazing AA but I don't seem to be bothered that much by carriers in the Mino or Smolensk and they both have pretty good AA themselves. But on the other hand there are no other light cruisers in the game except the new Russion one that is replacing the Moskva which seems nice from the videos I've seen but could get nerfed before it comes out. Thoughts? Also as a side question, any premium ships or other lines that you would recommend if I am enjoying this play style? Atlanta? Flint?
  12. Hi, I am currently grinding my way down the German BB line (my first BB line). I chose the German BB line because I liked the idea of close quarter brawling rather than something like the Yamato or Republique that seem to be better suited for long range firepower. For this reason I am developing my captain and ship as secondary builds. Before the IFHE rework build 1 (see below) was recommended for a full secondary build. However as I understand it after the IFHE rework the IFHE skill is not necessary for the German BB secondaries due to their already good penetration? If this is true that frees up 4 points. Where should I put them? Should I get concealment expert? I haven't played through a BB line before but it doesn't seem like CE would be extremely useful in a BB because of it's already poor concealment and especially not good on German BB secondary build where your goal would be to get close enough to open up with your secondary batteries (without being reckless with you positioning). So therefore you are probably too close to your enemies to go undetected even if you had CE. But as I said this is my first BB line so I would welcome any comments about CE in general for battleships and how useful it is and also for this specific BB build. My current idea is to drop IFHE and get superintendent and expert marksman? The extra heal is always useful and expert marksman seems to be a good thing in all BB's but especially if you are in close ranges which you might get into in a German BB. Thanks for the comments and info in advance! Build 1: https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=1,9,18,23,26,28,33&ship=Battleship\ Build 2: https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=1,3,9,17,23,26,28&ship=Battleship
  13. Shadow_Wolf7

    Questions about captain retraining

    @Skpstr I've definitely done this today and it will let you go into a battle.
  14. As I understand it switching a captain from one ship to another requires retraining (as long as there is not a premium ship involved). You can do this using gold, a combination of credits and experience, or just experience. While the captain is retraining he won't gain any progress to his next skill point until retraining is complete. I also understand that during retraining the captains skills acquired are reduced by half except on skills like priority target that can't be reduced by half. However, you can also transfer a captain and when the game prompts you to retrain him you can click no and the captain does not enter the retraining phase (thus retaining his training for the last ship he was in) and stops earning skill progress altogether. I don't understand if this also incurs the 50% penalty on the captains skills since you are not retraining him? My situation is that if I have a 19 point captain in a tier 10 such as the Minotaur, and wanted to play a couple games in my Fiji the game prompts me to retrain my captain. However, I really don't care that my captain won't gain any new progress because he already has 19 points. I also don't want to retrain him because I am only going to play a couple games every once and a while and then will just put him back in the Mino afterward. So, what is the best option? Should I just train up a separate captain for my Fiji that will just have the exact same skill points as my Mino captain (which seems an enormous waste of time)? Should I put the captain in the Fiji and just not retrain him? As stated above: does this still incur the 50% skill penalty but at least I don't have to retrain? Thanks for the help. EDIT: To answer my own question it appears ALL skill are inactive while retraining OR if you don't retrain a captain and just transfer him into another ship thus requiring you to either train up a separate captain or retrain them for each ship you transfer them into each time which is a total bummer but I guess that's how WG makes money.
  15. Shadow_Wolf7

    Ranked Questions from beginner

    Yeah I figured that out lol. Love the Mino in random though and don't have anything else.