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  1. Noticed that the propellers are off on the Francesco Caracciolo in port. It looks like someone on the art/modeling team switched the offset on the inboard/outboard propellers.
  2. Idk if this is due to the addition of underwater environments for subs but ran aground earlier at a spot I consider significantly far enough away from an island. Not a huge deal but was really bothersome at the time.
  3. Same issue here, fixed by removing "Extended MiniCarousel" mod.
  4. Shadow_Wolf7

    Harugumo IFHE?

    You may have more BB's the higher MM you go but at T8 32mm let's you pen almost the entire BB at T9 less and by T10 it's only the bow and stern. So maybe more BB's but less area of the BB to pen with 32mm. IFHE was a 4pt skill before so it's this a buff to DD's to make it a 3pt skill now? Or are you just meaning the 50% reduction in fire chance?
  5. Shadow_Wolf7

    Harugumo IFHE?

    So I was wondering what the arguments are for and against taking IFHE on Harugumo? I do take IFHE on Akizuki currently as the bump to 32mm of pen allows you to pen almost everywhere on a lot of T8 BB's but this gets less and less useful the higher the MM becomes. By the time you get to Harugumo it only allows you to pen bow/stern of: Yamato, Shikishima, Vermont, Montana, Ohio, and does allow you to pen all of a Conqueror, Thunderer, Republique and Bourgogne. And of course, if you are lucky enough to be top tier it does help you more on T8 and T9 BB's. Generally I much prefer pen damage to fire chance. Fires can be nice, but it's annoying if RNG screws you over during a match and you only end up setting 2 fires or something stupid. But idk if it's worth it at T10. The other thing is that not taking IFHE does allow me to spend the points elsewhere and take "Main battery and AA specialist" which is a nice 5% boost to dpm as well as giving me a better fire chance without IFHE. So the real question becomes is the IFHE pen damage worth both the 50% nerf in fire chance and the 5% loss in dpm since you can't take "Main battery and AA specialist"? IFHE Build No IFHE build
  6. Shadow_Wolf7

    DD torpedo advice

    Thank you! I appreciate the advice and encouragement! I try to fire my torpedoes at the edge of my detection range to minimize travel time but this is often complicated by enemy DD's or radar. I do try to pop smoke and start firing which I think may be a mistake as that gives away my position so I am trying to stop that (as tempting as it may be to do so). Generally I'm trying to pick broadside targets but it is sometimes a struggle if you should let your torpedoes go at a non-ideal target or wait and see if a better target presents itself (which may never happen or maybe happens so long after that you could have had your torps reloaded by that time). Hope that explains my thought process. Thank you for the question! I do often send both racks at the same time. I'll try sending them more spaced out and see how I do. Thanks! Thank you for the very thorough answer! Really appreciate it!
  7. Shadow_Wolf7

    DD torpedo advice

    So I am struggling to be effective with my torpedoes when playing a DD. I have good games in DD's where I sink a couple ships do 100k damage etc. but I'd say that I'm lucky to get even 1 or 2 torpedo hits in a game. I've even played 2-3 games in a row without landing a single torpedo. I first experienced this while playing the Daring (my first T10 DD) which is more of a gun boat but has good torpedoes as well. Torpedoes felt so inconsistent that I worked my way up to a pure gunboat DD with the Harugumo line which I have found to be much more enjoyable and don't really feel the loss of a torpedo launcher with the reload booster and the fact that I can't seem to land torpedoes anyways. I know these DD's are more gun focused but it still feels like I shoot be hitting more targets with my torpedoes then that. Even with me having good games in these DD's I can't help but feel like I am missing out on a lot of damage potential by not using torpedoes effectively. It's not like I am not using my torpedoes, I try to launch them at appropriate targets, I don't purely rely on the torpedo indicator and try to predict if the target may turn out/in or slow down. It feels like regardless, I don't seem to get a lot of use out of them. I've tried watching videos of the DD's I play and see how other players are playing them, analyzing the decision they make and if I would have done the same thing. So now I'm asking the forums, any advice or videos you know about how to get the most out of torpedoes? Right now I'm trying to work up to the Halland in the hopes that playing a torpedo focused line will just give me experience but any good tactics, "does and don't s" of using torpedoes, etc. would be appreciated.
  8. Shadow_Wolf7

    Camo Filter

    So I am not sure if this is a bug or supposed to happen. I have a lot of the filters for camo turned on because I like to keep the ships looking historical. However, the filters don't apply to some of the camos I have on my ships. They apply to the obvious ones like the holloween camo and make it look historical but some of the others from events like a Christmas themed one or an huge flag camo pattern etc. don't change on my ships (although they do change on other players in game). Is this supposed to happen or is there a way to apply these filters to these camos as well. Kind of immersion breaking to see historical camos on everyone else and then my ship (if I want to get the benefits these camos provide) look non historical with some snowflake camo or something.
  9. So I am really confused as to why there have been no tweaks announced (as far as I can tell through reading announcements and the dev blog) to change anything from the commander skill rework. I'm not saying that there should be large changes like removing or adding skills so soon after the update as I would understand if WG wanted to get more data before changing anything major but thought that they would at least change some small things like values in skills or something. Seems weird to hear nothing when the entire forum since update 0.10 has been about the skill rework and changes players want made. I'm not saying everything players have been saying is true and should be done but certainly WG can admit some things need changed, so why no announced changes? Am I missing something, is WG just waiting for more data on the rework before announcing anything, or have they announced something on a stream or something I haven't seen?
  10. So the PM description says: "Reduces the risk of main turrets, torpedo tubes, steering gears, and engine becoming incapacitated" and the details say "Risk of modules becoming incapacitated -30%" but I still see people take this for their secondary batteries/AA guns. I've looked this up to get clarification and came across multiple older articles: here, here, and here that state that the secondary batteries/AA guns are not modulus and therefore don't get "incapacitated" they get destroyed and thus PM does not effect them. However, I still see people take it on secondary BB's for this purpose as recently as today in Sea Lord Mounbatten's video (see timestamp 8:24) and also asked on a Discord server where people swore that they have less secondaries/AA mounts go out when they have this skill but that seems to be hard to determine for certain without testing. So I was wondering if anyone can clarify/knows for certain? Thanks.
  11. Shadow_Wolf7

    Consumable enhancement vs. priority target

    Do you know if it stacks with radar system mod 1? If it does then your 40 sec DM radar turns into a 48 sec radar with radar system mod 1 and then the consumable enhancement skill adds 4.8 sec to that making your radar a 52.8 sec radar. Also on a DM isn't an extra 4 sec one extra salvo? If the time added by the skill wasn't enough for another salvo that's one thing, but this allows you (possibly) one more salvo.
  12. Shadow_Wolf7

    Consumable enhancement vs. priority target

    So you would take PT over grease the gears on a BB and PT over last stand on DD's or are you just saying you would make sure to take both of those tier 2 skills on those classes? Because if you decide to take two tier 2 skills that ties up a lot of your choices (not allowing you to take other tier 3 or 4 skills later) but at the same time grease the gears and last stand seem mandatory.
  13. Shadow_Wolf7

    Consumable enhancement vs. priority target

    Do you know if it stacks with radar system mod 1? If it does then your 40 sec DM radar turns into a 48 sec radar with radar system mod 1 and then the consumable enhancement skill adds 4.8 sec to that making your radar a 52.8 sec radar. Also on a DM isn't an extra 4 sec one extra salvo? If the time added by the skill wasn't enough for another salvo that's one thing, but this allows you (possibly) one more salvo. Idk if that would make it worth it but curious nonetheless. There is a good argument to be made that the destroyer is probably already dead, out of radar range, or hidden behind an island by the end of a normal 40-48 sec radar so the extension isn't worth it.
  14. Shadow_Wolf7

    Consumable enhancement vs. priority target

    So did you take it for all cruisers or just some? Also did you think it was still useful on BB's and DD's?
  15. I've been looking up what people are using on their cruisers with the new skills and it seems like someone either takes consumable enhancement or priority target as their 2 point skill. I get why priority target is nice (used it on all my cruiser builds before) but now that it's 2 points idk if it's worth it. Plus the majority of cruisers will benefit greatly from the consumable enhancement skill. The extra 10% to consumable action time seems really nice especially with those that benefit from it with multiple consumables (having either hydro+smoke or hydro+radar etc). But I still see people in a des moines or other cruiser pick PT instead of consumable enhancement. Maybe if you already have surveilince system mod 1 then you might not care for the extra radar time but I'd think the longer the better? Can anyone explain the thought process?