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  1. RyuuohD_NA

    IJN Hayate for 2M Free XP

    Clearly you're exaggerating numbers here.
  2. RyuuohD_NA

    Tired of paper ships

    "B-But muh American supremacy over fake Russian imaginary navy!!"
  3. RyuuohD_NA

    Tired of paper ships

    This exactly. Pretty funny how these "historical advocates" seem to ignore most of the arcade aspects of the game just to push their "Historical Ships Only" banner.
  4. RyuuohD_NA

    Update Hayate for Free XP

    Are you labeling me a WG shill? My signature refers to people screeching how many mechanics in the game is "OP" to their eyes, and yet it only shows their lesser understanding of game mechanics. Case to the point: DD mains complaining how "Radar is OP" or BBs complaining " Torps are OP"
  5. RyuuohD_NA

    Update Hayate for Free XP

    Are all of Shima's torp configurations have 2.5km detection?
  6. RyuuohD_NA

    Three CV changes that would make a difference

    What happened to the 3CV games in T4 that everyone's been whining about for months on end?
  7. Your "American freedom of speech rights" have no power in a privately-owned internet forum of a privately-owned game.
  8. Yes. People today are too pampered and sheltered in their safe spaces too much that when someone calls them that, their very thin skins get scratched up and they bawl and roll on the floor crying.
  9. RyuuohD_NA

    The coming Califailure: simple fix

    Nice try. Shilling to WG won't do you any good.
  10. RyuuohD_NA

    Another Fine Example of WG Balans Logic

    Because the playerbase has no access to those feedback channels and haven't seen the things only WG, the CCs and testers see. Since they havent seen those,they dont believe it. It's the "seeing is believing" idea. Because they haven't seen it, they'll believe whatever popular idea is there. And the popular idea happens to be the "WG dictatorship" everyone is believing.
  11. RyuuohD_NA

    CC's about to be censored?

    Because "WG is lying to our faces and only wants our money at the expense of everything else".
  12. RyuuohD_NA

    CC's about to be censored?

    And CCs will be able to make reviews about the ship about a week or two before its release date. They are only prohibited on making reviews on the ship prior to that time frame.
  13. RyuuohD_NA

    CC's about to be censored?

    This exactly.
  14. More like "real" chess players who campaigns for removing the queen from the game because it has unlimited range and rekts their poor pawns who can only move one step forward.
  15. RyuuohD_NA

    Why waiting times at low tiers are so high???

    And that was way back 2015-2016.