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  1. RyuuohD_NA

    Incentive to balance CVs

    Have you tried playing carriers yourself?
  2. Of the three armaments CVs have (rockets, bombers, torpedoes), two of them are relatively balanced, with only one being more oppressive, especially to low-HP ships like DDs, and that are the rockets. A suggestion I'll make for rocket plane adjustment is to make rockets take more time to prepare to attack, and at the same time decrease the attack window. This means that CV players have to start out further back to being their rocket attack run, and at the same time must predict the position of the enemy ship they wish to attack beforehand, since the lowered attack windows prevents last-minute adjustments to direction. For a starting baseline, say make it take 7 seconds for rocket reticle to go green after left click, and then have only 3 seconds for the green reticle to remain active, after which the attack run cancels. This way, DD player have more time to maneuver to a more favorable position to mitigate rocket damage and/or make the rocket attack miss completely, and at the same time, make using rockets more skillful as it requires a longer lead time and actual prediction of target position, much like aiming guns. What do you think of this? I'd like to tag some of the mods, but I don't know how to.
  3. I did the same way back last year with the CV rework and compared it to discrimination of minorities in a major world power. It didn't go well.
  4. Apparently iEarlGrey is back in WG. Does that count?
  5. WoWS playerbase: Reeeeeeeww HE spam cancur!!! Also WoWS playerbase: dakka dakka boats are more fun to play!!!
  6. RyuuohD_NA

    RN heavy cruisers least popular line?

    >WG releases OP line >players: REEEEEEE DEVS DOESN"T KNOW HOW TO BALANCE GAEM >WG releases balanced ship line >players: meh boring crap who wants to play with these
  7. Of course you have full reserves, you're a frigging unicum. You know how to manage planes and to strike the best targets at the best times. Are you suggesting that CVs should nerfhammered so hard that unicums like you should have depleted squadrons every match?
  8. RyuuohD_NA

    yashima is going to be broken

    What if Yashima's gimmick is that her shells cannot be bounced?
  9. RyuuohD_NA

    Another ship setting sail...

    Thanks for the hard work Fem! You'll always be remembered and appreciated!
  10. RyuuohD_NA

    AA Attrition vs CV Plane Attrition

    But the guy you're quoting is a unicum EU CV player, so that means he's correct, right? Just like all unicums are correct in all their opinions?
  11. RyuuohD_NA

    Is there Russian Bias by War Gaming?

    I've always been the "wait and see" type when it comes to new stuff in game, and so far it's doing me great. Remembering that British BBs originally had Missouri radar when they were first announced also helps.
  12. RyuuohD_NA

    Is there Russian Bias by War Gaming?

    The sheer amount of "Iowa is superior to Yamato" or "American DDs are the best in WWII" or "American cruisers should be superior than other nation's crusiers" threads just here in the forums alone says the contrary. I would like to link them here, but there's a forum rule that forbids necro-ing threads.
  13. RyuuohD_NA

    Is there Russian Bias by War Gaming?

    Funny you say that. I have seen many times in the past and not too long ago of players demanding that "USN SHIPS SHOULD BE THE BEST IN GAME BECAUSE WE WON WAR"
  14. RyuuohD_NA

    Is there Russian Bias by War Gaming?

    Remember the Red Scare? It's no surprise this forum hates Russian ships, Americans hate Russians since way back Cold War.
  15. RyuuohD_NA

    Is there a USN bias in this game

    Not until people accept that that "Britain is true hero of WWII" and "Americans are just lazy people claiming wins they didn't work for"