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  1. Subs will satisfy the DD mafia who want their ninja torp DD gameplay back.
  2. RyuuohD_NA

    Why is the game dying?

    The game has been dying since 2016. I wonder what kind of medicine it's taking that it's still living to this day. Same goes to WoT, people had declared it dead for so long that I think it's a zombie now.
  3. RyuuohD_NA

    Thoughts on battlecruiser matchmaking?

    The threads discouraging players to get the Missouri "because she's not a credit printer anymore" and is just a worse Iowa beg to differ.
  4. RyuuohD_NA

    ST 0.10.7, Changes to Commander Skills

    It always amuses me whenever they use cars as an example, it just screams boomer.
  5. RyuuohD_NA

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    When the former refuses to adapt and is now and obsolete dying franchise compared to the latter which embraced it
  6. RyuuohD_NA


    Last time this rant was hot, it was 2016 and IJN DDs were just nerfed
  7. RyuuohD_NA

    Say It Cant Be So

    So why didn't US wipe out the Japanese? Didn't one US general said a line that they'll fight "until the Japanese language is only spoken in hell"?
  8. RyuuohD_NA

    Say It Cant Be So

    Didn't stop the US from firebombing Japanese cities, which killed more civilians than the two atomic bombs combined.
  9. RyuuohD_NA

    Say It Cant Be So

    Is it even a disaster if the ones killed are on the "evil side"? There were no Americans in that ship.
  10. RyuuohD_NA

    A warning before you rush to get missouri

    Imagine still believing that the Missouri's accuracy got nerfed in 2021
  11. RyuuohD_NA

    Missouri is Coming Back

    When the commentary in this thread proves that players nowadays are only after ships for how broken they are (either in ship performance or credit earning) instead of the ship's historicity
  12. RyuuohD_NA

    Missouri is Coming Back

    Looks like someone didn't read the entire paragraph.
  13. RyuuohD_NA

    I hate it when CV , suicides himself.

    But if it's the CVs doing it it's OK if you ask all the anti-CV crowd here.
  14. RyuuohD_NA

    Tier 10 Russian CV

    Dude you're arguing against the CV GOD himself. He'll just rebutt all your statements with how awesome he is in CVs which makes all your arguments invalid
  15. You fail to mention how DDs are overpowered in console. Which makes me think this is what you imply to want in the first place.