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  1. RyuuohD_NA

    FWIW, You are Wrong About the CV Rework

    They're trying so hard to push their narratives that they forget to look into fine details that will overthrow what they're campaigning.
  2. RyuuohD_NA

    Santa Crate Saturday - Best Prize

    I got Perth from the medium crates.
  3. Just a heads up: Laying smoke for BBs as an offensive tool is no longer viable.
  4. RyuuohD_NA

    0.8.0 open beta grace period?

    Indeed. What I really find funny is that these people blow off their heads shouting "I refuse to become WG's lab rat", when you basically become one when you register into the game and start playing in the live servers.
  5. RyuuohD_NA

    Fixing the Shimakaze "Legendary Upgrade"

    Can you even try to comment anything without mentioning the word "radar" for once?
  6. RyuuohD_NA

    0.8.0 open beta grace period?

    Devs already said there will be free captain respecs in 0.8.0. They might throw in free module demounting and remounting and some more others. Why can't you have patience for a couple of weeks instead of blowing your heads off like everybody else who's losing their heads over this rework?
  7. RyuuohD_NA

    Human Commander vs High Point Captain

    bUt StAlinGrAd iS sO OP eVeN pOtAtoEs cAn gEt hiGh dAmaEg GaeMs iN iT
  8. Your "belief" that the devs are "dishonest" when they said LoS radar was tested and proved a failure is unsubstantiated too, no matter what big words you spout off.
  9. It's not yet set. Best guess would be 5 sec.
  10. You clearly believe you're smarter than the devs.
  11. RyuuohD_NA

    cv opt out

    Wow looks like someone is flailing like a headless chicken in the past few pages, desperate of letting people know how he hates the CV rework and is convincing everyone to do the same.
  12. RyuuohD_NA

    FWIW, You are Wrong About the CV Rework

    He's only concerned with "DD balance" when he means "making DDs OP like in CBT"
  13. Why don't you just gid gud playing DDs instead of spouting off your useless drivel here. Had you been improving your DD gameplay instead of weeping and gnashing your teeth about a single game mechanic, you would not have problems with it.