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  1. RyuuohD_NA

    Kyoto Animation set on fire by sick [edited]

    Highly unlikely. KoyAni has the best work environment among all Japanese animation studios.
  2. RyuuohD_NA

    CVs are a pain; I have THE solution

    This scrub obviously is one of those dumb anti-CV whiners who stopped playing before 0.8.5 and didn't realize that 0.8.5 practically killed off the CV population.
  3. I think this is a plausible guess.
  4. RyuuohD_NA

    How Did 8.5 Affect CVs?

    And where is this post you tout?
  5. RyuuohD_NA

    How Did 8.5 Affect CVs?

    better disingenuous than a shiptyperacist.
  6. RyuuohD_NA

    How Did 8.5 Affect CVs?

    WE have a prime example below:
  7. RyuuohD_NA

    Ark Royal Playtesting Memes & Quick Preview

    I know. It's sad that a KC collab will probably never happen. Nevertheless, I still like the AL collab we got.
  8. RyuuohD_NA

    Ark Royal Playtesting Memes & Quick Preview

    Try looking at Kancolle's Ark Royal. She's not a lolicon. Instead she's Bismarck-sexual. Also I prefer her visual design more than AL Ark. https://kancolle.fandom.com/wiki/Ark_Royal%2FGallery?file=Ark_Royal_Full.png
  9. RyuuohD_NA

    USS Ohio first look

    Why are you sad when it's a PATRIOTIC MURRICAN SHIP
  10. I have reached Rank 1 in Asia, and most of the games I see have Scharnorsts and Nelsons most of the time. I myself played the two to the fullest to rank out.
  11. So what's the problem with this? People already have complained that the game is already becoming stale because any new cruiser, BB or DD is just a rehash of whatever currently exist with a sprinkling of gimmick consumables. People already complained about the monotony of Russian BB who bow-tank better than other BBs, and French DDs that are just a Russian DDs 2.0. The truth is that many players, including unicums and CCs, have already used and abused the island-camping concealment meta too much to the point of stagnation. CVs have already existed since the beginning of the game, but due to poor handling, their population dropped too low that they became insignificant, which resulted in the island camping concealment meta and all that it entails. The game meta needs to be reevaluated for it to remain interesting, because so far ever since the early days of the game, this is the first time the game meta has been shook. And this is a good thing.
  12. Imagine if your cruisers, BBs and DDs have extremely short-ranged gun and torp range (say 2.5km range) that deal below 10k damage per barrel or torp each, but can remotely control their turrets and torp launchers to enemy ships. You can only control one turret or torpedo launcher at a time, but these turrets and torpedo launchers can travel 4-7 times the speed of your cruiser, BB or DD. However, enemy ships has an AI-controlled anti-turret and anti-torp-launcher mechanic that shoots down your turrets and torp launchers when trying to attack enemy ships. And these anti-turret and anti-torp launcher mechanic is very strong that you will only very seldomly get successful attack attempts each time. Oh, and if your turrets and torpedo launchers are destroyed, they go on cooldown per barrel and launcher. For example, Myoukou has 5 guns with 2 turrets each and four torpedo launchers with 3 torps each. Whenever you try to attack enemy ships with your turret, they will have a chance to destroy one or two of your turrets before you can attack, and that turret will go on cooldown while its two barrels are being repaired. Same goes for the torp launchers. If you play recklessly, you will arrive to a point where all your turrets and torp launchers are destroyed, and you do nothing but control your hull while you wait for them to be repaired, one at a time. If you can imagine this, then congratulations, you now have an idea what CV gameplay actually is. Way too many people here refuse to play CVs and remain in ignorance on how they work, so I used surface ship terms in describing it.
  13. RyuuohD_NA

    Hood: Buffed or Nerfed?

    Hood is fine now. Her DefAA isn't a meme now, and she has better accuracy.
  14. He may be secretly wanting WG to make American ships to be OP because MURRICA HISTORICALLY STRONK.
  15. RyuuohD_NA

    More REAL ships please

    Also, all battleships, even the high-tier ones, will have 6% main battery hit rate. How's that for realism