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  1. Server Issues

    At least the game had the decency to wait until after our Clan Battle was over to crash
  2. De Grasse is available in the Premium Shop, just sayin'.
  3. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    With bots having a 6th sense about incoming torpedos, DWTs lose some of their appeal in co-op. Where they really shine is against human opponents due to their short detectability, leaving them almost no time to react. However, PADDs do have long-duration smoke screens, which means as long as you don't get yolo-rushed by an enemy bot, you can sit back in perfect safety and farm damage with your guns.
  4. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    As long as you've got a teammate nearby to maintain vision on the enemy DD, in PADDs it's best to smoke up and whittle them down with your HE. Of course, if it's more than 1 bot DD gunning for you, this is a bit trickier. Sometimes it's better to turn and kite.
  5. Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    Bumping, because this thread somehow managed to slip all the way to page 3.
  6. I DID IT! I GOT THE INDY! And played a Random to get a 2600 mi crate. Also happened to unlock Myoko tonight :)
  7. Getting the first one or two is the hard part from what I've heard. The thing is, once a commander reaches 19 points, any commander XP they earn automatically becomes elite commander XP, which you can apply to any other commander of any nationality. So as you accumulate this elite commander XP, it becomes easier to get your other commanders up to that 19 point mark, and it snowballs from there.
  8. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    First match in the Fiji. I can see why people rave about this ship.
  9. Got four of my six wins tonight, I'll try and grab the other two tomorrow. In so doing, finished the Leander grind and bought the Fiji. From my first co-op match in her, I can why people like this ship so much.
  10. After 4 hapless matches in CAs, tried it with the Gnevny and got tonight's Indy mission in a T8 match to much to my surprise (the kill was a Baltimore who got stuck in A cap on Shards). Only 1 more mission to complete, and Indy is mine!
  11. Yes it does, though that wasn't always the case. Luckily the patch where the Nürnberg got 360° rear guns happened while I was still grinding it. In both Königsberg and Nürnberg, try to stay at range, wiggle that tush, and dakka-dakka. They both have paper armor and will take cits from BBs at almost any angle.
  12. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    But they won't shoot/torp you in smoke, unlike human opponents who'll blind fire or launch torps into smoke clouds.
  13. Queen Elizabeth Upgrade Advice

    I took MBM2 in slot 3 because holy hell those turrets are glacial. And yes, I have EM on my commander. I pretty much always take Rudder in slot 4 on my BBs, makes it easier to dodge torpedoes.
  14. Is the KGV worth it? Is it a keeper?

    Does the KGV's survivability get much better with the B-hull? I've been playing it stock in co-op while I re-train my commander, and it seems to take AP pens through the bow all the time. Its armor actually seems like a downgrade from the QE, which I found to be quite tanky.