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  1. Haifischkoeder

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    This is the first time I for certain got 1000 bxp in co-op (there was one Missouri game a couple years ago that I think may have broken 1k, but I forgot to grab that particular screen). This isn't even my highest-damage Tirpitz game, but I guess all the plane kills and the damage to higher-tier ships helped just enough.
  2. Haifischkoeder

    How do you Co-op players generate enough credits?

    Since the economy re-work a month or two ago, it's actually not to bad at T9 as long as you have a premium account. Once that change was implemented, I had no problems at the very least breaking even in my FdG, whereas before the change I was usually running in the red unless I had an outstanding match. Now T10 is the only tier where I worry about losing credits in co-op.
  3. Haifischkoeder

    Why is there no Solomon Islands map in Co-op?

    How much you enjoy Solomon Islands is extremely dependent on your ship class. If you're in a DD, it's a blast. For most CAs, the same. But if you're in a BB it can really suck. Most of the BBs at those tiers move at a pace that can be best described as "glacial." And if you've got nothing in range or LOS to shoot at and have to travel around one of those islands or to the other side of the map to find a target, that's the worst. Especially in co-op, where the pace of the matches is pretty fast and the battle is over almost before you even got into the fight.
  4. Haifischkoeder

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    83?! And here I thought I did well with 50 in my Bismarck (forgot to grab screenshot). Anyway, took Moskva out for a spin, and the red bots obligingly gave me their sides:
  5. Haifischkoeder

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    I had a bad feeling when I saw that I was the only BB and there were two DDs. I didn't feel any more optimistic when the Aoba died during the opening minutes. But the rest of the team did well, and we eked out a 4-star win (only got one of the CVs).
  6. Haifischkoeder

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    What would have been a 5-star win turned into a 0-star loss because our id10t Nürnberg decided he'd rather fart around up north instead of heading to the exit. Otherwise, I would have had a pretty nice match.
  7. Haifischkoeder

    Mercy Rule: how is the solution working out?

    The thing is, the co-op CVs are so bad that even if you have negligible AA, as long as you juke even a little bit they'll miss.
  8. Haifischkoeder

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Two more 200k games in Big Freddy
  9. Haifischkoeder

    Mercy Rule: how is the solution working out?

    So far I've enjoyed the change for the same reason many of you have: fewer games end by mercy rule, able to farm more damage, and more engaging overall. But more than that, I'm enjoying free premium consumables. Even in co-op, I'd usually run prem DCP and heal (if available). This meant from T8 on up, I was lucky to break even in a tech tree ship. Now even my tech tree T9s can net me a profit.
  10. Haifischkoeder

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    200k games are always fun
  11. Haifischkoeder

    Mercy Rule: how is the solution working out?

    It potentially helps you get plane kills, which is sometimes required for directives, not to mention extra XP. And while the green bot CVs are pretty bad, so are the red ones. Unless you're playing a DD, the enemy planes are little more than an annoyance.
  12. Haifischkoeder

    What is your most-played ship with a perfect win record?

    CV: N/A BB: Scharnhorst - 111 CA: Seattle - 90 (which prob won't go up much, since I just got Worcester tonight) DD: Gallant/Okhotnik (tied) - 52
  13. Haifischkoeder

    How are your ARP missions going?

    I've found the 203-armed German cruisers to be quite effective at setting fires, especially T8+.
  14. Haifischkoeder

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    5-star win:
  15. Haifischkoeder

    How are your ARP missions going?

    Just got the 2nd chain done for ARP Kongo. Ripped through the 10 wins in co-op, then one Narai run each with my Flint and Atlanta was enough to get me 400k damage.