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  1. Ewana__WV_

    PTS 0.10.8

  2. My 2 cents, if I were a PVP player and had 100 ships or more , I would try to keep my PVE side going strong and healthy.. All those EASY rewards, snow flakes, etc. are doable in PVE... Just think if you had to do them ALL in PVP... So, I will always support the the PVE Coop side of this game.. Let each have a good time at playing where we wish too..
  3. Ewana__WV_

    COOP is sooooo easy

    lmbo..... Great stuff here.... PVP players coming to PVE to get awards that they can't get in PVP..... Look at my stats, I can't play PVP .... yet... Not good enough for it.. Spent 1000 games in T1 just so I could hit something besides rocks.. Still learning... 2 yes 2 games in PVP with a 0 WR... Want me in PVP...? I WILL learn someday and maybe try it again.... Just have FUN and ENJOY the game... game.... game....
  4. Ewana__WV_

    Did they nerf the GZ's bombs and rockets again?

    By changing the long to wide, changes the attack on target.. Right into the enemies guns.. Long was less guns on you... Wide has every gun on that side aimed at you...
  5. Ewana__WV_


    I still can't hit anything but islands LOL... Tried sub's … I think the controls should be set to three settings, Surface, PD, and Deep Dive... Torps should only be fired at Surface and PD, not Deep Dive.. Ping thingy should go away and do manual lead, or the same as surface craft... maybe faster torps with the manual lead … My two cents anyway...
  6. Ewana__WV_

    Public Test of Update 0.9.4: Round 2

    New to TS, I've logged in and I see a Fleet of ship which I don't have in Home Port.. Will my Home Port ships be added or do I play these strange ones on TS.. IE.. Perth for one... Like I said, I am new at TS and looking forward to Subs and ASW.... Thank you..
  7. Ewana__WV_

    Submarines in 9.4? (May 2020)

    Guided torps… I want them for my other ships too.. They all should be the same.. Now we can torp behind an island and steer them the way we want them to go.. Be great for all ships to do that.. Hope they add HH and free sonar to the DD's to even them up...
  8. I hope they give the surface fleet a way to detect these things... Active and passive sonar for surface fleet would be nice.. Have radar why not sonar... Also what about heghog.. and letting me drop the charges.. and also looking for planes and trying to cap... Going to be fun...
  9. Ewana__WV_

    Display cases instead of port.

    I think the Mod pack has one called The Black Hole or something like that... The ship is one a black screen that you can zoom and rotate..
  10. Ewana__WV_

    WoWS Goals for 2019

    Well, I'd like to play more... Santa 17 and 18 with a few creates in between, I have a hand full of Ships all the way to Tier 8... I only started playing at Tier 3... lol I have 18 10pt captains but have only actually played to 6 pt captains …. Still having some problems with aiming but have been busy in training rooms... Tiers 4 - 8 are all nice and shinny and only the Sims have left port 1 time... So I guess I should get busy and see if I can get the rust off my newer Ships... 2- tier 8 5 tier 7 8 tier 6 3 tier 5 and a bunch of the lower Prems Santa, Santa, Santa.. Love that guy.... Have fun all..
  11. I see it this way... They try not to nerf a ship that you payed for... They changed the global settings in which you play it... Just like they nerfed all dd's with the radar settings... Global settings are easier to change then each ship... My two cents anyway...
  12. Ewana__WV_

    Hello Folks

    Hi CaptRummy, welcome aboard... Won't see me here much even though I'm here everyday.. (Just don't log in LOL) I burned out at WOTB also but found this game and enjoy it a whole lot more.. Right now I am playing mostly t2 to t3 and have ships to t7... The hardest part I find in this game is the drive to move up too fast.. Trying not to make the same mistakes I did in WOTB.. LOL Anyway, I find listening and watching others play on utube have helped a lot so far... Many players will give you some good advice, a few "bad Apples" are there too. Just play your best and enjoy.. Anyway, hope to see you on the water..
  13. Ewana__WV_

    Goals for 2018

    Hi all.. What I'd like to do this year is... 1. Finish my port.. Vampire, Blyskawic, Leningrad, and Kidd... 2. 19 pt. Captain (at least 1) LOL 3. Try playing in div. 4. Try to play good and try Clan Battles.. 5. Try PvP again.. I know that's not much, but turning 68 this month may slow me down, lololololl
  14. Ewana__WV_

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Hi all.. I am a retired old guy just starting to get into this game.. I also try NOT to play for numbers as I found out from WOTB that it took a lot of fun out of my gaming... I am trying to keep it nice and slow and enjoy the game as a game and not think about numbers... I have now 57 ships and I plan on a total fleet of 64 so far.. My highest tier is a lone Tiers 7... LOL … Most of my games now are in T1 with about 105 in T2 and 7 in T3... ..Slow right.. Am enjoying so far.. I am trying to keep it "fun" and not turn it into "work"... I watch a lot of videos on the ships I own from various players... Someday I might get to Tier 8 but not in no hurry.. If anyone wants to see my "stats", numbers, or whatever, they are open to see.. I try hard NOT to look at them.. My goal in all games is to stay alive and help my TEAM win.. Please feel free to give advice on my game play... I am still working on "hitting the barn door" … Anyway.. I am hear to have fun and enjoy my cool looking ships.. Have fun all....