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  1. Ewana__WV_

    Hello Folks

    Hi CaptRummy, welcome aboard... Won't see me here much even though I'm here everyday.. (Just don't log in LOL) I burned out at WOTB also but found this game and enjoy it a whole lot more.. Right now I am playing mostly t2 to t3 and have ships to t7... The hardest part I find in this game is the drive to move up too fast.. Trying not to make the same mistakes I did in WOTB.. LOL Anyway, I find listening and watching others play on utube have helped a lot so far... Many players will give you some good advice, a few "bad Apples" are there too. Just play your best and enjoy.. Anyway, hope to see you on the water..
  2. Ewana__WV_

    Goals for 2018

    Hi all.. What I'd like to do this year is... 1. Finish my port.. Vampire, Blyskawic, Leningrad, and Kidd... 2. 19 pt. Captain (at least 1) LOL 3. Try playing in div. 4. Try to play good and try Clan Battles.. 5. Try PvP again.. I know that's not much, but turning 68 this month may slow me down, lololololl
  3. Ewana__WV_

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Hi all.. I am a retired old guy just starting to get into this game.. I also try NOT to play for numbers as I found out from WOTB that it took a lot of fun out of my gaming... I am trying to keep it nice and slow and enjoy the game as a game and not think about numbers... I have now 57 ships and I plan on a total fleet of 64 so far.. My highest tier is a lone Tiers 7... LOL … Most of my games now are in T1 with about 105 in T2 and 7 in T3... ..Slow right.. Am enjoying so far.. I am trying to keep it "fun" and not turn it into "work"... I watch a lot of videos on the ships I own from various players... Someday I might get to Tier 8 but not in no hurry.. If anyone wants to see my "stats", numbers, or whatever, they are open to see.. I try hard NOT to look at them.. My goal in all games is to stay alive and help my TEAM win.. Please feel free to give advice on my game play... I am still working on "hitting the barn door" … Anyway.. I am hear to have fun and enjoy my cool looking ships.. Have fun all....