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  1. No one seems to remember that the coop play is also your new wave of new players coming into the game... Maybe the waiting time of the games will increase as you will lose some new players due to being abused trying to learn this game.. Just my thought anyway....
  2. Wow,, What next.... I take my own trash out, I don't dump it on some other yard... What next... if your not a 50% wr you can't play PVP above Tier 5.. ?
  3. The plans for attack on Pearl Harbor were drawn up Aug. 15th 1907.... I wonder what kind of fight that would have been... ?
  4. The real problem with CV's

    And the plans to attack Pearl Harbor were drawn up on Aug. 15th 1907..
  5. 4 years Army, the rest Navy.. Retired 91... Does that mean I'm old...? lol
  6. Sub Sims

    I have sh4 running in Windows 10 with all the extra/mods running just fine... Have sh3 and sh5, but like sh4 better...
  7. As a new player to his game, will this work BOTH ways... ???? Can I remove the 'Admiral' status or 'punish' the 'Admiral" for team losing the game..??? Just a thought.... I play the game as a game... Team work and trying to win is what I like to see... Do your best and enjoy the game without someone 'punishing' a player because he/she is NOT 'purple' or 'Admiral'... but if so, then make it Both ways.....
  8. How to Control your Win Rate

    +1 ... Now it is in my head, now to keep it there and use it is another story... May have to re-read this many times... Anyway, thank you for this info...
  9. A Heartfelt offer to newbies

    As a "newbie" with less than 500 battles, I myself say " THANK YOU, THANK YOU,THANK YOU." I do read these forums and watch a lot of videos.... I'm Retired, and I do enjoy gaming, going on 14 years with Steam.. So far I enjoy this game very much, training rooms with Bots is a great feature... I play mostly support and have turned "pink" once.. Got rid of that the same day.. Color pink and I don't get along... Play mostly in co-op for now.. Tier 1 and Tier 2.. WELL.. just letting you ALL know that at least one "newbie" is here and wished to thank you all for taking your time to offer the help, experience and sharing your knowledge of the ins and outs of this game.. Thank you.. My in-game and forum name is Ewana__WV_ .