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  1. Jaybirdslayergaming

    Possible reasons BCs aren’t their own class in-game?

    Seems to me that there just aren't enough battlecruisers to make matchmaking work. X: Stalingrad, Yoshino, Puerto Rico, Napoli (?). XI: Azuma, Siegfried, Agir, Alaska, Carnot (?). VIII: Borodino (?) Constellation (?). VII: Hood (?), Scharnhorst (?). VI: Repulse, Prinz Eitel Friedrich IMHO, it appears that if BCs were separated off of BBs, people who choose to play BCs might have much longer queue times. At low tiers, there are barely any battlecruisers that aren't already part of a battleship branch (WG probably won't be willing to rip ships like Gneisenau out of the main tech tree). At high tiers, most of the BCs are available for 1m FXP or a huge chunk of coal/steel. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Jaybirdslayergaming

    New here

    Welcome, and good luck in game! See you on the high seas! ;)
  3. Jaybirdslayergaming

    The outrage over subs. Why?

    I'm not so sure about the speed part... WG said that subs would have a speed of 20-30 knots. Example sub from real life - USS Barb, a Gato class submarine of WWII, made 23.5 knots (highest speed of any American Sub). So, WG wouldn't be buffing the sub's surface running speed too much. Then comes the underwater running speed. Boats like the Barb were built to run at 9 knots submerged in calm seas. If WG buffs submerged speed to 20-30 knots, yes that would be really crazy and over the top.
  4. Jaybirdslayergaming

    This was a real thing but prob impossible here

    Firing HE at a bow on target with forward turrets and then AP at a different target that is broadsiding would be cool, but I think it would be better just to focus on sinking vulnerable targets, and then switch to a different enemy once all the vulnerable opponents have been taken out.
  5. Jaybirdslayergaming

    This was a real thing but prob impossible here

    Sounds like a cool idea, but in most circumstances you will be shooting at a single target, and either HE or AP will be the best choice, instead of a mix. Even if WG were to add this, they would have to work out a whole system of which turret to fire when you click, because if you have one turret loaded with HE and one with AP, and you fire at the enemy, intending to fire AP from the rear turret, the forward HE turret might fire instead, or both turrets would fire, because there is no in game individual turret selection mechanic. The turrets just fire in order from bow to stern.
  6. Jaybirdslayergaming

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Om nom nom nom nom...
  7. Jaybirdslayergaming

    Tier X Somers Official Stats

    Well, the Somers will have eight 127 mm guns, so maybe the salvo damage could help make up for the slow reload. I just realized, Somers will be the tier X dd with the slowest reload, even slower than Shimakaze. LOL. But still, the broadside gun salvo is pretty good, only less than Khabarovsk, Harugumo, and Kleber (SOON), I think. Another let down, aside from the reload, aside from the gun reload, is the tiny health pool that Somers has compared to her counterparts. Some lower tier French and Soviet dds approach this ship's stock health values, meaning that in a gunfight, trading damage with other ships will be hard for her. Impossibru!
  8. Jaybirdslayergaming

    Is Gearing outdated?

    The American dd line is supposed to be a jack of all trades, master of none line of ships, though Gearing does excel at: -Knife fighting (faaaaaast turrets + good RoF) -Being a torp boat (especially with the long legged 16.5 km fish) -HE SPAAAAAMM (IFHE is good). Lobbing shells over islands is her specialty. Long duration smoke helps with this too. -Spotting enemy ships... -HP is actually pretty good. Gearing might even be able to tank two torps with Survivability expert. -Average speed and AA capability helps her keep up with the rest of the tier X dds. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Coming from a rookie player (1.2k games), this is just my two cents in the conversation.
  9. Jaybirdslayergaming

    Who have you seen in game

    So far for me, I've met Lord_Zath in his Izmail, and Lert in his Worcester. Man, did Lert do a good job of slaughtering our whole flank...
  10. Jaybirdslayergaming

    New boat

    Congratulations! o7 That is a goal which I hope to achieve someday!
  11. Jaybirdslayergaming

    Looking for Tashkent advice.

    So far, I've had a reasonable amount of fun along my first ever DD line, the Soviet line. I've made it to the Tashkent, and things are starting to get rough. I have asked my peers about how to play Soviet dds, and they all say the same thing, stay at long range, shoot, kite, and dodge. This is what I have been trying to do, and yet here I am, with 16k average damage and 273 PR. My biggest question in this post would probably be: What should I do to deal with enemy gunboat destroyers with better camo than I am, if there is only 1 dd per team, and I'm my team's dd? Essentially, what do I do if neither team has radar, and I'm up against, say, a Fletcher or a Kitakaze? One more thing. When I was new to this game, I didn't know much about captain skills, so up until now I have taken: Priority Target, Preventative Maintenance, Expert Loader, Incoming fire alert, Adrenaline Rush, Jack of all trades, Expert Marksman , Last Stand, and I think High Alert? I'm a free to play player, so I don't have any money to spare to resent this build (and I don't think free resets will be coming anytime soon). Any suggestions for what I should round out this set of skills with? I think if anyone answers this post, it would help with a lot of people grinding down this line. Lastly, I'm not a salty scrub whining about game mechanics. I'm just a newbie with about 1k games that needs help with playing the game. I've been a team player for all my time in this game, and all I want is some help. -Jay
  12. Jaybirdslayergaming

    100 Battle Project

    Good luck on your quest, comrade! o7
  13. Jaybirdslayergaming

    Caption the profile image above you.

    This thread is STILL going?!
  14. Jaybirdslayergaming

    Why do I get unsupporting Behavoir.

    As the in-game voice says... "Don't fire at your allies."
  15. Jaybirdslayergaming

    So are tier 10 CVs designed to not miss?

    Hmmm.... dive bombers. The enemy CV may have been slingshot dropping to survive your AA blob.