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  1. A clan with no morals doesn't know right from wrong. It was a clan that shouldn't have been allowed to be playing tonight.
  2. Missouri Advice

    It's either you grind out the free xp using bonuses and signal flags or you buy doubloons to convert.
  3. Yamamoto

    The classic "it was my teams fault we lost and not me!"
  4. Hold your horses, this isn't ALL they are offering for the holidays right now. Wait for 0.6.15 next week and they will have the goodies you're looking for.
  5. They did giveaway a free BB like two months ago
  6. People like you posting these unrelated comments is what makes threads get locked, just stop replying. Thank you.
  7. Uh who are you? It's not Salty, here's a hint: my first comment in this thread (Page 1)
  8. This is about the NA server, what you're talking about is a separate event that occurred on the Russian server I believe
  9. Shhh, don't give them clues
  10. It really is a shame they're doing this cowardly play. Gaming the system at it's finest.
  11. Looks like we need to re-add them back