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    Apply to Beta Test Submarines!

    The public test usually involves a certain tier of ship. Yes you can get up to T10 pretty quickly, but you may not want to, depending on your experience. The Super Testers, are people who go through a special application process, and are also at the top of the game. Beta Testers aren't quite at good, but can include Super Testers. It's easier to become a Beta Tester than a Super Tester. The Public Server is where you can try out what the Super Testers have tried out, and passed to the Beta Testers to try out. The Public Server is a good place to try out new ships and scenarios, as well as battles and maps. I may be a little off here, since it's been a 1 1/2 years since I last played. But I did get six kills on a T1 battle a couple of days ago...out of 8.Warming back up... Fair seas!
  2. I think that a Super Tester is someone that is invited to try out new things in the game before it actually goes to the Beta stage. The Beta stage occurs before it is actually put into the game. Therefore a Super Tester, comes before a Beta Tester. It's been so long since I played WoWs, I can't remember any of the Super Testers. I'm not even a Beta Tester, and I've played for over a year. I guess you aren't a Beta tester either. And you are way more advanced than I am. Fair seas!

  3. HSmobileunit1171

    Apply to Beta Test Submarines!

    I think that this is a wonderful idea! I dropped out of WoWs 1 1/2 years ago, because I thought that it was becoming too pay to play, along with the crazy difficulty on a new Scenario. I'm finally back, after a friend who kept up with the news, informed me that the long rumored Submarines were finally becoming a reality. I LOVE the idea! I know that it's not going to be an easy thing, including submarines into the WoWs game. BUT! The people at WoWs have the knowledge and expertise to get this done, as long as we give them a little help. There were many German, American, Japanese, British, and other submarines that accomplished mind boggling missions. Especially a couple of American subs in the Pacific (destroying a train, and navigating tens of miles of bays and rivers to sink many ships). I would love the chance to get used to these silent warriors, and work them into the game in a positive way! I also think that there needs to be a couple more Destroyers in each battle, just to handle the subs. Also, don't forget cavitation. The noise that a submarine makes if using too much thrust. It's a dead giveaway to a submarine, and can be a death sentence for it. Example-if a submarine is stalking a target, but is spotted, it tries to get away by submerging and going to full speed. This causes cavitation, or propeller noise. A dead giveaway to it's position. This is for those of you who don't already know about submarines...Thanks for the chance! Just remember, to be a submarine Captain, you have to be sneaky as heck, be a little reckless, and have a huge knowledge of your boat.