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  1. CV Rework Feedback

    Good job so far. I would consider lowering flooding damage for air dropped torpedos compared to ships torpedos. Sounds like a decent CV player can get 4 floods on each run. Overall though very promising.
  2. I try and use AP as much as possible but most times it's not worth it. Most players will automatically angle to any BB.
  3. Chaff? No. Please... No. (discussion)

    WG made a mistake of adding counters when they should have gone with buffs or nerfs.
  4. Mean and not accurate

    Nevermind, thought you were talking about Fox news.
  5. The Irony of PotatoVille

    There are several reasons this game is a poor candidate for competitive gaming but just the RNG alone is disqualifying. There's a reason League of Legends and Starcraft players play for millions of dollars in actual money instead of dozens of dollars of virtual currency. Also while I enjoy occasionally watching a WoWs tournament for the most part they are pretty static games. You probably still have a better chance of an exciting game in a Random, even though they are more rare now.
  6. The Irony of PotatoVille

    The player base is hopeless these days, they continue to get worse. I've cut back at least 90% on how much I play. I need to make it 100% and wait for WG to send me massive amounts of freebies to come back.
  7. I clean my coal and send it to trump.
  8. Will you keep Akizuki?

    No with the heals Khab has almost double the health of the Harugumo. It also has triple the armor and is 10 knots faster.
  9. Will you keep Akizuki?

    No idea why the Devs are purposely making these ships unplayable. Harugumo has roughly the same DPM as Khab but only a tiny fraction of the survivability.
  10. Will you keep Akizuki?

    I keep all my ships unless I find them deeply offensive (Izumo). Not sure I will ever play Akizuki again with all the nerfs it is getting but Harugumo is not looking too good imo. Most ships get a 50% increase in firepower from T8 to T10, Harugumo is only getting 25%. In exchange for that meager increase it gets saddled with a Battleship level turning radius, subpar speed, subpar rudder shift and still gets terrible AA.
  11. Rise of the Lemming....

    The biggest problem with this game has always been the players. All games have their share of mouth breathers and window lickers but something about F2P draws them in like flies.
  12. Huang He buff

    It's an odd duck, you have to look at the whole package. Great concealment, smoke, torpedoes on a fast reload and reload booster, good AA. If you're not using those assets you will feel very underpowered.
  13. Alsace is a beast

    Alsace is OP but probably not OP enough to survive the nerfs.
  14. Orion, Emile and Alsace are all strong enough to withstand a little nerf although it sounds like Alsace is getting over-nerfed. Is it really stronger than Missouri and Musashi??!!! I've not heard anything about Tirpitz getting nerfed.