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  1. I never can tell where i am on these missions. Is there an easy way to see your progress?
  2. I don't mind them in game but the rate is way too high.
  3. Everything can Cit at long range, HE is still the better choice in most situations. I do agree you need to switch when appropriate but there are still a LOT of BB players tanking bow on.
  4. I think a more egalitarian attitude is appropriate. DD players and Cruiser players have been equally stupid this weekend.
  5. It's simple you have to use AP for Cruisers and if there is no good Cruiser target and you end up shooting at a BB you've gimped your damage.
  6. Are you saying wallet warriors are a more skilled group? My guess would be a lot of them already had a lot of free XP. However anybody that really wanted a Conqueror should have one by now. USN ships unde rperform on the NA server compared to the rest of the world. Most likely explanation is USN ships are popular with the megapotatos on the NA server.
  7. To state the obvious the problem is broadsides against Cruisers are fleeting opportunities and if you have HE loaded the opportunity is gone by the time you switch.
  8. I think you need to take another look at the Yamato's armor and the Conqueror's armor. Conqueror is not supposed to be weak to alpha it is supposed to be weak to sustained fire which it most definitely is. While I agree with the concealment nerf I think it was too soon to nerf the repair party. That is only going to pigeonhole it more into the sit in back and farm play style.
  9. I'm going to amend this and say a small health buff would not be a bad idea.
  10. I think it was too early given the numbers of people that still have no clue how the ship works.Concealment nerf was good since that was obviously too good. The problem with the repair nerf is that further pigeonholes it into hanging out in back and never pushing. The people complaining before are still going to complain and the people players that did try and push will now be forced to play passive as well.
  11. The one thing I like about Tier 10 Clan battles is I am VERY interested to see which Battleship the top Clans take. P.S. My prediction is Conqueror will be buffed after Clan battles.
  12. I still die a lot because I aggressively support anybody that pushes. I noticed most BB players were doing it wrong almost immediately. BBs shouldn't get all the hate though because there are a LOT of Cruisers that will abandon you if somebody farts in their general direction. Paying more attention to the mini-map has helped but it has more to do with noticing when your team is abandoning you than it does general map position. I've had to be a little more cautious with the RN BBs but I've actually found myself playing the German BBs a lot now that I finally got to the Conqueror. I seem to have finally learned how to play the Scharnhorst too which is very welcome since it was always my favorite ship even though I couldn't play it very well.
  13. Your logic does not resemble our Earth logic.
  14. All that really matters is if people have a Tier 8 and Tier 10 of the same line which do they play. +2/-2 matchmaking is bad for the game.