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  1. It is mostly pointless to argue the historic accuracy of citadels, ships have to be somewhat balanced. The Premium seems somewhat balanced and the rest can be tweaked after release but it would be in everybody's best interest to avoid a huge nerf after release.
  2. I don't think the values are off enough to matter but WG isn't helping their case by allowing the Khabarovsk to remain in it's massively overpowered state. The Nikolai, hidden fire chance, Moskava, Kutuzov are debatable or at least excusable but the Kharabovsk is not.
  3. They take both because they have 19 point captains. They have never had to actually choose between them.
  4. Occasionally my teams come back with farming damage and giving up caps but it's a pretty low percentage. It relies on the other team screwing up and not protecting their lead.
  5. You rang?
  6. No I am saying it is nowhere as good on a 152mm-155mm Cruiser. Not even close. Not even in the same ballpark
  7. None of those are anywhere close as powerful as IFHE on a Cruiser.
  8. I'm fine with the lowering of a some US BB citadels but they seem to have gone way overboard with the British BB citadels. It seems almost everybody agrees most of these ships are OP. They need to get them a little closer to balanced so we don't have games of nothing but British BBs, followed by a huge nerf, followed by a river of tears.
  9. Both are good changes imo. IFHE values may need tweaking but it should be a choice now it's a no brainer.
  10. I haven't seen a correlation between score and contribution to winning. As has been pointed out some people refuse to take any risk so they can farm damage even if it means losing.
  11. Being a paper ship is ok. The problem with the Khab is it is Tier 14 and defies the laws of physics.
  12. This is exactly what was thinking yesterday. Time to buy that lottery ticket.
  13. It's amazing how quickly that can happen.
  14. Well that escalated quickly. As you probably noticed some of the ships are at least partially debatable but the Khabarovsk removes all doubt of Russian bias, plus the fact it has been allowed to remain massively OP for so long when any other country would have been nerfed long ago. P.S. If the HMS Conqueror is allowed to go live as is and remain overpowered for as long as the Khabarovsk I will retract all statements of Russian bias.
  15. Wait for more details. Some peoples panties are far too bunchable.