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  1. Premium Cruisers

    Nurnberg is one big citadel encased in glass. It is completely reliant on the map, spawn positions and the enemy being kind of enough to let you spam them from behind islands. There are a few red teamers charitable enough to cooperate but not enough to make playing the ship enjoyable.
  2. Leave queue

    There used to be a 10-15 second window to use Leave Queue, it is now around 0.00001 seconds. Is this change on purpose?
  3. Auto aiming or aim lock

    Also watch Notster video on aiming
  4. Remove CVs

    There is no DD that can cause his team to have a 25% win rate without team killing which is a bannable offense.
  5. Remove CVs

    My first instinct was this was a sync dropper but he/she/it has 13000 battles.
  6. Remove CVs

    No other ship could cause his team to have a 25% win rate over 270 battles. Midway 10 CV USA 270 25.93% 61,481 1,396 2.0 0.8 20.2 61% 0% 0% 610
  7. disappearing enemy

    Rendering bug. WG has acknowledged it but no estimate on a fix.
  8. Premium Cruisers

    I don't play them. And neither do you. I do own the Huang He but every reviewer says it is garbage and I believe them. Bad guns, bad torps, bad armor. Makarov is in 14th place out of 14 spots in win rate.
  9. The weekends, what can be done?

    This is easily fixable but it’s not really worth discussing when we already know WG is going to do nothing
  10. Is République a must have?

    I've had the Alsace for a while, great ship. So far I have had no interest the Republique.
  11. Premium Cruisers

    I didn't play much De Grasse until Operations. Now I feel gimped if I play anything else.
  12. Please NERF pan asian dd line

    Agreed. Also if you do have to bail you are able to access a new smoke much sooner.
  13. Please NERF pan asian dd line

    In addition to more charges PA DDs have a much shorter cool down. This may have been balanced before the smoke nerf but now that smoking teammates is less viable the PA smoke is much better due to the incredibly short cool down.
  14. Premium Cruisers

    They really need to fix the Cruisers they have first. The USN Cruiser split is taking forever. WG indicated they were going to buff Prinz Eugen and Hipper, that is long overdue and needs to happen asap.
  15. Premium Cruisers

    Huang He is bad. Makarov is not good.