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  1. CaptainTeddybear

    Returning Player: CV"s still ruining this game

    Why in the world would you come back? so many better and cheaper games out there.
  2. CaptainTeddybear

    What 1 vs 1 Ranked shows about CV's

    I think everybody already knew the fun police were broken.
  3. CaptainTeddybear

    Ranked 1v1 is a success.

    Play whatever you want, you can’t lose a star. personally I think brawling is very fun and it’s nice that the brawl ships get a chance to shine. Lessons learned for this season should be that the save-a-Star mechanic is very bad from an enjoyment perspective and not being able to lose a star enables people to play for maximum fun instead of grinding.
  4. DDs will always suck in a game with rocket bombers. play a different ship or play a different game.
  5. buffs weren’t big but they weren’t token either. the real issue is CV’s make DDs irrelevant.
  6. Shima has gotten buffs. Z-52 needs buffs because radar and CVs has made it’s smoke+hydro trick obsolete.
  7. CaptainTeddybear

    The best use for Admiral Yamamoto

    The most important benefit is the turret traverse since IJN has absurdly slow turrets. however the Kremlin makes Yamato obsolete and Carriers make the Zao obsolete. at this point I’d go with Kitakaze because when you do manage a Kraken the rate of fire willl be insane.
  8. CaptainTeddybear

    iChase.. opens the door.. to leave?

    Unique upgrades being moved to Research Bureau? unbelieable. when someone shows you who they are believe them the first time.
  9. It’s fine if a T 10 cruiser is not free. What is not fine: The prices are outrageous It is a mediocre Cruiser at best it was referred to as a Christmas gift for the community The prices and directives changed massively from the PTS WG asked CCs for more reviews of the PR without telling them those values were placeholders WG should not put out massive grinds during the Christmas holidays
  10. CaptainTeddybear

    Why does this game have aircraft carriers?

  11. I don’t advocate TKs but you are not blameless if you are being an enabler.
  12. CaptainTeddybear

    WG PR division has me like

    I could tell things were headed this direction after the CV rework. when they discontinued free Captain res-ecstatics even though CV were still getting huge changes that was strike 2. the last straw 3as CVS will automitaclly get buffs if player numbers drop even if they are balanced. Strike 3. Bonus - They announce they are serious about subs and the Smolensk is being released as is. Strikes 4 and 5
  13. CaptainTeddybear

    The Church of Hindenburg

    AA nerfs kinda killed cruisers for me except Henri. Respectable AA and you can dodge so much damage that you can stay alive even if the CV focuses you.
  14. This thread is still going on? Guess I will have to state the obvious. NGAGE won Clan battles not that long ago, that’s why their name was on the loading screen. superunicums don’t whine about getting bullied. ‘Be less gullible.
  15. CaptainTeddybear

    How is the actual Puerto Rico ?

    If you want 12 guns with BB dispersion play the Montana. If you want 300mm guns with Cruiser dispersion play the Alaska. PR is worst of both worlds. It would be a mediocre ship even if it was actually free. I realize WG has to pay their art Dept for all that work but I’m amazed this pricing scheme could somehow get the green light. if it was actually a good ship then maybe.