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  1. CaptainTeddybear

    Full Georgia secondary build ?

    Those points weren't really valid. You can get everything except the Slot 6 secondary reload without taking anything away from the main guns or fire prevention.
  2. CaptainTeddybear

    Why is the montana so bad

    There has been some powercreep at Tier 10 with the ridiculously good guns on the Kremlin and Republique but Montana is still an excellent ship.
  3. CaptainTeddybear

    Does the Z-39 Do Well in Narai?

    It's not the boat, it's the player. DDs are fine in any Operation that has a heal.
  4. CaptainTeddybear

    Coal ship Conundrum: What Would You Do? (Resolved)

    I had to choose between JB, Yoshino and Georgia and went with the Georgia. I'm still happy with my decision.
  5. CaptainTeddybear

    Full Georgia secondary build ?

    You can get AFT, Manual Secondaries and Fire Prevention by not taking Concealment and choosing between BFT and Superintendent. I prefer BFT.
  6. CaptainTeddybear

    Full Georgia secondary build ?

    Don't go full secondaries, the main guns are too good. However thanks to the US having their dispersion mod in slot 6 you can still go very heavy into both secondaries and fire prevention without detracting from the main guns.
  7. CaptainTeddybear

    More and More Passive...

    Plus fluoridation.
  8. CaptainTeddybear

    Having Played my Yoshino A Bit

    I've had Yoshinos take pretty big chucks out of my bow in Stalingrad. I thought they had forgotten to change ammo when the shells were in the air. The AP is much better than it's reputation. I'm not interested in the Yoshino but not because I don't think it's a good ship. I think it is very formidable, but I don't care for the play style.
  9. CaptainTeddybear

    Why most people like BBs?

    I like everything but CVs. I pick BB if I just want to relax since Cruisers and DDs require you to pay more attention.
  10. CaptainTeddybear

    The CV nerf was a indirect nerf of American ships.

    It would be awesome if US ships could not spec into AA and still be avoided by CVs. On wait, they can!
  11. CaptainTeddybear

    Stalin is stronk my new dmg record !

    All teams are potato teams these days. Your right though, to get really high numbers you need a mega potato team.
  12. CaptainTeddybear

    Oh come on WG!

    IJN really needs their Unique commanders. Increased turret traverse is pretty much a given since so far the Unique commanders get that skill if the Legendary has it. Japanese have the worst traverse in the game effecting every line. The practical implications of this are I can either play Japanese Battleships or Japanese Cruisers since both are too painful without the increased turret traverse. I switched Yamamoto from the Zao to Yamato for 8.0 and I have not played the Zao since.
  13. CaptainTeddybear

    Oh come on WG!

    Yep the Jutland boys are terrible. The only unique commanders where I didn't get the twin. I don't even use the one I do have. That's no reason to screw IJN though. Their Navy was years ahead of everybody else when the war started.
  14. CaptainTeddybear

    Oh come on WG!

    A French Legendary commander in 8.7? They already have the 2 best special commanders. Where are the Japanese commanders??? The Japanese had a pretty good navy during WW2.
  15. WGreally should not let those Kiosks into Randoms.