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  1. CaptainTeddybear

    CV imbalance

  2. CaptainTeddybear

    Minotaur Advice?

    Smoke firing, radar proliferation and AA nerf have made the Minotaur obsolete.
  3. CaptainTeddybear

    Whats the point of AA again?

    The purpose of AA is to get good players to quit to make room for new players.
  4. DDs are the best line but CVs ruined that. The BBs are good but HE spam can get boring. The Fiji is amazing but the rest of the CLs are meh.
  5. CaptainTeddybear

    Mouse Needs Your Help (Crowdsourcing 2 the Twirling Boogaloo)

    I regret to inform you that the majority of wows players only sail in straight lines.
  6. CaptainTeddybear

    Flamu extremely happy with Kremlin nerf!

    It’s tough pick what the most OP thing about the Kremlin is but it wasn’t the AA. More health than a GK. Maneuvers better than some Cruisers. Massive armor. Insane penetration. Soviet damage control. Kuznetsov ‘However it is certainly fun to play a T10 Nikolai.
  7. CaptainTeddybear

    Time to say goodbye

    You had more patience than I did. I had been looking for a Naval game for years but unfortunately was unaware of this one until shortly before the 6.3 OWSF fix. i consider 6.3 to 8.0 the Golden Age so I’m thankful I got to play then but wish I had started earlier since I did not get all the ships until 7.9. The 8.1 AA buff gave me some hope but then came 8.2 followed by an avalanche of badness. More CV buffs, Smolensk released with no nerfs, WG announcing they aren’t joking about submarines, the Research Bureau with OP rewards for absurd grinding or $$$ and finally the announcement that they will buff CVs as much as necessary to keep people playing them. Games had already gotten bad and it was clear gameplay was no longer a factor when compared to money. Of all the words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, what might have been.
  8. CaptainTeddybear

    I$ thi$ game $pinning out of control?

    They have a patent on this. But just because they patented it doesn’t mean they actually do it, right?
  9. CaptainTeddybear

    I$ thi$ game $pinning out of control?

    Is??? Surely you meant when. A better question would be when was this game good? Imo from the Invisifire fix to the CV rework.
  10. CaptainTeddybear

    Returning Player: CV"s still ruining this game

    Why in the world would you come back? so many better and cheaper games out there.
  11. CaptainTeddybear

    What 1 vs 1 Ranked shows about CV's

    I think everybody already knew the fun police were broken.
  12. CaptainTeddybear

    Ranked 1v1 is a success.

    Play whatever you want, you can’t lose a star. personally I think brawling is very fun and it’s nice that the brawl ships get a chance to shine. Lessons learned for this season should be that the save-a-Star mechanic is very bad from an enjoyment perspective and not being able to lose a star enables people to play for maximum fun instead of grinding.
  13. DDs will always suck in a game with rocket bombers. play a different ship or play a different game.