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  1. I disagree. the line shouldn't just stop at Akizuki. That is an insult to every player that pusued that line. Most Tier 10 ships are paper ships and ALL the Russian T10s are paper. Plus the Akizuki is the ultimate example of why they shouldn't release partial lines. Because they don't get finished.
  2. Damage control party modification 1

    Does the 40% only apply to immunity or will it increase the amount repaired?
  3. This is why CV's make this game suck

    Textbook CV blowout today. 600 WTR Midway vs 1750 WTR Midway. A lot of people won't put up with this kind of nonsense. I recruited 2 new players this week. They won't stick around if this isn't fixed.
  4. The American Destroyer 'Mayhem'

    Dark Star! A classic.
  5. My WoWS Christmas List

    Those Halloween Camos are butt ugly
  6. There are other uses. Whenever I am on a DD I always wish I knew which ships to spot for.
  7. Duke of Yuck no longer

    The old DoY was unique but after a week it would have been a port queen.
  8. When will the Santa Boxes go on sale?

    That is the key, wait for some reviews. I am skeptical about this years Crates due to Thanksgiving.
  9. This is why CV's make this game suck

    No you can absolutely defend against torpedos in a BB. You might eat one occasionally but you will never get insta-deleted if you are playing correctly.
  10. This is why CV's make this game suck

    Then why even post? Try dodging a good Midway player before you tell other people how to play.
  11. This is why CV's make this game suck

    Midway laughs at Kutuzov and New Orleans
  12. New Computer Advice

    I drop to 50 fps in carrier games with a 1070. With a 1050 I would drop a lot lower than that. 1070 is 2x-3x faster than 1050. https://www.notebookcheck.net/Mobile-NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-1070-Laptop.169549.0.html https://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-1050-Notebook.178614.0.html
  13. New Computer Advice

    Spend a little extra for a 1070. You can cut money from the other components they aren't nearly as important.
  14. Suggestion: Prime time +/- 0 Matchmaking

    I disagree, +2/-2 MM makes the overmatch mechanic ridiculously broken.