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  1. CaptainTeddybear

    Any chance of another Unique IJN Commander?

    I don't think Pan-Asia qualifies for major yet with just the 1 line. Japan and US both have 4 lines, Germany and UK 3, Russia and France 2. Considering the IJN DD line splits after Tier 4 you could really say they have 5 lines. US actually has 4 Improved Commanders because it can use one of the Ovechkins. I definitely agree IJN should have more Unique Commanders.
  2. CaptainTeddybear

    Narai Operation

    I preferred the original version of this Operation.
  3. CaptainTeddybear

    Premium Ship Review #116: Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    Saying it is free is not accurate, the ship was and is for sale. However there is nothing wrong with this ship. If you are using her Speed, AA and Secondaries she is an excellent choice. If I were to play T6 randoms I doubt I would choose her, especially since I just played it so much. I have other T6 ships I have played far less that deserve a turn. PEF is an excellent choice for T6 Operations since most have CVs and it is less risky to get in secondary range of enemy DDs.
  4. CaptainTeddybear

    Large Cruisers Legendary mods? 8.0

    Why are people even discussing this? Premiums don't get legendary upgrades. Ask the Salem.
  5. CaptainTeddybear


    The range is truly absurd. How do shells that are so fast just all the sudden drop out of the air? At 18.12km they penetrate 388mm and at 18.13km they drop into the ocean.
  6. CaptainTeddybear

    Izumo - Worth the Grind?

    Does it really matter? You have to grind her to get to Yamato. Is Yamato worth it? Yes
  7. CaptainTeddybear

    Which premium destroyer would you recommend?

    T-61 Z-39 Leningrad Might want to wait until the CV rework. That may put Kidd at the top of the list by a wide margin.
  8. CaptainTeddybear

    Let’s make Azuma available for Coal

    Let's is the contraction for "let us" and I don't think there is an us in this decision.
  9. CaptainTeddybear

    Neptunes and Minotaurs completely gone

    Compare the citadels of the Minotaur and Worcester.
  10. CaptainTeddybear

    Discussion of +1/-1MM

    They could implement it just during high traffic hours with little to no impact on queue times but honestly the level of skill has degenerated so much that it has become a much bigger issue than uptiering.
  11. CaptainTeddybear

    Tier 8 premium BB: Hood, Vanguard, Rome, or Alabama?

    I'd say Alabama is a little stronger, especially if you factor in the AA. Roma is by far the most fun.
  12. CaptainTeddybear

    Let’s make Azuma available for Coal

    I thought that but it actually plays quite differently, or at least i play it much differently.
  13. CaptainTeddybear

    Tier 9 BB for Arms Race Ranked

    Jutland, Black, Kitakaze.
  14. Like what? Abruzzi seems quite strong to me. Not quite as strong as the Boise but better gun arcs and maneuverability make it more fun to play.
  15. CaptainTeddybear

    Premium Ship Review #107: Boise

    I got this in one of the Santa crates from the PEF missions, it seems pretty strong to me. The gun arcs can be quite annoying but the heal more than makes up for it. This has replaced Atlanta as my go to ship for T7 Operations and it's a perfect match with the Worcester captain. Rate of Fire is slow compared to Atlanta but her shells don't achieve orbit either. I haven't played many T7 randoms as of late but I think this ship would do pretty well in a T7 ranked. Not as well as a Cruiser that has both smoke and radar but it would have to be blatantly OP to achieve that.