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    And people complain about younger generations being snowflakes, stay coping my dude Well done! Well done! Well done! You are spamming quick command chats too quickly You are spamming quick command chats too quickly You are spamming quick command chats too quickly Well done! Well done! Well done!
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    Contest: Spooktacular Ship Stories

    DÄMMERUNG The water was barely audible, especially now that they had submerged. Kapitäleutnant Wohlfahrt had been speaking seldom, instead staring at the periscope absentmindedly, and the entire crew felt tired and worn out because of the extended recon session. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, to stay underwater… but this day was a perilous one, yet not to U556. The U-Boot was trailing none other than Bismarck, the Iron Battleship that had lent them a hand once before and yet… they were powerless, encased in a steel pill incapable to fully protect their “big brother”. It was still past midnight and after a round of screaming and sometimes banging the nearby wall, the Kapitäleutnant assumed his current position, muttering every once in a while. The rest of the crew, although not as upset, remained alert. They could still see the star shells being fired and the flashes from Bismarck’s main battery guns, so he was still fighting against the Royal Navy, all alone now… and that only made things worse. The hours passed, uncomfortable, tired, and anxious. Everything felt like the ticking of an extra loud clock. It continued to take a toll on the crew until everything on the surface grinded into a sudden halt in an instant. They heard nothing. There was seemingly nothing above. It was 2:36 in the morning and, starting to head back into occupied France, the stress caused by the on-going battle was replaced with the uneasiness of the eerie silence that instantly succeeded it. One of the crewmates, rubbing his eyes, breaks the silence. Something’s sinking fast up head. Wohlfahrt was evidently confused. “Bismarck is right behind us.” “It can’t be him then.” The sonar operator retorts. “Who is it then?” “How am I supposed to know-“ He jumps and turns back to the sonar. Whatever it was, it hit the rocky bottom of the sea quickly. Everyone’s eyes are set on Leutnant zur See Luther, who continues to nervously update them. “Another one… and another one… there’s three, nein, four. They are sinking quickly. The sonar is a mess.” “D-don’t surface.” Wohlfahrt’s mental state is not in the right place for this sort of situation. “But, Kapi-“ “There’s…. no way, that whatever is sinking them is Bismarck. They must have run out of ammunition from the main guns anyways, and the German fleet is not coming to his rescue when the entire damned Royal Navy is after him.” The Crew does not protest until someone back in the room dares up to speak. “I’ve heard that… uhm… when he was commissioned, the SS came to do something on it, to make it “invincible”, so to speak. I thought it was pretty stupid, and I don’t like those fanatics, but… what IF they did-“ “Silence.” Wohlfahrt sits back on his chair, deep in thought. “Slow down, we’re following him.” “We’re almost out of fuel!” Someone dares question his judgement. His hands are shaking and he’s ghastly pale, but he doesn’t stutter. “We need to know what we’re facing. Slow down, let him pass under us… and then we’ll surface up to see what happened. Hopefully this is just… a big mistake, or maybe Bismarck really is the King of the Seas. Get to work, crew.” Wohlfahrt stands up and walks to the back of the submarine, leaving the crew murmuring but also cooperating, perhaps in an uneasy spot where his decisions are merely judged silently. It’s 4am and nothing has changed save by the fact that the ship they have identified as “Bismarck” is ahead of them. Wohlfahrt has been seen walking back and forth, much to the crew’s dismay. He finally sits down on his chair and gives the order to surface. The other members look at each other and then nod. “Surfacing.” The submarine slowly comes about to the surface of the rough waves, at periscope depth. Wohlfahrt stands up and gazes into it, turning it around until he can finally spot Bismarck. The man visibly vibrates. He gulps and steps back. “What is it?” The questions are asked but no response is provided. He simply moves back, another step and then mutters something. “He… burns, still. He’s still fighting.” The next one to look at the periscope is Luther, who is less shocked but also more terrified. “Didn’t you see it? It was moving.” “Of cooourse it was moving, It’s a ship!” Someone is quick to rebuke him. “No, no! It’s… superstructure. Come take a look at it.” Not all of them are brave enough to stand up to the challenge. Two do stare at the periscope. One of them turns around and instantly goes back to his station. “It’s heading back to Brest, what do we do? Can we contact anyone?” “Bismarck is NOT an IT, it’s a He-“ “Not anymore.” “N-not anymore…” Wohlfahrt sat down on his chair before straightening himself out. “Let’s try and contact U-72 and one of our Wolfpacks. We need more witnesses; we need more people to make sure we aren’t actually imagining things-“ “WHAT WE SAW IS REAL!” Luther hollers and his voice echoes to the back of the sub, attracting the rest of the crew’s attention. “What is it?” “It’s Bismarck. See for yourself.” No one looks in save for the person who asked. “It’s… shining and burning. I think… I think I saw something move right above the funnel.” He rubs his chin with his palm, downwards, then leaning back. “How many torpedoes do we have? Two, maybe three?” “Two.” Someone from the Loading Bay replies. “Kapitän, your orders.” Wohlfahrt had remained silent and looking ahead. “We can’t let it reach France. Gott knows, this has the potential to be catastrophic. Let’s… try and take it down.” Something rumbles outside, two shells grazing the periscope of the little submarine. Luther stares back into the periscope and then backs out quickly, shutting it off. “Dive, Dive, DIVE!” He screams and someone starts moving down. “It knows, IT KNOWS! It… it had an eye that was looking at me. It stared, and it knows.” There’s an awfully large moment of silence before someone comments on their current predicament. “L-let’s… hit it twice and contact a wolfpa-“ Another screech echoes in the sonar and Luther subsequently tosses the ear piece into the corner of the room, kneeling down in pain. “GOTTVERDAMMT!” It had stopped now, and they were heading right underneath the Beast’s belly. Something stops the submarine right below the battleship, and it begins to constrict the submarine. The metal bends and creaks while something slimy and clearly organic begins to painstakingly strangle the little submarine. “It’s got us now!” “What do we do?!” “Ernst, es t-tut mir leid…” Wohlfart mutters and then stands up. „Load the torpedoes in the front loading bays, now! It’s... it might eat us.” He walked personally through the hall and down into the front bay when the submarine starts to tilt from the front up. “Did you load them already? Good. Luther, can you see anything through the periscope?” The other man was now almost hanging from the thing, attempting to not slide down to the back of the room like everyone else. “Yes! It’s… it’s MAW is open!” “Fire torpedoes, now!” He screams while hanging onto the closest metal piece, the thing’s tendrils continuing to squeeze, until both explosions are felt throughout the sub. Water starts to pour in quickly from the bay itself as a small crack is caused by the explosion, not to mention the structural damage caused by the things grip. It lets go of them, balancing the submarine back to normal, which shoves the crew forwards. However, they do not waste time. Crew members are rushed to the back, the loading bay properly sealed up and then emergency repair to try and remain afloat. “FULL POWER TO THE ENGINES, IT’S GOING TO CATCH US AGAIN!” The rickety submarine lurches forwards, stalls for a moment, then continues to accelerate. Wohlfahrt sits down on his chair once more and then relaxes, sighing while the rest of the crew is busy patching the ship up so it is seaworthy. Right below them, something sinks into the Abyss slowly. “Surface. It should be close to morning…” “Jawohl.” U-556 slowly absconds from the depths and rises back up to see the Sun slowly rise from afar. The Seas are clear and Bismarck is nowhere to be noticed. The crew comes out to see it, everyone tired. “What a big brother, he was.” Someone comments rather sarcastically. “He was. We just did our duty, what we swore to do.” Wohlfart climbs back into the submarine. He had a lot of things to do and explain, but he would worry about those later. Now came his time to sleep. DAS ENDE
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  4. Uh... deadeye changes till 10.4 my dude...
  5. Feels opaque man, if only I had a better response that wasn't "get good"... Because that's what it is, you should probably become more skilled before judging a ship, when everyone else (who are skilled) says otherwise. Just sayin'.
  6. We're talking about CBs bro, did you not read the title? Where are the Buffalo stats? I can't see any of them in your page. I check your stats to see if it holds up, what you are saying... seems your performance doesn't hold up quite well. Not even stat-shaming, you shall be judged on your performance. You also forget that a Buffalo won't be fighting an Alaska on its own, a 1v1, but rather other ships as well. Don't try and play this as a 1v1 situation because it rarely is the case. Kiss? Also, yeah, MN DDs kill any DD on a 1v1, save for Paolo. Here is the thing, you don't run one Mogador (please try and get it right next time, I hate having to correct typos.), you run 2-4, and even then you can wait out the smoke, or rotate to the other flank, and then come back to kill them. By the way, I do play Azur Lane, it's pretty fun (also get this one right bro, your grammar sucks :CCCC) Smoke play can SOMETIMES work, save you lose the visibility quickly enough and the Mog torps come in to kill you too in a Chung Mu, and you can't do the same back to them... Deep Water Torps :CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Georgia is faster than Alsace, the secondaries still work on a DD-heavy meta, and the armor is decent enough against other BBs (save for Musashi). Georgia's despersion will favor it hurting DDs (with a higher alpha and also a higher chance of hitting them btw), with the better heal. Alsace can get chunked just as hard because of a bigger superstructure, fragile secondaries, and weaker outer plating. Even if you don't get citted, you will get chunked possibly just as bad as Georgia. Less superstructure is better, DDs have less chance to put fires on. It is why Musashi is also a good choice, but you don't seem to be very correct about... most of what you are saying is right... Anyways, looking forwards to meeting a Lion-Chung Mu strat on CB... you should try and get some games, see how far you go. Do please let us know :DDDDDD
  7. @Crokodone Ok so bro Lion gets eaten by everything because of the low health pool and weak plating. It's not a good ship for sustained fights unlike Georgia or Musashi. Georgia gets a good heal and also the facility of mobility Buffalo is not better than Alaska. Period. Anyone that has played both ships understands the physical difference between the two that debunks anything you can say about that: Buffalo has to show side to use all of its guns. It is that simple. Chung Mu will get demolished by Mogadors or anything that it runs into if it runs radar. Black can smoke AND radar. Did you miss that, perhaps? Z-46 has the hydro and the concealment, but a Mogador pack just waits the hydro out and then runs it down. It's that simple. HE does NOT have an overmatch feature. Please look at the "How HE works" video. Do yourself a favor. Lion might get a 10k salvo on a Musashi if it is bow on, but Musashi can get that and more and that fight will always favor Musashi, who has more health. Why does Alsace not work? 380s... with horrible dispersion. BBs will rarely have close range engagements in CB, so the dispersion will hurt her more than Musashi and Georgia, who both have better dispersion and higher caliber guns. However, if you wanna run a match between SHOOT and GGWP, we can arrange that. I'm sure we can prove our points in battle, but what about you?
  8. he keeps taking the bait, should we keep going? Miss me with that fishing boomer lexicon bro, talk normal or gtfo
  9. Guys lets celebrate naval legends Georgia and Sovetskii Soyuz, BIG impact ships
  10. Poor Crokodone he took the low effort bait and now he cant even defend his own points, kinda sadge