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  1. Kirishima better ur a pleb lol69844200_p0_master1200.thumb.jpg.c3493f11279571469ed622338b22cb98.jpg

    1. Wo_9


      u r pleb!

  2. Roon_Zwei

    Please just remove stats from the game.

    Weird flex but ok.
  3. gimme karma I wanna be a superstar

    1. Cruiser_SanJuan


      Every time I look at you I don't understand
      Why you let the things you did get so out of hand
      You'd have managed better if you'd had it planned
      Why'd you choose such a backward time in such a strange land?
      If you'd come today you could have reached a whole nation
      Israel in 4 BC had no mass communication
      Don't you get me wrong
      I only want to know

      Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ
      Who are you? What have you sacrificed?
      Jesus Christ Superstar
      Do you think you're what they say you are?

    2. Roon_Zwei


      well memed sir

  4. Roon_Zwei

    Nerf Stalingrad by Just Balancing the Game

    Des Moines' guns would like to have a word with your post
  5. Roon_Zwei

    Nerf Stalingrad by Just Balancing the Game

    We all know Stalin needs a citadel buff, like Worcester tbh. Pepega.
  6. Roon_Zwei

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    I disagree. You'll have 5-7MM, with random 8MM matches that will probably suck, but otherwise it is fine. I don't completely agree with @LittleWhiteMouse, because the ratio of ship that will overmatch your armor does increase as you uptier, but this is not killing the ship at all, it's placing it in a spot where it will actually have to require some amount of skill to play. T5 was simply quite weak for her. Please, do you seriously not think there's people who club on that thing regularly, like yourself. Here is the truth: It is too powerful at T5, and at T6 is will compete with her new peers at an equal level. I have tried to TVI GC, and I am quite amazed at its performance against the other TVI
  7. Arashi ur gey but tbh I'd go gei 4 u

  8. Pardon my rather unprofessional English, for it is not my first language. However, since you have decided to look at my stats, I have decided to look at yours, hope you don't mind. Interesting, 15k battles. You surely know a LOT about this game. However, you seem to not notice how my stats do not support your argument, either too lazy to actually check them correctly, or ignoring my other stats in order to fit your argument as you see fit. I am infinitely better in cruisers than in Battleships. Please, do look at my stats again. I encourage you to do so. Just because I started out as a BB main (and I am still bad at them, worry not) doesn't mean I always play battleships. Anyways, have a nice day, maybe someday you'll stop bending facts in order to prove points we all here know they are not correct.
  9. Interesting you mention this. Winrate means jackshit, and we already know this. Average damage and frags is where we should look for this "Russian Bias" If we see these stats, crossing out the premiums, we can clearly see that Donskoi is not the best, losing to Saint Louis by a wide margin. Saint Louis ALSO has the same amount of frags and even better winrate. Where is your Bias?
  10. Once more, you seem to not understand the definition of overpowered. OP means not having counterplay. We are talking about individual ships (by themselves.) Belfast is overpowered because it has both smoke and radar and also Hydro, with good reload and decent armor. You decided to look over the aforementioned ships' weaknesses simply because you want to mention how good players exploit the good points. That's exactly what every player should do, exploit the ships' strengths.Without said strengths, the ships would be pretty bad. Zao without alpha and fire chance would be a very dull and uninviting cruiser to play. I'd also love to add how you ASSUME I say you are a BB player, because I said your perception is points towards it, never explicitly stated you were one. I agree that WG rushes their premiums, but we should be thankful we are given the opportunity to try them before they are actually released, but your perception of OP is incredibly biased. I can already tell you, these battleships need to be balanced ACCORDINGLY, but they are actually quite good (not overpowered) on the high tiers (8-10). I have tried them, and they present a very prominent set of weaknesses (Soft broadside, limited damecon, turns slowly.)
  11. Ok, hold it right there son. Let’s see... St Louis: Balanced by WG, Hindenburg: Horrible Concealment, Meager HE damage pen, Horrible AP Pen, craprudder. Lyon: Low caliber guns, slow, low sigma and dispersion, Isokaze: Low HP, it is also a TIV who cares no one [edited]plays it, Kitakaze: Actually broken, you got me there chief, Harugumo: Turns like a truck, crapconcealment, vulnerable to BB AP, Khabarovsk: Turns like a truck, bad concealment,Lighting: Low HP, low HE pens; Zao: Low HP, weak broadside, craptorp angles, slow turret traverse, bad turning circle (by far the less OP T10 cruiser) Worcester: Made out of paper, you can smack it with accurate ships (DM/Zao/Moskva) Fiji: Slow deceleration, slow reload, Minotaur: Made out of paper, high citadel, Low HP, you get [edited] by everything AP. These are mostly not OP. Your perception of them sounds like the average battleship player complaining about ships that farm them in matches. The Russian ships WILL be balanced eventually. Please, let the STs do their job. I think it is a good idea for them to try the ships right off the bat on live, despite having already been tested elsewhere.
  12. It IS about testing. The reason the program is closed off is to get a sample WG can measure. Imagine having to go over 10k+ reviews. They are also not released overall because they need to be balanced, and if they give it to everyone, and it does turn out to be overpowered, then everyone would whine about either leaving it that way or uber-nerfing it. I disagree. They have a lot of weaknesses. It sounds more like you are salty about being deleted more than anything. The reason they are being tested in the live server is to see how they will perform normally. Please, let the STs do their job. And the fact that you two are from the same clan- and also the fact that I saw you today divving together, doesn't really convince me. It just sounds like one of you was not positioned well and páid for the mistake. (PS- There is something called Superstructure pen. Perhaps that is what happened. You also forget they can pen the deck, no the belt, which is why the shell would arm instead of bounce.
  13. Roon_Zwei

    The Kreml ruddershift is B#@& $#@!

    I will state my opinion regarding the T10 Battleship after testing it. This IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, AND STATS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. It is Very Strong. I agree with said statement. However, I do not believe that the rudder should be nerfed. Maybe the HP, or the reload, I am not the man to call it, but the rudder shift is what makes the battleship remotely manuverable. Without it, it would certainly be worse than a Grosser Kurfurst, however, the aforementioned ship has very good armor, unlike Kreml, who can take plenty of damage if shows side. However, in my opinion, OP has issues with not being able to shoot at it. That's not the Kreml's fault, it's his fault for not expecting it to turn or not adjusting his aim. Perhaps he could pin it on ignorance, as he didn't know it's rudder shift and turning radius had those values. Now he knows.
  15. Roon_Zwei

    Alaska is trash as it currently sits

    Gonna call the bait on OP's post, but one of us is actually not joking. I wonder who that would be... Hint: T8 Prem in shop ;^D