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  1. I think that what we should actually tell these people is that if a DD can farm you without any counter whatsoever it is your positioning that is wrong, not the mechanics of the game. To say Harugumo is not balanced is not a fair statement. Slow, turns like a truck, has bad concealment, suffers from normal pen, torp angles are bad and torps reload slower than any other in this game. You won't hit anything beyond 13 km due to how those shells work, I have played that line and the Republique, which is the BB that suffers the most from them. If you play Repu like a brawler and get too close you'll always get burnt. Once someone told me positioning is what really distinguishes a normal player from a unicum, and this case is also textbook-exemplary.
  2. Roon_Zwei

    Wargaming should have a Steel Ships Sale

    I don’t really know if you are being truly serious or not, but to be fair, I still firmly believe that STEEL is used so people can get ships because they have the skill to be competitive and to be proficient at it. They are a reward for good work and hours of grinding. Just giving them away cause money is only going to make TX worse than how it is right now. We should be somewhat grateful that WG wants to reward skillful people with special premiums and not whaling out completely.
  3. Roon_Zwei

    KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    pls don't @ me I am a busy man. Uhhh... bump.
  4. Roon_Zwei

    KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    It's poi, nanodesu. Can I smesh? :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
  5. Roon_Zwei

    [PRAVD] Pravda Kantai Kai NA division

    Ily bb pls lemme smesh XDDDDDDDDDDDD