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  1. That sounds like confirmation bias to me. :P
  2. Grozogumo

    Forum Game - Word Association

    My wife left me.
  3. Posting ducks but not Akiducks? DISPOINT.
  4. Grozogumo

    EU server just got nuked by all the hate and salt.....

    This is NTC all over again. The impossible has been done. However, if you really want my opinion, I don't think WG cares about this game anyone, and even a passionate post from @Femennenly can't nor won't buy me back. The way the responses were given by both Conway and Sub_Octavian leads me tobelieve they are milking the game before it ultimately dies. Not accepting feedback and pretending everything is fine is one of those symptoms that the end is really nigh. It is a shame that we are headed that way, but so has come to being. o7
  5. Grozogumo

    EU server just got nuked by all the hate and salt.....

    Look at this video. All of it. Stop divulging information that is not true. I have checked the missions myself and cannot agree more with Flamu. This is not insane, it is impossible. Another thing we are upset about is that they advertised this as "totally free", but you do have to whale in order to finish it. Not even the full whales are immnue from this. You have to finish at least the first three directives.
  6. The picture is a White Knight, basically. I'll pull the definition in case you don't know: 1) A man who stands up for a womens right to be an absolute equal, but then steps up like a white knight to rescue her any time that equality becomes a burden. I'm all up for it to let all issues in the past, there's no need to keep an argument going.
  7. WoWs numbers begs to differ.
  8. You know, the moment you assume someone here is a henchman just because they posted a meme, you can say you've lost an argument. I can't say you are pissed or are in a vendetta against high tier clans (as Z1m pointed out earlier) but you do seem to want to go out of your way to openly critisize them because they decide to present someone's mistake in a satirical way.
  9. Grozogumo

    Invisible ships?

    @Vanav Listen mate; We already told you now the mechanics work. Now, if you are so kind to show us the replay, which can be found on your World of Warships game folder, under the directory of the same name, in your computer. You are new to the game, and you need to understand that this game needs at LEAST 740-1000 battles to get a firm grasp of all the mechanics. You will be spotted if you fire your guns in a smoke from a bigger range than 2km. What people cannot get around is your attitude, dismissing what has already been proving. This is not a personal attack, it is aimed to illustrate you on your mistakes so you can improve.
  10. Grozogumo

    battle outcomes predetermined?

    What am I reading? I have a question for you, @ArgoDog. How can you enjoy 900+ T1 battles? Sort of an off-topic question, but still wanted to get it out. The fact that what everyone is saying (save for a couple of sarcastic posts) is flying over your head, I exhort you to check the mechanics and understand how the game works. I have never had such an issue as the one you have mentioned, nor anyone else in this thread. Please, for the love of God, educate yourself.
  11. Why is OP so entitled? Be grateful you got something. Better than just a normal container or a bunch of camos. You should look at the action and not the object when it comes to a gift. It is a “very modest” way of saying “thank you”. As much as I love to go on being sarcastic about what seems to be the issue (OP not getting a high-tier premium), I’m just going to say this: Thanks for your service, but you are not entitled to anything, whether it be small or big in a game. Maybe in real life you are, but not here.
  12. TLDR is? Seems like the usual rant posts you write, can we get it done in 30 words or less?
  13. Oh, isn't he the guy who made a bunch of very questionable threads when it came to gameplay a month or two ago? I can't really remember anything other than having hidden stats and proposing stuff that was not very "on-point" when it came to benefitting the game.
  14. This thread confuses me greatly. What was the point of it again? Can someone explain why this was created when there already is another thread on the same topic?