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  1. feel better soon

    1. Navalpride33


      Dont know the context.. I wish you well...

  2. Uh... deadeye changes till 10.4 my dude...
  3. Grozogumo

    Austin needs buffing BAD

    Feels opaque man, if only I had a better response that wasn't "get good"... Because that's what it is, you should probably become more skilled before judging a ship, when everyone else (who are skilled) says otherwise. Just sayin'.
  4. We're talking about CBs bro, did you not read the title? Where are the Buffalo stats? I can't see any of them in your page. I check your stats to see if it holds up, what you are saying... seems your performance doesn't hold up quite well. Not even stat-shaming, you shall be judged on your performance. You also forget that a Buffalo won't be fighting an Alaska on its own, a 1v1, but rather other ships as well. Don't try and play this as a 1v1 situation because it rarely is the case. Kiss? Also, yeah, MN DDs kill any DD on a 1v1, save for Paolo. Here is the thing, you don't run one Mogador (please try and get it right next time, I hate having to correct typos.), you run 2-4, and even then you can wait out the smoke, or rotate to the other flank, and then come back to kill them. By the way, I do play Azur Lane, it's pretty fun (also get this one right bro, your grammar sucks :CCCC) Smoke play can SOMETIMES work, save you lose the visibility quickly enough and the Mog torps come in to kill you too in a Chung Mu, and you can't do the same back to them... Deep Water Torps :CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Georgia is faster than Alsace, the secondaries still work on a DD-heavy meta, and the armor is decent enough against other BBs (save for Musashi). Georgia's despersion will favor it hurting DDs (with a higher alpha and also a higher chance of hitting them btw), with the better heal. Alsace can get chunked just as hard because of a bigger superstructure, fragile secondaries, and weaker outer plating. Even if you don't get citted, you will get chunked possibly just as bad as Georgia. Less superstructure is better, DDs have less chance to put fires on. It is why Musashi is also a good choice, but you don't seem to be very correct about... most of what you are saying is right... Anyways, looking forwards to meeting a Lion-Chung Mu strat on CB... you should try and get some games, see how far you go. Do please let us know :DDDDDD
  5. @Crokodone Ok so bro Lion gets eaten by everything because of the low health pool and weak plating. It's not a good ship for sustained fights unlike Georgia or Musashi. Georgia gets a good heal and also the facility of mobility Buffalo is not better than Alaska. Period. Anyone that has played both ships understands the physical difference between the two that debunks anything you can say about that: Buffalo has to show side to use all of its guns. It is that simple. Chung Mu will get demolished by Mogadors or anything that it runs into if it runs radar. Black can smoke AND radar. Did you miss that, perhaps? Z-46 has the hydro and the concealment, but a Mogador pack just waits the hydro out and then runs it down. It's that simple. HE does NOT have an overmatch feature. Please look at the "How HE works" video. Do yourself a favor. Lion might get a 10k salvo on a Musashi if it is bow on, but Musashi can get that and more and that fight will always favor Musashi, who has more health. Why does Alsace not work? 380s... with horrible dispersion. BBs will rarely have close range engagements in CB, so the dispersion will hurt her more than Musashi and Georgia, who both have better dispersion and higher caliber guns. However, if you wanna run a match between SHOOT and GGWP, we can arrange that. I'm sure we can prove our points in battle, but what about you?
  6. he keeps taking the bait, should we keep going? Miss me with that fishing boomer lexicon bro, talk normal or gtfo
  7. Guys lets celebrate naval legends Georgia and Sovetskii Soyuz, BIG impact ships
  8. Poor Crokodone he took the low effort bait and now he cant even defend his own points, kinda sadge
  9. Grozogumo

    PT 0.9.11, balance changes.

    Sadly, I don't think they'd buff the range. The legmod exists for a reason (even though it's not really worth it) But still, I think having no BB AP pen is a great change, and with any luck we'll get a torp range buff soon enough.
  10. Grozogumo

    Purple clan seal clubbing divisions

    Poggers. Imagine wanting to restrict players from playing what they want to play just because other players don't like it. If you can't stand unicum divs playing whatever they want (which is, by the way, something they can do), then the answer to your problem is to improve your own gameplay and div up. Maybe that way you'll have less of a bad time playing (tbf you can just div and have fun, winning is more optional that way)
  11. Grozogumo

    Minnesota: Odin's beard.!

    Perhaps Dolphin is arrogant, but that doesn't change your confrontational attitude and arrogance. You believe STs have the entire weight on the decisions of how ships are changed/balanced, which is a very, very ignorant way of seeing things. All STs play all classes, Carriers included. The fact that you main a ship type changes nothing. STs don't ask WG for any protection whatsoever because they are never in danger, they simply do their tasks and that's it. And if you are fed up with crap, stop playing this game. Just because you don't like a ship line NOBODY wanted doesn't mean the STs are to be blamed by the ship's performance. I personally take issues with you thinking they are to blame because they aren't, and if you were a ST, you'd know exactly why. A shame you aren't. I don't see what you mean at all, your metaphor doesn't even apply here. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, blames the STs for ship releases that are underpowered/overpowered. Look at any CC video and you'll see it. The CCs complain to WARGAMING, not the SuperTesters. Why would they blame WG and not the Supertesters? If what you are saying is true, then you'd see Flamu/LWM/Notser rage and rant about STs not doing their jobs. The single fact that you believe Wargaming is somehow not at fault and it's the people who test is simply enraging. Please, do me a favor, and before you go out pointing fingers, do your [edited]research first on how things work.