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  1. Destroyer_Minegumo

    [DAKI] Because fluffy waifu's are all you need!

    @SireneRacker who is dat and sauce pls >~<
  2. Destroyer_Minegumo

    Why are top clans so toxic...??

    wth has this devolved into
  3. Destroyer_Minegumo

    Why Introduce Semi Armor Piercing Shells?

    How do you expect me to say something clever, when you are saying stupid crap, or something relevant when you decide to call "Ad Hominem" when you get called out for going off the tracks?
  4. Destroyer_Minegumo

    Why Introduce Semi Armor Piercing Shells?

    Lol, mine too. What concerns me about ITA CA/L is their range and reload, as well as their concealment. The SAP seems quite interesting as a concept of its own, but 20s reload with a 17.1km range and also 15.7km concealment doesn't exactly strike me as very good.
  5. Destroyer_Minegumo

    Why Introduce Semi Armor Piercing Shells?

    I don't see how this is an objective reply to his statement, or anyone else's. Please do read the development posts and wait for the dataminers to do their job.
  6. Destroyer_Minegumo

    Why is the montana so bad

    Virgins play Repu, Yamato and Montana Real Chads play 457 Conq.
  7. Destroyer_Minegumo


    Someone takes the forums too seriously. Don't tell them about the enhanced dispersion 1000USD DLC
  8. If you have interest, you should go check it out. I don't see the problem here. There'e even bots in Discord that put up link in channels so you just have to click the link.
  9. Destroyer_Minegumo

    [WAIFU] Your Waifu is Trash

  10. @Radar_X "My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined" These changes that are out-right outrageous have finally taken the last inkling of hope I had in Wargaming as an enterprise, and this game as something fun. First this "Training Center", and again the "Inertia Fuse Changes" you wish to deploy in your program. Add that to a livestream Q&A that is not even gonna have a lot of watchers because it is a Thursday in an American holiday deletes any amount of hope (if any was left) remaining. I highly encourage you to LOOK at what your company is doing. Since someone should propose an alternative, here's mine: Naval Training gives: -a permanent camo that either looks amazing or the bonuses are really good -Unique Modifications, or Legendary Upgrades -Plenty of Steel (Let's say 10k per line) o Coal (150k) IFHE would work better this way: Instead of changing the PEN, why not change the Alpha of the impacts and fire chance. Let's say, as a hypothetic example, Helena pens 32mm with IFHE and it causes a 1000 dmg deduction. Why not reduce the alpha and fire chance by 30%? You are going to ruin the game with these changes you are proposing, as well as the plating changes.
  11. Destroyer_Minegumo

    THE NEW MINO & HOW TO GET IT? "can we discuss this pls"

    Zzzzz.... Boring OP, I'm gonna be honest with you. Your first post I saw was sorta ok as bait, somewhat reasonable. You attempted to provoke someone clearly better than you and only ended up looking like an immature clown Your second post was even more unreasonable, borderline baitless. Not only did you ask about buffing an already powerful ship, but refused to show any proof of the ship underperforming This post... is beyond bait. You are trying waaaay to hard to make people upset, my dude. Let's go over this clusterfuck of information already. Bad grammar and structure: Check. Horrible Editing: Check Blatant Lying: Check Attempts way too hard to bait a rageful response from other players: Check Final score: 2.1/10, could not even catch a cold with it. Final note:
  12. Destroyer_Minegumo

    Kremlin Missing Mods n Stuff?

    At this point, all I have to say, is that he has gone beyond bait. He might be delusional at this point.
  13. Destroyer_Minegumo

    Kremlin Missing Mods n Stuff?

    dis boi be baiting. Ignore him lol. This is his third thread.
  14. Destroyer_Minegumo

    WG you want Balance+Happiness?

    Someone forgets what pandering to the causal player base causes. I don't mean it in a bad sense, but if you implement all of the changes you say will help balance the game, you will only cause more trouble. People constantly complain about the CV rework, and we should do, as it was an attempt by WG to pander to the game's lowest echelons so that they would play carriers, and look at where we are now.
  15. Destroyer_Minegumo

    Why does Colbert have 127mm guns?

    139/4=34mm*1.3=46.22mm 127/4=31.7*1.3=41.72mm Around the same thing, but it would be basically an improved TVI at TX, if I am not mistaken, given that Colbert is supposed to be a Comte de Grasse-class ship. Colbert was built after the war, which already made the French people decided to vastly improve and change the ship, almost completely.