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  1. Destroyer_Minegumo

    battle outcomes predetermined?

    What am I reading? I have a question for you, @ArgoDog. How can you enjoy 900+ T1 battles? Sort of an off-topic question, but still wanted to get it out. The fact that what everyone is saying (save for a couple of sarcastic posts) is flying over your head, I exhort you to check the mechanics and understand how the game works. I have never had such an issue as the one you have mentioned, nor anyone else in this thread. Please, for the love of God, educate yourself.
  2. Why is OP so entitled? Be grateful you got something. Better than just a normal container or a bunch of camos. You should look at the action and not the object when it comes to a gift. It is a “very modest” way of saying “thank you”. As much as I love to go on being sarcastic about what seems to be the issue (OP not getting a high-tier premium), I’m just going to say this: Thanks for your service, but you are not entitled to anything, whether it be small or big in a game. Maybe in real life you are, but not here.
  3. Destroyer_Minegumo

    KoTS and NA Server Teams (Reasons For Loss Examined)

    TLDR is? Seems like the usual rant posts you write, can we get it done in 30 words or less?
  4. Oh, isn't he the guy who made a bunch of very questionable threads when it came to gameplay a month or two ago? I can't really remember anything other than having hidden stats and proposing stuff that was not very "on-point" when it came to benefitting the game.
  5. This thread confuses me greatly. What was the point of it again? Can someone explain why this was created when there already is another thread on the same topic?
  6. Destroyer_Minegumo

    #555 - KOTS9 NA Swiss Stage plus Replay Analysis

    I swear I forgot to change my flags, I'm sorry!
  7. Destroyer_Minegumo

    [KNCOL] Be a Part of the Community!

    I'm too lazy to post a low effort meme so I'm just gonna do this MEME
  8. Destroyer_Minegumo

    Viribus Unitis

    V-U has a big issue when it comes to being a Tier V: Being downtiered and having to play against TVII. It is basically a New York, with smaller guns, and an HP pool of a TIV Batteship if not any lower. She should have stayed as a TIV, but WG decided to was better to uptier her (don't ask me why.)
  9. Destroyer_Minegumo

    Flamu review of Thunderer

    I don't think his content is that bad for someone that is not a unicum. He does state how this ships work. From the "formal" CCs, I find his information to be quite useful. I don't think his videos are useless, nor that he always does a good job. Flamu is probably the best at explaining weaknesses and strengths. Of course I don't think he gets any preference when it comes to MM, he performs excellently with most ships. What defines a unicum is his/her adaptability to a shiptype/class, and the knowledge of the mechanics that are present throughout the game. Therefore it is no surprise that he predominantly does better. (This part is not directed towards who I am quoting, but towards those who say there's different MM for CCs)
  10. Destroyer_Minegumo

    Way too many torpedoes

    I’m going to give the perspective of a DD player since you have given the point of view from a BB player. If I am a Destroyer player (which I am not), I am going to use my torps against targets that seem less likely to change their path so they hit constantly. This happens especially in ships like Shiratsuyu and Akatsuki, where the torps are a bit slow and with a large detection range, making people who do expect torps to be able to avoid them by constantly maneuvering. As a Battleship player, your job is not only to support cruisers, but to be paying attention to the map and seeing what is happening around you. The constant maneuvering is going to save you from dying right off the bat to torps (although you may have eaten one or two if your ship is slow/didn’t have to to expect a salvo incoming.) Having issues avoiding torps because you don’t have enough time to react? Take Vigilance to increase your torpedo detection range (Target Acquisition Mod isn’t that good anyways). If you play Co-Op and use the tips I have given you, avoiding torpedoes should not be too difficult.
  11. Destroyer_Minegumo

    What's your birthday wish? - 16th - 22nd

    One of my fondest memories is still my 8-kill Alsace game. Yeah, perhaps it was most secondary kills, but it was still a fun match. 8k, 105k, and my very first kraken as well. I still recall it as "Raccoon Day", as it got me up to Republique. If there was something I really wanted in this game, it would probably be Asashio with a 10pt commander. I'd love to have that ship, because lol Minegumo is an Asashio-class I really want to improve my torpedo destroyer gameplay.
  12. Destroyer_Minegumo

    Thunderer; Money Conquers Morality

    457 COnq did not suck. You see, the problem was guns overperforming rather than 457s being crap. You have a gun that is almost broken, against a pretty decent gun. This is why you see the 457s being bad.
  13. Destroyer_Minegumo

    [DAKI] Because fluffy waifu's are all you need!

    @SireneRacker who is dat and sauce pls >~<
  14. Destroyer_Minegumo

    Why are top clans so toxic...??

    wth has this devolved into
  15. Destroyer_Minegumo

    Why Introduce Semi Armor Piercing Shells?

    How do you expect me to say something clever, when you are saying stupid crap, or something relevant when you decide to call "Ad Hominem" when you get called out for going off the tracks?