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  1. Atlanta_Kai

    Common BB complaints categorized by skill + solutions

    gtfo this is an opaque thread bro
  2. Atlanta_Kai

    Common BB complaints categorized by skill + solutions

    thank you rhulk, very cool!
  3. Atlanta_Kai

    PT 0.9.11, balance changes.

    Sadly, I don't think they'd buff the range. The legmod exists for a reason (even though it's not really worth it) But still, I think having no BB AP pen is a great change, and with any luck we'll get a torp range buff soon enough.
  4. Atlanta_Kai

    Purple clan seal clubbing divisions

    Poggers. Imagine wanting to restrict players from playing what they want to play just because other players don't like it. If you can't stand unicum divs playing whatever they want (which is, by the way, something they can do), then the answer to your problem is to improve your own gameplay and div up. Maybe that way you'll have less of a bad time playing (tbf you can just div and have fun, winning is more optional that way)
  5. Atlanta_Kai

    Minnesota: Odin's beard.!

    Perhaps Dolphin is arrogant, but that doesn't change your confrontational attitude and arrogance. You believe STs have the entire weight on the decisions of how ships are changed/balanced, which is a very, very ignorant way of seeing things. All STs play all classes, Carriers included. The fact that you main a ship type changes nothing. STs don't ask WG for any protection whatsoever because they are never in danger, they simply do their tasks and that's it. And if you are fed up with crap, stop playing this game. Just because you don't like a ship line NOBODY wanted doesn't mean the STs are to be blamed by the ship's performance. I personally take issues with you thinking they are to blame because they aren't, and if you were a ST, you'd know exactly why. A shame you aren't. I don't see what you mean at all, your metaphor doesn't even apply here. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, blames the STs for ship releases that are underpowered/overpowered. Look at any CC video and you'll see it. The CCs complain to WARGAMING, not the SuperTesters. Why would they blame WG and not the Supertesters? If what you are saying is true, then you'd see Flamu/LWM/Notser rage and rant about STs not doing their jobs. The single fact that you believe Wargaming is somehow not at fault and it's the people who test is simply enraging. Please, do me a favor, and before you go out pointing fingers, do your [edited]research first on how things work.
  6. Atlanta_Kai

    Minnesota: Odin's beard.!

    I think the correct term is "plausible deniability", and even then, they do not do that, in case you hadn't noticed. If you have a problem with how ships perform in this game, blame the devs, not the testers. They set the initial parameters for the ships and adjust changes as the date of the release comes. Don't blame the testers. I was one not so long ago, and if it were not for the NDA I need to continue upholding (6 months), I could elaborate on how your perception on this matter is incorrect. Sadly, I cannot.
  7. Atlanta_Kai

    Minnesota: Odin's beard.!

    Always nice to see someone who puts down the testers, who sacrifice time to try and give good results for balancing, independently on what WG decides to do to the ship anyways.
  8. Atlanta_Kai

    Hypocrisy of the elite teams

    I don't recall which episode, but I do remember the questions that were asked. "What will you do to convince the lower league clans to stop playing?" "Do you not notice that what lower clans won't want to join your boycott because they wish to have steel?" Those were the two questions that stuck with me.
  9. Atlanta_Kai

    Hypocrisy of the elite teams

    Seems I'm a bit late to this thread. I'd like to bring forth something different, the experience I have personally had with the whole boycott. Before I do that, I'd like to talk about the pervious season. KIA-A ran, initially, the standard Venezia composition, alongside a carrier. However, as the season developed, we swapped in for a more interesting composition which had a Kremlin, DMs, a Salem, and Venezias, alongside a Halland. When the season ended (we ended up in Typhoon, which was surprising at least to me, someone who had never played beyond Storm) I thought the next season would be horrendous, and when the CV Boycott was announced, I was personally interested. It's why I joined the Discord, wanting to hear alternative solutions to the problem besides "just remove CVs bro". Unfortunately, after some investigating, not only did I find out that the movement was very improvised, but also that there weren't really any proposals that could be done to change or solve the issue at hand. KIA-A ran a poll, and almost everyone voted towards playing. We, as we are not directly a CST clan, have that choice to play or not, but plenty of the top clans (KSC-KIA-O7--K--PSV--BN-) don't have it. They have to play for CST, and even then, plenty of them wanted to actually play for the steel. Not only that, but if anything, nothing was set on stone when the boycott started, and as soon as Synpax demolished the boycott's leadership in his podcast (I suggest you go listen to it, by the way), the rest of the movement collapsed on its own. Is there anything to learn from this? Yes, there is. I don't think pointing a finger at the top clans solves anything. If you want to complain, then look at the organizers themselves and wonder if they were persuasive enough. A boycott cannot be coercive by nature, therefore, the movement's leadership must be persuasive enough to muster strength from those it seeks to convince.
  10. Atlanta_Kai

    Clan Special Test: General Information + FAQ

    That sounds like confirmation bias to me. :P
  11. Atlanta_Kai

    Forum Game - Word Association

    My wife left me.
  12. Atlanta_Kai

    EU server just got nuked by all the hate and salt.....

    This is NTC all over again. The impossible has been done. However, if you really want my opinion, I don't think WG cares about this game anyone, and even a passionate post from @Femennenly can't nor won't buy me back. The way the responses were given by both Conway and Sub_Octavian leads me tobelieve they are milking the game before it ultimately dies. Not accepting feedback and pretending everything is fine is one of those symptoms that the end is really nigh. It is a shame that we are headed that way, but so has come to being. o7
  13. Atlanta_Kai

    EU server just got nuked by all the hate and salt.....

    Look at this video. All of it. Stop divulging information that is not true. I have checked the missions myself and cannot agree more with Flamu. This is not insane, it is impossible. Another thing we are upset about is that they advertised this as "totally free", but you do have to whale in order to finish it. Not even the full whales are immnue from this. You have to finish at least the first three directives.
  14. The picture is a White Knight, basically. I'll pull the definition in case you don't know: 1) A man who stands up for a womens right to be an absolute equal, but then steps up like a white knight to rescue her any time that equality becomes a burden. I'm all up for it to let all issues in the past, there's no need to keep an argument going.
  15. WoWs numbers begs to differ.