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  1. _Shangri_La_

    [DAKI] Because fluffy waifu's are all you need!

    why Kagapost when you can AmeriKagapost
  2. _Shangri_La_

    $100 what ships we buying

    Mostly because you need to learn how the game works, and that happens as you climb up the Tier Ladder. Buying yourself a way to T8-9 isn't a very good way to learn about the game, and you will probably not enjoy the experience.
  3. _Shangri_La_

    $100 what ships we buying

    I would recommend not buying anything until you have higher tier ships. Low Tier Premiums don't offer much, and you should wait till you get to higher tiers with silver ships so you know how the game is played in said tiers.
  4. _Shangri_La_

    Anyone bought Lenin please comment

    I have Lenin. I saY the price is more than worth it. I recommend getting the ship WITHOUT the special camo. You might wonder why? I believe it is more expensive than what it is worth. You can purchase said camo in the store for the generous amount of 5000 doubloons. I was contemplating on getting it until I realized it was a normal T8 camo. If it had the benefits of a Kobayashi Camo, I'd buy it, but otherwise it is a hard pass. It's rather cheap if you want a Nelson-ish boat and don't wanna waste FXP. It's more tanky when facing AP shells bow-on, thicker armor that prevents damage done by cruiser HE (if it hits the deck, that is). The guns are ok, I neither praise nor shun them, what I do have to point out is that the turrets are incredibly fast- 30s, like Roma Just like Nelson, it has crapAA, and a massive broadside. It handles decently. With Rudder Mod 2, your rudder goes down to 10.3s, not bad, but It would be more recommended to run full fire prevention, since your damage control party is limited. Also to note: I got one turret knocked out very often. It was sort of weird, but I suspect there might be more to it. That's pretty much it.
  5. _Shangri_La_

    This game is full of humping island-campers

    I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt, and I want you to provide evidence that lines up with what you claim. I'd like to see at least five (5) games in the same ship, in both accounts, and with exactly the same setups. If you are going to boldly going to state such a thing, I'm going to boldly ask for results that make your argument valid. (Replays please)
  6. parece que voy a postear mucho en este hilo :3
  7. me when I see you do dumb stoof in discord69844200_p0_master1200.thumb.jpg.c3493f11279571469ed622338b22cb98.jpg

  8. _Shangri_La_

    Can I get a refund?

    I’m gonna be nice, and explain it right and simple. The EULA (Terms of Service) were updated a while ago. In said update, it was explicitly explained how the premium ships work. You paid to have access to the ship, not the ship itself. You technically do not own the ship, but the right to play it. Same goes to currencies and extra digital items. Same goes to Steam and other games, I am afraid. Therefore, you cannot ask for a refund per se. Hope my post was informative and useful.
  9. Weird flex but ok OP. You see, it feels good when you are that guy on top, right? It means you did your job right. I would disagree on what you are asking because, as other have stated before me: We don't have enough players. And, truth be told, it feels good to club sometimes. You have to learn that clubbing and being clubbed will have to happen, it is a part of this game.
  10. _Shangri_La_

    US Ship Updates

    His chest hair looks like a plane lol
  11. _Shangri_La_

    [DAKI] Because fluffy waifu's are all you need!

    This thread has been hijacked by the Soviet Union. Long live the Motherland. Pog.
  12. _Shangri_La_

    US Ship Updates

    What? Have we not learned from our mistakes in giving BBs radar (Missouri)? The battleships are fine as they are, they don't need buffs. If you wanted to give them a gimmick, I'd honestly just slap a DFAA on them, but that skill wouldn't be as useful as any other.