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  1. xTrowax

    Republique and the Belt Armor Hole

    I've seen many instances of cruisers scoring cits on many battleships. Much more than there used to be. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the armor mechanically WG messed with a while back. Not only are we seeing fewer cits from bbs on cruisers, along with more unexplained bounces and overpens, but all the newer battleships seem harder and harder to cit than the older ones are. Instead of aiming for waterline ship center, you now have to try and hit directly under turrets or funnels from very specific ranges (in the case of the republique, about 8-10 km directly under front or rear turret is the only way to consistently cit in a bb).
  2. xTrowax

    What is in a name?

    No, you're right. The report system is absolutely stupid. Seems the more you try to explain to people why they suck and how to improve, the more you get chat banned. But I've never seen anyone get banned as a result of the plays poorly option. Ever. I did it intentionally for a month, charging in and dieing, torping teammates, shooting teammates, sailing backwards all match, even told people to report me. Not a [edited]thing happened to me.
  3. xTrowax

    Seal Clubbing.

    Oh, i agree 100% with OP here. There's zero reason anybody should be able to get to t10 and still play like a t1 noob. But since wargaming won't charge players xp for playing like absolute garbage, it's a problem that's only going to get worse. This is especially true for cruisers players who continue to sail broadside to [edited]everything and then complain that they die too fast.
  4. xTrowax

    Unsporting conduct for killing own planes?

    Why not? You're directly reducing your own ability to be effective by destroying your only means of being useful. Yes, you should absolutely be hit for it.
  5. xTrowax

    BBs unfun to play/overnerfed

    No, you're pretty spot on. Just last night i had a game where i did such little damage to a zao in my montana that he was allowed to just he spam me to death, only turning around to hit me with torps while my shells either spread so [edited]far out that they don't hit, or bouncing off him like he's a Yamato. And any damage i did do was healed up because cruisers and dd's have heals because reasons. This is what an unbalanced game looks like. And it keeps getting worse. Every patch makes battleships feel more and more useless. Between the ridiculous he spam, OP torpedoes, dd's and cruisers that just don't die no matter how many holes you put in them, and the way overdone superstructure damage, there's virtually zero point in playing any BB anymore. When a destroyer, which should have little to no effect with it's guns on a battleship, is doing thousands of damage per salvo to your superstructure, then yes, there's a problem. But when a battleship can fire AP into the superstructure of another battleship and do upwards of 12k damage in a single salvo, it's absolutely [edited]broken. If you think i exaggerate, go to the training room, put your t10 battleship against the same one, and watch what happens. We're not even going to get into the fact that the moskva has the ability to bounce shells from the yamato, that garbage is it's own separate issue.
  6. What WG need to do is start actively punishing poor play. For the past month I've been trying to get some sort of warning or something out of them by playing like absolute garbage. Doing team damage occasionally, running straight into enemy lines and dying on purpose without doing any damage, doing damage but only to low health ships (aka kill stealing), and generally just being a drain on my teams, and making it very clear in chat that I'm not trying to win. Know what happened? My credits counter skyrocketed, xp and free xp is overflowing, and i could retrain 3 captains with all the commander xp i saved. I'm being rewarded for playing like crap. Apparently the quantity of games you play is more important than the quality of your play. And this is acceptable to wargaming, apparently. As for the punishment of leavers, why should you be allowed to play on a garbage PC, or crapinternet connection, and be just as useless to the team as if you were AFK?
  7. xTrowax

    Super containers suck now

    Supercontainers don't feel like rewards. They feel like EA's lootbox system. 90%of the time, I'd rather get a regular container that i can select the resources option on, since coal is scarce and steel is few and far between events. Typically i get flags and camo, most of which i will never use because fire and flooding chance flags are pointless on battleships, and i always get the permanent camos on the high tier ships so crapteams don't cost me credits. I've got more free xp than i know what to do with, and over 100 ship and captain slots thanks to said supercontainers. Give me doubloons, give me a premium ship, give me a unique commander, something to make it feel like im not wasting my time. I actually have to motivate myself to play these days because i know how many horrendous teams i have to deal with just to get to have one good game. I used to play for hours every single day, now it's maybe a few matches one day a week or two. You can't earn doubloons, you can't earn steel and coal regularly, it's just such a [edited]grind now. But it's the only naval tame I've found that feels good to play. Just hoping it goes back to being fun to play again soon.
  8. xTrowax

    World of Warships Rip Off.

    It's not a rip off. And there's nothing wargaming could do about it if it was. There is no license of copyright for the ships and names of any nation's navy. Anyone can use them for any reason. They belong to the people, not any specific company. This isn't marvel or DC, or God forbid Universal, who do actually own the rights to their characters. There are dozens of games that revolve around navy specifically, and hundreds based on the military in general.
  9. We already have battle cruisers in the game. The Kongo, Hood, Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, these are all battle cruisers. We don't need another subsection of ships, and we certainly don't need more invisible torpedo boats, so subs are not happening. This post is a moot point.
  10. Yeah, no. I happen to rather dislike destroyer players as of late. They don't cap, they don't support, they don't spot. Nothing. Especially the jap and pan Asian losers. They just sit way back and spam torps, more often than not hitting their own team rather than the enemy. No, I'll let the radar cruisers live and let them trounce our useless destroyers until they start making an effort.
  11. xTrowax

    Server overload?

    It's happening again. I'd be willing to bet WG nixed some servers, there's no way player population is that high.
  12. Mmmmm, I agree with the part about disengaging when necessary. Every ship has a point where it simply isn't worth sticking around and taking unnecessary damage. Do it smartly and you can continue to be effective even when outnumbered. The part about caps....not so much. The number of ships rarely comes into play here, at least as I've seen it. Really it seems to be the type of ships involved and the ability of the players in those ships to make use of them. In the case of standard game mode, I've seen an Alabama delay the capture of its own base against 3-4 enemy ships long enough for his team to cap first, I've watched single destroyers and even cruisers somehow deny a cap to 5+ enemy ships, and I've seen half my team hide behind a rock while 2 destroyers take a cap from right in front of them. Killing enemy ships isn't necessarily the priority, and I would say that having caps early is, if nothing else, a good way to gain some early breathing room if something goes wrong.
  13. xTrowax

    United states ONLY

    You can blame Australia for that. Yall have some of the cringiest laws and regulations in the world. Yall can't even get GTA because reasons. As for the taxes, that's either your government screwing you over, or your governments willingness to be screwed over by other countries on your behalf.
  14. xTrowax

    In-game way to earn Doubloons

    WG doesn't do a good enough job to earn my money. Frankly, if they're gonna charge such a ludicrous amount of money for ships, then doubloons should be earnable.
  15. xTrowax

    Throwback Thursday - IJN Fuso

    It's a very capable ship. Combining speed with many guns makes this thing a real monster when it's used right. I find I play it very much like the Kongo, using he at long range to whittle down enemy battleships and closing with ap for the kill, and just running down cruisers with ap. Unfortunately, it, like most other t6 ships, suffers greatly from dispersion hate and pretty weak armor, even when angled. That giant pagoda on top might as well be a bonfire ready to be lit.