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  1. We already have battle cruisers in the game. The Kongo, Hood, Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, these are all battle cruisers. We don't need another subsection of ships, and we certainly don't need more invisible torpedo boats, so subs are not happening. This post is a moot point.
  2. Yeah, no. I happen to rather dislike destroyer players as of late. They don't cap, they don't support, they don't spot. Nothing. Especially the jap and pan Asian losers. They just sit way back and spam torps, more often than not hitting their own team rather than the enemy. No, I'll let the radar cruisers live and let them trounce our useless destroyers until they start making an effort.
  3. Server overload?

    It's happening again. I'd be willing to bet WG nixed some servers, there's no way player population is that high.
  4. Mmmmm, I agree with the part about disengaging when necessary. Every ship has a point where it simply isn't worth sticking around and taking unnecessary damage. Do it smartly and you can continue to be effective even when outnumbered. The part about caps....not so much. The number of ships rarely comes into play here, at least as I've seen it. Really it seems to be the type of ships involved and the ability of the players in those ships to make use of them. In the case of standard game mode, I've seen an Alabama delay the capture of its own base against 3-4 enemy ships long enough for his team to cap first, I've watched single destroyers and even cruisers somehow deny a cap to 5+ enemy ships, and I've seen half my team hide behind a rock while 2 destroyers take a cap from right in front of them. Killing enemy ships isn't necessarily the priority, and I would say that having caps early is, if nothing else, a good way to gain some early breathing room if something goes wrong.
  5. United states ONLY

    You can blame Australia for that. Yall have some of the cringiest laws and regulations in the world. Yall can't even get GTA because reasons. As for the taxes, that's either your government screwing you over, or your governments willingness to be screwed over by other countries on your behalf.
  6. In-game way to earn Doubloons

    WG doesn't do a good enough job to earn my money. Frankly, if they're gonna charge such a ludicrous amount of money for ships, then doubloons should be earnable.
  7. Throwback Thursday - IJN Fuso

    It's a very capable ship. Combining speed with many guns makes this thing a real monster when it's used right. I find I play it very much like the Kongo, using he at long range to whittle down enemy battleships and closing with ap for the kill, and just running down cruisers with ap. Unfortunately, it, like most other t6 ships, suffers greatly from dispersion hate and pretty weak armor, even when angled. That giant pagoda on top might as well be a bonfire ready to be lit.
  8. Collection Drops Nerfed?

    I just finished the anniversary collection within a couple weeks of the new crates dropping. Doesn't seem to be any different. I never used to get anything from the regular crates, only the special ones that accompany the collections.
  9. Toxic Ranked

    This is what happens when garbage players are allowed access to the same battle options as everyone else. Ranked should be locked off to players that are below a certain number of games and win rate. They don't take it seriously and don't deserve the rewards if others carry them to the top. It's not fair to the rest of us. We shouldn't be penalized for being stuck with garbage teammates.
  10. Surprise in Co-op

    Well, I frankly wouldn't expect to see many standard ships in co-op because the rewards are crapyet the resupply/repair costs remain the same. Higher tier standard players often lose credits as a result. Premiums usually have a bonus to income and their camos reduce repair cost, so it makes sense.
  11. So basically you wanna give a free pass to people who can't grasp the simple concept of not launching torpedoes from behind teammates. Yeah, no.
  12. In all honesty, I would stick with what you're more comfortable in, and don't go beyond tier 6/7 for the time being. Higher tier games are garbage. It seems the higher the tier, the worse people get, like they're learning backwards or something.
  13. No. The only way to add subs to the game is you don't add subs to the game. We already have too many invisible ships and torps. I would however love to see a more fitting penalty for players riding the map border.
  14. My Alabama just points and laughs at the dd/cv/cruiser that tried. It's so maneuverable that torps rarely hit, and when they do, I can still choose where to take them, so say goodbye to 50% the that potential damage.
  15. As much as I would appreciate having MM look at player stats and match them that way, the fact is there is no such formula programmed into MM. There really should be though. Matching players on both sides would even out the game far more than just ship matching ever could. Separating the good from the average and poor would likely also make players want to be on longer throughout the day. I know first hand the rage inducing frustration of being paired with a group of windowlickers that couldn't win a bot match.