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  1. xTrowax

    ST 0.9.11, changes to test ships

    It's absurd that a dd can pen that much armor without IFHE. It really is.
  2. xTrowax

    Premium Ship Review - Viribus Unitis

    I prefer playing at the lower tiers, and even more so when they're smaller teams. I've also had many great games in this ship. For all your stats and comparisons, you're forgetting two very important factors; 1) The ship itself is rare to see, so nobody knows anything about it when they run into it. 2) Noob players at those tiers are not going to know how to play against any ship, let alone one that comes up so very rarely. It feels like it was designed with these factors in mind. So it's actually very easy to just blap most targets. I also very rarely see the higher tier ships in this ship.
  3. xTrowax

    4 CV Battle rant

    I'm perfectly happy to have four CVs at lower tiers. Better them than the kamikaze or fushun running around all game without a single threat to it. If you're having a problem with low tier CVs, you're the problem. Not them.
  4. xTrowax

    colbert way to powerful

    You aren't serious. Lol. Y'all bitched and moaned and cried about how cruisers were getting deleted too easily by BBs because they were playing stupidly, and WG gave in and made it harder to kill y'all. Now when BBs complain that cruisers are doing way too much damage for what they are, it's somehow the BBs players fault? No, [edited] that. Either remove the citadel overpen mechanic or make cruisers do less damage. Remove the ability to set fires on saturated parts of the ship. Make the superstructure count for less of the ships total hp, and make overpens in saturated areas count for no damage. This whole game is constantly being skewed against large ships. It was just recently announced that the only two DDs that are still capable of taking full damage from Battleship AP no longer will. Somehow this is balance. The IF HE nerf was a step in the right direction as far as balance between ship types goes, but it definitely needed to go further than that.
  5. xTrowax

    Why no Mac....really?

    How is this still a thing? Y'all are complaining like Mac was ever designed for games. Think of it like your i phone. Every year it gets more expensive, and every year it gets less useful. The issue isn't really with WG. The problem is apple just has to be that much different. Get yourself a cheap pc. You spend thousands of dollars on a phone, why not spend 500 for something that actually works?
  6. xTrowax

    This Petro

    Sry, but it is, in fact, a pretty broken ship. I do consider it a problem when a cruiser can out tank a BB, citadel it from ridiculous angles and ranges, and have absolutely no weakness for either of these capabilities. I would rather fight 5 goliaths than even one petro.
  7. As much as i agree, you're wasting your time. WG has no intention of fixing their busted MM. If you've ever played their other games, you know they only care about tier (and in this case, ship type) based MM. Idk if it's just because they're incapable, or legitimately don't see an issue with putting garbage players against elite ones, but either way I don't buy premium time anymore either. [edited] em. Heard [edited] just put battleships in their game, and changed the tech trees to account for that. Might go check that out instead.
  8. Your ship is also well away from any actual combat most of the time. If anything, I would say y'all should get more xp for spotting ships and spotting damage. Most of the time, the damage a CV does is inconsequential, and most of them would just take advantage of the increase to farm larger ships while ignoring the ones that need to be dealt with.
  9. It's not a bug. Its always been like that. Happens with every ship, both with and without last stand. The game recognizes that you're rudder is out, and disables certain functionality in response. When you reset that condition with DC, you reset command function from the keyboard. I'm actually not sure if there is a way for WG to remove that. Might just be how their game engine works.
  10. xTrowax

    Waifu anime ships disrespectful to the real ships?

    Well, considering the sunken japanese ships are represented by japanese anime artists with big tittied waifus, I'd say it's good to go. You are aware that WG doesn't come up with any of these ships, right? They're all from Japanese animes. Arppegio of Blue Steel, Azure Lane, High School Fleet, they all are developed in Japan. Who better to have the final say on the matter?
  11. xTrowax

    ST 0.9.11, Ranked Battles Overhaul

    You would still lose more than not. Your system wouldn't vary much from the current one. If you're team sucks, it doesn't really matter how good you are in either scenario, you're still going to drop rank. You're personal better score is not going to be enough to offset the total terrible scores of the other players on your team. What they should be doing is removing the save a star for one player [edited] and rework it so only the lowest player on the losing team loses a star. The rest keep theirs, and the top player advances.
  12. xTrowax

    ST 0.9.11 - 0.9.12, new ships.

    Because not everything in existence needs to be represented. Also, because it's 1940s New Zealand, they were just the Royal Navy again. So same ships, same designs, same everything. HMS Black Prince literally became HMZNS Black Prince after being transferred. So not exactly a huge need to have a new Zealand tree in game.
  13. xTrowax


    Might as well grab it anyway. It's only 1mil. I haven't played it, but I doubt anything will be more than 2mil.
  14. It's 140 bucks. The people who do buy it should be laughed at every time you see it. It's absurd.
  15. See, I can't see those torp lines on my screen. I see them on my phone, but not on my PC. Game drop a packet maybe?