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  1. xTrowax

    California HYPE

    Why exactly do we need any kind of BB split line? Especially in the U.S tree? It's not like they continued using slow ship models with smaller guns as time progressed. We consistently made bigger, faster, and more heavily armed Battleships. Split line is pointless.
  2. Yes, the occasional lucky shot is absolutely comparable to what is consistently happening every single game now. You can tell which team is going to win based solely on the ship distribution. Three smolensks on one team, divisioned or not, are 99% likely to win, period. Doesn't matter how good you think you are, you will burn down and die, and your years of experience in game mean absolutely nothing. Armor angling? What even is that? Oh, that's the thing BBs and cruisers used to be able to do to shrug off some damage from smaller shells. Lol, that's gone now. The new meta is for cruisers to sail broadside to BBs and only take overpens while they do full damage through any and all armor they have. Wargaming has effectively removed BBs as any kind of real threat to anything. Lower tier ones have basically no armor to speak of, so everything pens from any angle, and higher tiers just overpen or shatter shells on most targets. Clan battles isn't even fun anymore because the BBs on the team are useless. That's why they put two on each side now. Even Wargaming are vaguely aware that they screwed something up. So much so that now even an ill-trained monkey can log in, pick up an HE spam ship, and do 200k+ damage without ever being spotted. But it's not entirely on Wargaming. After all, they did listen to the 20% of players with PRs under 1000 to make these changes. You know the ones, they would come out from behind an island in their kirov, Omaha, Minotaur, right in front of a BB that had been spotted for the past 3 minutes, and get dev struck, then proceed to cry about it on the forums, or the DDs that would absolutely refuse to learn how to play their ships, and instead charge everything with their guns firing just to get one torpedo launch off, and immediately be destroyed by a 16" salvo that would actually tear any real life DD in half. Yeah, those are the no skill crybabies that Wargaming has adapted the game to suit. And most of them don't even [edited]play anymore. So congrats, between y'all and the devs, you have a game that involves about as much skill as plinko, and is about as fun as going through airport security.
  3. xTrowax

    Halloween filth isn’t fair

    Ok, I've seen enough. Let's address a few things, especially for those that have absolutely no idea what they're talking about. First off, y'all seem to be under the impression that it's a good idea and very easy to just camp the portal and wait for damaged ships to sail on by. This is not even close to true. While there are a few bits that sail around the portal, there are few of them, and there are many more on the outside to kill. This leaves any campers at a huge disadvantage, especially since every single ship has some way of being healed. The Battleships have shields, with the Scorpioid having an AOE style that gives 100% damage reduction for around 10 seconds, and an AOE heal that helps your whole team, both of which have a 5km effective area. So between the healing and the shields, there's virtually no way you should ever be at a disadvantage to players who are just camping, unless you're just utter garbage. Players that division up and actually play to win are so few and far between in this mode that it's laughable how easy it is to not only sail away with 2700+ filth, but kill an entire team or more in the process, plus Rasputin. Truce? Yeah, no. This isn't happening. And I won't tell you it isn't happening. Go ahead, go after Rasputin. Wear it down, or kill it altogether. Do all the work for me, so me and my team can come and take it from you and send you back to port with nothing. It takes only one team to kill Rasputin and it's escort. And only one team ever benefits from it, because there isn't enough filth to go around for all teams. Basically, if you want a truce, you're my target, because you're weak. If you wanna do this solo, you're more than capable, but don't expect any big rewards. Get what you can safely, and get out. Nobody's your friend, nobody wants to help you get more filth than them, it's a team based free for all, and that's how it should be played. Division up and get those higher level ships. They literally cost 30k do and 1 credit. That's it. And they improve the experience IMMENSELY. When you get a div together and actually play to your strengths, you will sail away with a minimum of 1500 filth (three DDs) and up to 3000 (three BBs), and are an unstoppable force to any but another competent divisioned team. This is absolutely fair and balanced, because you should absolutely be rewarded for TEAMWORK IN A TEAM BASED GAME. Not to be confused with the sad illusion of it when a " truce" is called. That isn't teamwork, that's everyone ignoring each other and expecting to be allowed to do as they please. So, yeah. There's absolutely nothing wrong here. You get what you deserve based on how you play. Period. You want to get more? Get better. Learn from your mistakes, learn how things work, and for [edited] sake, find two other people who want to play and COMMUNICATE. THIS IS THE KEY TO WINNING.
  4. xTrowax

    Halloween filth isn’t fair

    Then you shouldn't be giving an opinion on something you literally know nothing about. Quick FYI, every player on a team that kills something gets a charge on a consumable, losing a player to either death or portal gives two charges. The players that just camp the portal are at a huge disadvantage.
  5. Should be the same for all ships. Period. If a fire burns for one minutes on a BB, it should burn for one minute on everything else, same for flooding, and the cooldowns for consumables should all be the same too. There's already plenty of differences between all these ships, the consumables shouldn't be resetting faster just because your ship is more fragile.
  6. xTrowax

    Italian smoke

    The smoke cooldown on Italians is too long. Three minutes for a 25 sec active shroud just isn't working. Cut that in half and leave everything else alone and it should be fine.
  7. xTrowax

    Opinion: French DD Hull Feature a Bad Idea?

    Sry, let me fix that for you. Games like Atlantic Fleet, which uses a completely realistic damage model. There are no hp bars, no instant repairs, and no healing. Also, no [edited] like destroyers doing retarded amounts of damage to everything, overpens doing minimal damage, and carriers obliterating everything. Instead, overpens cause flooding and destroy equipment, Battleships are perfectly capable of one shotting destroyers, destroyers do zero- minor damage with their guns, and EVERYTHING CAN LAY A SMOKESCREEN. On top of that, you cannot "see" a target that you yourself are not spotting. Please, if someone would like to take the Atlantic Fleet damage model and combine it with a WoWS type game, I'll be the first to leave this garbage behind.
  8. Specifically, cruiser citadels being basically immune to full damage by Battleships. Why are you rewarding bad play? Cruisers today sail broadside to everything, and they don't get slammed for it. They get rewarded by taking 10% of the damage they should've taken, and then proceed to beat down the battleship that now has to wait 30 seconds to reload the dice again.
  9. Until WG either removes it, or gives us the option to choose our game mode, I'll be sailing my ship to a far corner of the map and sitting it out. This game mode sucks, and forces certain ships to be in positions they can't perform from.
  10. xTrowax

    Adapt or quit?

    Never gonna happen. And it shouldn't. Y'all want an easy mode, co-op is right next door. Have fun. I'm happy the CV rework happened. Sick and tired of losing most of my hp to one drop. That doesn't happen anymore, and it shouldn't. I also happen to like the new CV play. If i wanted to play an RTS, I'd go play an RTS.
  11. We don't need ant the trolls in randoms either. At least they can't do as much damage if they're restricted to co-op.
  12. Yeah, the mentally deficient always cry when they have to put effort into this game.
  13. Different playstyle, fewer idiots/more competent players. We play CVs a lot here, doesn't mean they do. Lots of possible explanations.
  14. xTrowax

    Changing who gets awarded a "sunk"

    Thing is, the kills themselves don't really count for much. Yeah, it's frustrating when you need that last one for a kraken, or you're trying to complete a mission, but to be honest, I'd rather players shoot and take out a low HP target and get it's guns/torps out of the game rather than let it slip away and continue to be a threat. The win means more to me than the kill does.
  15. xTrowax

    the rise of the very bad players.....

    OP is right. As it stands right now, the level of player stupidity is absurdly high. I've played many random team based games, and I've never seen this level of just utter incompetence. If the OP didn't like the game, he would've said something about the game. He didn't, or did you fail to catch that part. It's the players that are the main problem. And as I said before, he's right. Border riders, island campers, "snipers", they're just the tip of the iceberg.