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  1. This [edited] about not giving signals for achievements or whatever it was cannot continue. Why are you punishing the entire community just because a select few disphits wanted to [edited] about not having anything to spend their overabundance of resources on? I don't have the luxury of just shelling out coal or credits for something that used to be a reward for actually playing well. I already have a hard time finding reasons to continue playing, so why are ya'll making it harder? The release of the Yukon is further proof that ya'll don't care anymore.It's the most useless ship in the game, and of course it's a [edited]BB. You didn't even give it protected MM, so it constantly gets thrown into t9 games, where I'm actually better off getting up and doing something else for 10 minutes while i wait to die. Ya'll still haven't addressed the overpowered HE spam, except to make it worse in every way, and ya'll are actually being stupid enough to continue with subs, which we all know will absolutely break whatever semblance of "balance" this game has left. Yes, i'm angry. I wouldn't be if didn't care about this game. BTW, Grand battles sucks, plain and simple. Yet another system ya'll wasted time and money on rather than fixing the game balance. Please, for once, PLAY YOUR OWN [edited]GAME!! It's obvious nobody on the dev team ever does. There's no way you could possibly play and say that this is how you intended it to be. I know this will go ignored by the devs, and some child will try and mock me. Go for it. i won't be coming back to see it. feel free to waste your time.
  2. Shoot HE. At everything. Period. That's the game WG has created. there's literally no reason to use AP. It''s useless now. Don't bother trying to AP turrets or whatever other [edited] someone is trying to peddle, you won't hit it. Just spam HE and win.
  3. _Trowa

    PTS 0.10.4

    Swift in Silence for BB's needs to either be permanent or have the same active requirement as Deadeye. Simply being detected makes it useless about 75% of the game, and a huge waste of 4 skill points which could otherwise be put into more survivability or damage output. If it is to remain as is, It should at most be a 1 or two point skill. Super Heavy AP Shells also still costs too much for what you gain. I would suggest a further reduction to the penalty, at most 20%, but i would hope for 10-15%, especially in light of DD's getting a flat positive buff in fearless brawler. That's more damage they will be doing to said BB's with no repercussions, and BB's have to pay a price to do a fraction more damage? That's hardly balanced. Frankly, I don't believe there should be any penalty for BB's taking this skill, Since it's really notthat much of a boost. The Auction just sounds bad. It started out good, but then there's the part at the end about only receiving a single flag for your bid, and not knowing what other people are bidding. If it were an actual auction, where it's winner take all, that would at least be worthwhile. But this frankly communistic approach to it, where "everyone wins", just feels like a waste of time.
  4. _Trowa

    Zath Chat - Fail Divs

    So, I did this with a clan mate a few days ago. Tier 10, he's in an Atlanta. And he's the kryptonite to the petropavlovsk. Every shot the petro takes at him overpens, regardless of angle. And my div mate just sits next to his rock and melts him down. It was glorious.
  5. _Trowa

    Anyone still play DDs regularly?

    I'm not huge in DDs, mostly a BB main. But I am immensely enjoying the Halland. CV planes melt under it's ludicrously good AA, the guns are fast and do good damage, and the torpedoes are so fast that even a less than average player can do well with them. And it doesn't suffer from a stupidly large detection area like other smokeless dds. Highly recommend doing this line.
  6. _Trowa

    BB's how can you defend against dds

    Yes, because every DD has a long reload time, none if them have reload booster, and absolutely none of them do 300k damage with just their guns. Stop talking out of your [edited].
  7. _Trowa

    BBs are useless now?

    That's a lie. While they aren't useless, they're far from being the strongest. That title continues to be held by DDs in general, and some cruisers. Idk where this idea comes from that BBs are the baddest ships in the game, but it's a falsehood. The only reason i can think of that people might think this is because DD players are just getting bad. Every day I see worse and worse gameplay from DDs. It would be funny if it wasn't skewing the numbers and making WG continue to buff them.
  8. I mean, I get t6 CVs thrown into t8 games, but it's not like my only targets are t8 ships. And even if they were, I still make the effort to help my team by simply spotting and harassing. You really dont need to do damage to be a good cv player. Sometimes just keeping the enemy dds spotted is enough.
  9. _Trowa

    Upgrades killing game play.

    I'm still using an old gtx 1070 that came with my pc around 5 years ago and an i5 9600k. And I'm still running on max graphics. And I know it runs on slightly lower settings with older 900 series cards. So I can't imagine what kind of fossil you're trying to play on.
  10. _Trowa

    Sigma For Italian BB's

    They really should just let BB sap do full damage to DDs. That's how it works with italian cruisers, and the current dispersion only allows 2 or 3 shells to hit reliably anyway. Besides, DDs already have far too many protections.
  11. Battleships have the largest firing penalty to their detection in smoke. It lasts for twenty seconds after the shot is taken, and it is generally around 13-16km depending on the size of your guns. Frankly, you should even be trying to hide in smoke as a BB, and being stopped is even worse for you. Keep moving, and move away from where you know the enemy ships are going to be coming from.
  12. _Trowa

    PSA New York Spotter Plane bug

    Except this doesn't apply to the Texas. Historical record shows that they could increase the firing range of the guns by flooding one side or the other and causing the ship to list. I demand this be made true of the Texas in game.
  13. _Trowa

    Which cruiser is best at holding flanks?

    Venezia and Goliath are both very good for this. Both do massive damage and can tank rather well. Venezia is very manuverable, and Goliath has a super heal.
  14. You can feel free to take them out. It's free points, and unless there's an active player within your range that is an actual threat, there's no reason not too. AFK players may not be moving, but their secondary guns will still fire on any ships in their range.
  15. _Trowa

    Frame Tearing-Stitching

    Screen tearing can be a few different things, nearly all of which can be fixed on your end. Try repairing/reinstalling the game. Then check that your display cables are secure, your graphics card is secure, and all your drivers are up to date. Also check for windows update if you haven't done it lately.