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  1. Rushbin730

    How to become a super tester?

    Do you HAVE to be an active participator on the forums to become a super tester? I understand that they may not need super testers at the moment, which I am fine with, I can wait, nor do I HAVE to be a super tester haha. But I am still interested in it, and have been playing the game since 2015, I believe. I'm just not a forums person, which is why I ask. I can say this though, I do occasionally do Public Test, and I was also in the Closed Beta Test for the Aircraft Carrier rework. I also played a good number of battles in that (in my opinion at least), and I took my time to fill out the survey afterwards to give my opinion on the entire thing.
  2. Rushbin730

    Gerfalcon IRL Counterpart Identified

    So I've played the new Halloween Operation in Public Test many times already, even got 3 stars once and have twice hit over 400k damage. At the moment, I have the Barracuda and the Zipper Sub (I think that was originally going to be named Krokha). Most players I have come across on the test server only have one submarine, the Barracuda. I don't even know how I unlocked the Zipper Sub. Also, does anyone know how to unlock the other three submarines?