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  1. Rushbin730

    Make me a: Close Call - 15th to 21st

    Yeah like this was gonna hit lol
  2. Rushbin730

    Premium Carriers for Doubloons?

    Yeah but I wanna make sure it actually happens haha. I mean WG did also promise us that they'd release Graf Zeppelin after she got reworked again for the RTS style of CVs, but that never happened
  3. Rushbin730

    Premium Carriers for Doubloons?

    Well I'd like to hear WG's response to this, because it would really suck having saved up all these doubloons thinking I could use them to get Graf Zeppelin, only to find out afterwards that they're all useless, and I'd have to spend the full $60 or so to get her.
  4. You do realize. . . that thats the whole point though? They are supposed to sit in the back, because the ship itself is not dealing the damage, the planes are. And while the ship itself often survives, the planes themselves often do not. It's kinda like you complaining about an airbase on land, but the not the planes that the airbase sends out. Regardless, CVs don't have unlimited planes. They can replenish planes, but thats at a slow rate, and that rate is so slow that if a Carrier is bottom tier, then they are essentially planeless, like they were in RTS. I also want to point out that the planes are the equivalent of an artillery ship's shells/torpedos. However once fired/launched, torpedo don't just magically blow up on route to their target. Our planes, however do. As a bottom tiered CV, there are sometimes no matter of skill that can prevent us from being able to aim, because how can we aim if the planes are already shot down? Play CV, then start complaining about how much hate you will receive for being OP, when you actually aren't. Play CV, and see how hard it can actually be. Also on a side note, if a CV is spotted, how long does it usually last? And can it fire back at the ships that are about to destroy her? hmmmm And on another side note, if you are not anti-CV, then how come you are complaining about the core of CVs, which is being able to target ships that can't target her?
  5. Well, in my opinion it wouldn't really be sub vs sub in this game. It would be more so sub vs surface ships, and vice versa
  6. Lol regardless, submarines would still be a great addition to the game in my honest opinion. Besides, idk about you, but I get quite a lot of my info from this game, in terms of ships and their names. I would then after that occasionally look up info on said ships, but I get the interest in these said ships primarily from this game. And I'm sure a lot of other players aren't as huge History Buffs, similar to how I'm not either, but would start learning more about submarines by adding them to the game.
  7. Rushbin730

    Ocean - Need it in regular rotation

    Personally I think its best suited for higher tier matches. If people cannot adapt in higher tiers, or at least accept that an enemy was able to exploit a weakness of theirs, then imo they should not really be playing higher tiers in the first place. I stand by the side of players that want Ocean to be put back into the map rotation more, as it makes people try to adapt and think, instead of HE spam behind an island. However I think that Ocean map should be limited to only Standard Battles, so that stealthiness ins't exploited as much to cap and as such, win the battle, it would be more so focused on the naval engagement aspect. On a side note, if the playerbase is this split on the Ocean map, then personally, it should be added back into the map rotation more often. Why? Well, the players who are against this map have their maps, why can't we have ours? We have to deal with maps we hate ALL the time, let us have a map we can enjoy. And unfortunately, playing a map you dislike is something that is a part of the game. If you get Ocean, and don't like the map, oh well. Suck it up, play it, try to do your best, and move on. Just as you would do for any other map that you would dislike. Thats my opinion anyways
  8. I stand corrected, they were an important part of Naval Engagements, but not Naval Battles. Thank you for correcting me on that haha. But regardless, they were important in the navala war effort for both sides of the war. Also, there were situations where submarines did engage Carriers, but I guess that they don't count as they aren't Surface Ships.
  9. I really do hope that you aren't calling people who just so happen to agree with certain WG ideas, "sycophants." I'm tired of people jumping on the bandwagon of hating any and every gaming company as being "corrupt" or just "money grabbers." I try to understand things from multiple perspectives, which is unfortunately something that many people lack. I won't say that I succeed in understand everytime, no, I actually fail to understand quite often, but I at least TRY to understand. I understand that WG is still a business, and that they need money to pay their employees as well as to keep the servers etc. running. But make no mistake, I am NOT a sycophant. I have made my own criticisms of WG, even the CV rework, but when I do, I try to offer suggestions. I have made suggestions for CV changes in another post, but for you comfort, I will list a few here. WG could possibly bring back spotting to what it was before, HOWEVER, make it so that relaying that information to allies is delayed, similar to radar. They could also try and nerf the amount of damage that the floodings and/or fire do, but increase the immediate damage of the rockets/bombs/torpedos, or vice versa. They could try and make it so that AA takes into account the tier of the ship using the AA, as well as the tier of the attacking planes, making it so that higher tiered AA is less slightly less effective verses lower tier planes, but as such, lower tier AA is slightly more effective verses higher tier planes, etc. I also criticize WG for going back on their promises of never releasing a tier 9 in the premium shop, I feel like tier 9 premiums should be special ships that have to be earned through hard work, but I also understand that many players also have lives and don't have the time to grind out the 1,000,000 free exp or whatever to earn such ships. personally, I think in cases like those, maybe WG could release different camos for those who bought the ship and those who earned them. That way people could distinguish between the two better, and those who earned the ship can be more proud of themselves for earning the ship, and don't end up getting lumped into the category of "pay to win." To reiterate, just because I am on the side that of an argument that most people seem to be against, does not mean I am a sycophant. I play this game to get into an arcade-y feel to a what could be a great fantasy naval engagement. And for those fantasy situations, carriers, and submarines, are a must for me, and I'm sure many MANY others as well.
  10. Uhhh. . . have you ever played a high tier CV? Because judging by what you just said, I'm going to guess no. Lemme correct you, CVs still get punished for losing planes, do you not notice the HUGE number of times when bottom tiered CVs launch squadrons with just 3 planes, sometimes not even? Why do you think that is? They may get unlimited planes, but getting back even a single plane takes quite a while. As for the prema-spotting, again, planes will get shot down if we try to perma-spot. We can't even use Fighters to try and keep a DD spotted as almost any DD can turn on its AA for a bit and shoot down all those fighters (fighters have low health pool, and if you are already spotted by planes, then why not temporarily turn AA on to try and shoot down some of those planes?). As for a player who plays all ship types, I can say this. If a CV can't destroy a DD, either by killing it himself or by spotting it for allies to kill, then make no mistake, the DD WILL kill the CV, either by killing it himself, or by spotting it for allies to kill. I have been on both sides of that situation WAYYYY too many times
  11. Rushbin730

    Ocean - Need it in regular rotation

    You may refer to my battle result that I posted which was with Wooster, in an Ocean map, in a random battle, where I hit 171k damage, got Arsonist, Witherer, and High Caliber. I can confirm that it IS possible. And honestly, when I play cruisers I actually prefer playing with a moving playstyle over sitting still behind an island. Sit still behind an island and guess what? An enemy Montana will re-position until it can citadel your sitting still broadside until you are swimming with the fishes
  12. Rushbin730

    Ocean - Need it in regular rotation

    Honestly, atm ships like Russian Destroyers and other Hit and Run ships don't excel in heavily island infested maps. They can get by, but having most maps infested with islands is. . . unfair to them as other ships can exploit those islands unlike these hit and run ships. Honestly, adding a single map that isn't infested with islands into the rotation isn't going to be so bad. Yeah t hey may lose one battle, but lets give these Gunboat Hit and Run French Destroyers that are coming to the game, a chance to excel, shall me?
  13. Rushbin730

    Ocean - Need it in regular rotation

    Tell me again how there is no amount of "git gud" that can save a Wooster in an Ocean map?
  14. Agreed, not many will remember the RTS days, though there will actually be a few, who preyed on the fact that not everyone can multitask easily, and would use that to dominate over their CV opponents. As for the subs, honestly cannot wait for submarines. They played such a huge role in World War 2, and they would add an extremely new version of gameplay that will make things even more exciting/challenging. On top of that, maybe they will also make island hugging ships start moving (they can do it, when I play my Des Moines or Worcester, or even when I used to play my Cleveland, I would play hit and run, for the most part), or maybe will also make CVs actually think about moving before hand. Also, there are not that many great free to play multiplayer naval games that focus on submarines, so I'm sure WG would get an entirely new flood of players who will join for them.
  15. So when the CV rework first came out, we were promised that the premium carriers would eventually be released for sale in game for doubloons. I have been saving up my doubloons since then in every way I can, and am very close to the promised price of 14,000 doubloons, and am possibly willing to buy the rest of the doubloons I need to get my dream ship, Graf Zeppelin. My question is, when will this be happening? The premium carriers have been released in the premium shop for IRL money, but they still haven't come in game for doubloons yet. Link that promised them to be released for doubloons, near the bottom of the article: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/cv8-which-nation-to-choose/ Quote from mentioned article that promised them to be released for doubloons: "Attention! These ships cannot be purchased before the release of Update 0.8.2. With the release of the update, or at a later date, the ships will be made available for purchase again, but at a new cost which is 14,000 doubloons. Keep this change of price in mind, because if you convert any of these ships at this point, you may fall short of the necessary doubloons to purchase them back later!"