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  1. Navalpride33

    Tech issues

    I recommend do a 5 min cold restart... After that, do a check and repair... Usually if you do that, it will fix/restart log in problems...
  2. Navalpride33

    Tech issues

    I am informing you what I know, you can use this as reference... I log in with no mods and with WGC... As you can see, got in with no problems...
  3. Navalpride33

    Tech issues

    Not for this patch, WGC is the permanent replacement...
  4. Navalpride33

    Tech issues

    Are your using WGC ?? Are you using mods ???
  5. Navalpride33

    Tech issues

    You're not using WGC ???? That is your problem, the old launcher is no longer supported.
  6. @Aslain Can you check mod extended carousel mod Some people are reporting its a little buggy...
  7. Navalpride33

    Tech issues

    Are you sure ???Its the extended carousal ??? Can anyone else confirm??
  8. Navalpride33

    Tech issues

    Check your Aslain mods boys... That maybe the problem...
  9. Bill, I mean what mod in the pack cause the conflict lol What mod in Aslain mod pack, you suspect is the one that is bugged.
  10. What was the name of the mod??? I'll try to sound the alarm...
  11. For reference only, I just log in to test it... No mods, just log in to WGC and press play... No problems here... Everything seems normal
  12. Is it Aslain mode ? Has he been notified ???
  13. Maybe I should rephrase that to say, This happens in every update to "SOME" people... Not "ALL" the population...