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  1. Navalpride33

    Ain't the Internet Grand!

    Take the advise of the "how to" videos at your own risk. Sometimes you end up paying more because of unforeseen problems. These videos cannot replace the knowledgeable human to fix the "in the moment" hick ups. Imagine a surgeon watching youtube on "how to operate." Useful but I am going to end up in the bathroom shiting in fear. I still prefer human supervision in order to correct any "in the moment" issues that may arrive :P
  2. Navalpride33

    WG, you need to fix MM NOW

    ?????????? A div. of skill divided up with in a tier... I dont recommend it... I do recommend stop making OP ships, to many HE spam type ships... These factors are the valid factors people complain about MM
  3. Navalpride33

    Stop It

    If that is going to be their position, then as predicted CV Rework 3.0 will start at shortly this year.
  4. Navalpride33

    WG, you need to fix MM NOW

    Dont worry they wont last if they continue with skill based MM for a long time... I disagree with your post because it has killed other games in the past...
  5. Navalpride33

    WG, you need to fix MM NOW

    Its the same danm thing... You want MM based on stats that to a normal person has ZERO meaning. A MM based on stats and not on tier IS by Definition SKILL BASED MM. No, if WOWS goes to any form of skill based MM, it will be the end of WOWS. No skill based MM... Neverr
  6. Navalpride33

    Name the ship you think is worthless....

    I cant pick just one.. So here is my list Worst ships are CVs torp ships What ever ship falls in the above named categories beware, the grind is real..
  7. Navalpride33

    CV discussion not bashing or promoting

    IMO its a bad idea... The only counter measure is the DMG nerf to rockets AND how many strikes a CV can do after its sunk. OR if DMG nerf is not to one's liking, then BUFF the DDs HP pool... One thing is clear, cruisers/BBs AA def have to be nerf'ed, IMO no one class should have an AA fortress. Then again I really dont know what WOWS is doing (in game job/role) wise for the CV. My idea makes sense with the current CV format. I am rally disappointed how the in game role of the CV has evolved to being shared by another ship class.
  8. Navalpride33

    Is everyone having fun?

    Fun??? What is that ??? Have the WOWS dev team nerf'ed all the fun yet ?Fun in a masochist way maybe :P
  9. Navalpride33

    CV discussion not bashing or promoting

    I would not go that far. I would say, the current CV format is not fit for the in-game role/job it currently dominates (DD killer specialist). Until that changes, I do recommend to disable the CV class until a better role/job can be determined and balance too. Its only fair to all parties involved in this IMO disaster.
  10. Navalpride33

    Stop It

    Until the role/job of the CVs is clearly defined and balanced to that role, the current CV should not even be in the game let alone a match... The current role of DD killer is already taken by cruisers. Its only easier to change the current CVs role than the cruisers. Do the right thing WOWS, disable CVs until its fixed...
  11. Navalpride33

    Clan Dropped 30 Members Today

    @turbo07 Hey big guy, can you investigate his claims for him ? Big TY OP send a ticket up to CS dpt. Until then, @turbo07 will respond shortly
  12. Navalpride33

    WG's Match Maker fair?

    ^^^^ Yikes this is the biggest mistake if implemented, WOWS can make. Here, let me summarize the first game result for you. As an ATL cpt, you failed your fleet (and as a fleet the cruisers failed). How you ask ?Red fleets DDs scored 3 kills against you. That is bad when you're in a ATL. One thing I an tell you, IF red DDs have more kills then your cruisers (or you in an ATL). You have no chance of winning. Compounded with your BBs did not produce any kills against the red cruisers. That is 6 (half your fleet), sunk by BB and cruiser fail (and by you in the ATL). In the 2nd game its the same cruiser fail, (3 kills from one red DD) which tells me no one (cruiser or otherwise) wanted to sink that DD. Again as the ATL cpt, this is your fail. Also Red BBs owned your cruisers.... WHile your BBs again failed to produced anything for the win. WHen cruisers are sunk, BBs can run the scoreboard. They did. IMO, this is more user error than the developer's alleged faulty MM. From tier 7 and above BBs are soooo OP, other class ships may not have the ability to carry. Last thing, if you think the ATL is a carry ship? You're so mistaken. Just get gud OP.... GL/HF
  13. The reason why I don;t like thee Current CV format is because, DD are the main target for CVs. (very boring) As long as, the developers continue to practice DMG potential discrimination to appease/show preference to a particular class. The CV project has/will fail because of the ^^^ above mentioned flaw in WOWS "balance" policy.
  14. Navalpride33

    DD cloaked.

    I recommend to try to be all around cpt and sail all class ships. Hopefully, you can have a greater understanding for their abilities. They're so many balance issues in the game... You sailing alone without a friendly cruiser to help you is not one of them. Easy fix, hug your cruisers and you'll be ok. GL/HF