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  1. V_A_C_A_T_I_O_N

    We'll be here upon your return from shore leave to deal with real life issues. Enjoy sailor
  2. The smoke is unreal!

    I did not know you like 3rd world conditions like smog or smoke.
  3. Can't load into game and got penalized

    I recommend to restart your router/modem connection. If a quick reset don't fix your connection problems then maybe (just out of elimination of possibility) the problem is not at your end. It can be in your community or at your ISP end. That is what i would recommend
  4. if you want to face charging DDs trying to put holes in your hull its a viable option however, its not practical because your duty is to sink cruisers. Now I know, sometimes teams don;t play the objective. Although its fees-able, its not a practical option IMO
  5. The smoke is unreal!

    Weed smoke is not as bad as regular smog. If you ask me. Vapes fumes Regular smog Cigars/cigarettes Weed California has smog problems for years even with the legalization of weed, one thing for sure. I rather have tough smog laws then the smell of diesel black fumes for which the rest of the world is famous for.
  6. Goodbye Aretha Franklin

    I think what he was trying to relate was, your post was a little insensitive. It basically comes down to yes a famous singer has moved on, what ever faults,trails or tribulations occurring while alive, is now moot. I would recommend not to post those things while the body is still warm. Consideration on the dead and the mourning would be golden on your part. As for me, I dont like her genre of music. But her blues brothers performance was her stand out, a true Female entertainer. One that stands the test of time. Blues Brothers is by far a great film using actual music talents, now its considered as a history piece. Since must of the famous performers of the movie are no longer with us. Thanks to them in inspiring/entertain/give joy, a master piece for which generations can enjoy that wonderful era in time. For me that is what Aretha Franklin and the power of music stands for. There are many things I can say about Miss "respect", but as long as you, me, and the rest of society who were touch by her talent are alive, her music will live on.
  7. Those selected, GL, on the maiden event of pirates. Enjoy
  8. Evidence Evidence Evidence, no one is going to go by what you say if its far fetch (this is a far fetch case). Next time present a screen shoot, because as stated by you. There is no way your account of the events is remotely do-able. With all 3 caps gone the game is over IF its a mercy rule (your team reaches zero points) OR red team get to 1k. Just on what I can see, there was nothing wrong with the outcome.
  9. Is anyone else feeling burnt out?

    Then why hold an event if your not going to encourage participation from the community population ? Rank and Clan Battles NEEDS Participation in order to have higher chances to advance. The reason burn out is happening is because its more of a chore/2nd part time job/luck of fun, in what supposed to be a fun activity/event. I don;t play Rank nor CB and I still fill like tier 10 battles are never ending. Not good IMO
  10. Is anyone else feeling burnt out?

    Just a few things I am burnt out on, tier 10 matches is one and now every combat mission having tier 5 and above ONLY requirement is getting to me too. On the tier 10 complaint, yes its too much EMPHASES on Passive play style in the tier BBs have to much power on the outcome of the match which by definition makes them over powered. DD meta play is limited to playing "like" a cruiser, No other play styles exist for the DD class. If you try to deviate from the Meta you will not be as successful. Tier 10 matches are not as fun. For now its the direction the game has gone.... Sucks really
  11. I would say any lower tier BB of any nation.. In the upper tiers The Izumo hands down, I literally free XP'd my way pass her to avoid the torment.
  12. Ok Alex Jones I see you..... Definition of smear is... https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/smear 3 : a usually unsubstantiated charge or accusation against a person or organization —often used attributively a smear campaign a smear job Many have pointed out. Femm has nothing to do with the CV rework. I still recommend the following GL Why not ask @Femennenly To review your post and see if she understand it the way you intended ?I would love to have her input into your way of using the English Language.
  13. Unique upgrades for tier 10 ships

    Pay for play by definition? No thank you. These upgrades are making tier X battles out of balance, no need to mess it up more IMO.
  14. Tired of this.

    Speculation at best, according to the evidence not all the red team was spotted. 1. Agreed. Still, I don't understand why so many players think it's a good idea to make a very early but almost entirely uncoordinated push in the direction of the enemy base. That often results in a massacre because they suicide one by one or in pairs, or the green base gets flanked and captured, with me being totally insufficient in strength to do much. 2. As someone with 316 battles in the Atlanta, I know the ship telies a lot on islands. She can be situational just like the other USN light cruisers, but she's really fun. Yeah true especially in the current meta where DDs are more precious than ever, losing 2/3 in the first six minutes because they DD players sucked greatly handicaps the rest of the team. ^^^^^^ in Adding to it I would say, BBs are now the over powered class in any tier. That means, BBs are now able to take care of 3/4 of ships in any tier (up to 9 ships). Balanced right? Any ways this is not the cruisers fault. Its up to the BB driver to know what are the capabilities of his fleet. Its chess man, not checkers.
  15. Worst match throw?

    With the highs, comes the lows. Games that are memorable is when these opposites are at the extreme side. However when these extremes happen, I want to be HIGH! It happens its part of the lure of WOWS :P