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  1. As long as you dont tell a new guy (from a nuked thread) how to commit "conspiracy to commit Bank Fraud." Calling for such action also dont help new guys...
  2. Navalpride33

    IFHE, skill is inefficient

    At least I got the survival right... Yup SE that is it,... I'll take SE over or any other skill other the IFHE for guns over 200mm Taking IFHE just for secondaries... Works for a few ships, mainly BB... I'll take extra HP or some other skill...
  3. Navalpride33

    IFHE, skill is inefficient

    Gun caliber is over 200mm... Its telling you if you do so its a waste of 4 cpt pts... You can still equip the skill... HOWEVER, it really will not give you any benefit then say any other cpt skill. Since its tier 10... I suggest to get BOS and get 10 tiers of extra health over IFHE...
  4. Navalpride33

    Pats Dynasty Over!!!!!

    Looks like Super Bowl in Florida is San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs... Those who doubted the 49ers.... Fire them as your football adviser...
  5. Make sure you update your drivers for your PC, make sure you update them properly... With new updates comes diminished performance on everyone... Old PCs will have to update or lower their graphics settings.
  6. Navalpride33

    Help me choose a tier 9 BB

    Alsace or the JB... Any BB you pick its OP from tier 8 on...
  7. Navalpride33

    meaningful Kremlin nerfs

    In a BB/guns/rockets centered game.... GL with that... A BB can wipe out 11 ships and WG will not nerf it... If any other ship class did that, no matter if its a premium, it would be nerfed in 48 hrs.
  8. Ok boomer Love the 90s too...
  9. Navalpride33

    Well, this is fun...

    If you got pink, its because you did not make it back into the server BEFORE the match concluded.. If you would've attempted to get back into the match WHILE it concludes, then there is no warning... Now if this was a Co-op battle.. Act faster to get in, sometimes matches end in 4 min... GL
  10. Thanks for your orientation in recruitment.

    I have no much hope in new people recruitment for my clan, but I got to try anyway.

  11. For the BB player who love to sail to the frontiers of the map instead of defending the caps ... I bestow to you the cowardly lion award of Explorer of his surroundings/boarders... Along with a ship rank reduction from warship to Flag ship to Disney Cruise line... May your bravery (or lack there of) sail with purpose with the correct reflection of your cause... Congrats!
  12. Navalpride33

    Isolating own team by Lemming Train

    I am not a teacher in a team oriented game... In other words there is no "you" or "i"... All I am suggesting is the herd will go where the herd wants to go, there is nothing one can do about it... You can complain about it but why do so ? The train has left the station and it will lemme, adapt to the situation at hand... Now I am not saying the tactic works or its successful (like not capping in domination mod). In some matches, we have been able to win with Not capping in domination mode (A fatal and unforgiving habit IMO). Doing the conga line/lemming train to a cap. When it does happen play the game as normal... Do your part to secure the adv. I can't stress this enough, not capping and the lemming train tactic are more team heavy effort compared to the other tactics used... I recommend support the team... Its a challenging tactic for sure...
  13. Navalpride33

    Isolating own team by Lemming Train

    One word, Adapt....
  14. Navalpride33

    Why I say sticking together defeats CV's.

    That is determined on a match by match basis. I view some DDs as a Swiss army knife role... The quick thinker... Has to know the many possibilities to win But ships that are slow and no AA... Your role is rocket fodder for an annoying CV cpt that knows You dont have AA You dont have speed to negate his great aim (if it showed that he has one) Cruisers in tier 4 dont have AA to even protect themselves let alone others. To me, the disservice this situation has caused as for as in game experience. As well as teaching the new cpts bad habits of going after "easy" targets instead of HV targets... I lost track of how many losses were made because of the above noted situation... Its only going to get worse... Especially at high tiers...
  15. Navalpride33

    Why I say sticking together defeats CV's.

    Nope... DDs have the fastest rudder shift in tier 4... It doesn't stop the CV with good aim... SPeed does, the faster the ship the less time a CV driver with good aim will hit you. Again, staying together only works for BBs as I stated in my O P, it doesn't change the ships role in a match at all... DDs on the other hand, changes the ships role in a CV match in a drastic fashion... That is the point Yes I played the ARK beta as a event capacity... its OP even with no AA, and staying with a cruiser is a good idea... Not for a DD.