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  1. Navalpride33

    Anyone know what the latest patch actually did?

    Fixed CV AP dmg done on the KONGO... It was a little to high.
  2. Navalpride33


    I was on the opposite side of the coin... I was in a match in where we were behind all match, the red HOOD manage 6 kills, and some how... He lost and We manage a win. Boy he was not happy after that... I am surprised he did not come to the forums to complain about it... Valiant effort on his part.
  3. Navalpride33

    WOWs will help if your clan commander is AWOL, right?

    According to WG policy, after 90 days of commander being absent from the clan... Its not stealing. Anyone can claim the leadership role of the clan... Its not constitute stealing when technically he is AWOL of 3 months. A clan has the right to thrive with a new leader. Instead of suffering the consequences of a lack of leadership from an AWOL commander.
  4. Navalpride33

    Disconnecting every match

    This can be investigated in many ways... GPU/CPU update and installation properly. ISP issue.. PC Resources are being used to the max, preventing smooth use of the WOWS client. Heating issues... Over heating components, zaps performance from a PC... Check out these issues, and make the changes needed to fix your issue.
  5. Navalpride33

    New Guy

    My advice... Check out the "how it works" playlist here https://www.youtube.com/c/WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel/playlists And dont rush up the tiers to fast... Overall have fun.
  6. Navalpride33

    Stats do matter

    That is the difference... You're using percentage... I am using Bell curves Percentiles Probability theory Probability of random chance Applied math stuff... Tools used to interpret information the numbers put out... The problem you have, you're trying to define a player in a team game. One player, don't determine if you're going to win or lose... Your assertion that it does somehow matter, is by definition, distorted thinking on your part.
  7. Navalpride33

    in not sure what happing

    Pink and orange status dont just happen for no reason... More then likely, you failed to actually try to get back in time BEFORE the match ended... Since I am not there to see what is the issue.. You have two main avenues to explore where the problem lays... Not updating and installing your GPU/CPU drivers properly The connection in your home or area, is failing to provide... An uninterrupted data stream from your house to the WOWS gaming server... If you need assistance to help you find the problem.. I'll be here, granted I am an amateur troubleshooter in a gaming forum..I may not have the ultimate solution to your issue. I go by past forum post to compile the must common issues, players face in their issues. GL @IfYouSeeKhaos This one slip my surveillance. Thank to you for letting me see this issue...
  8. Navalpride33

    Stats do matter

    Troll you ? You're trolling applied MATH with your unbiased/unproven assertions. I dont dabble in your conspiracy theories.
  9. Navalpride33

    Should I get Georgia or Thunderer?

    Not me, the majority of the Thunderer owners in tier 10, play it as a Conqueror... As far as I can tell, the HE slinging tactic works for them... That is why, when I face a Thunderer... They'll be using HE... Now is it wrong ??? IF its stupid but it works then its not stupid.. I dont "have" the ships in my port.. I do have access to them from time to time in events... I do play against them every time I play a tier 10 battle in the live or PTS server environments. Never fails to have a Thunderer or Conqueror topping the boards in Rank or CB, by just using HE.
  10. Navalpride33

    First day back in 4 years

    If this ^^^ was the reason for your departure, Then I strongly recommend to stay retired... Also, 4 years ago... MM was not set at +2. If I remember correctly, 4 years ago, tier 4 ships were able to see Yamatos. Now, do enjoy your stay... However, MM is not the problem, its the fall guy... Power creep, is what causes people to complain about MM. People just love WG power creep products..
  11. Navalpride33

    Should I get Georgia or Thunderer?

    I am sorry to inform, The Thunderer do not fill this expectation... The Thunderer is more like an HE slinging Conqueror... If you're in the market for that, then get the Thunderer... IMO, I recommend the Georgia, unless you want what the Thunderer offers.
  12. Navalpride33

    Clutch Double Strike!

    In a BB no less. Good show.
  13. Navalpride33

    Stats do matter

    Applied math like statistics, disagrees with you and your assertion...
  14. Navalpride33

    Border Penalty

    There's already a penalty for hugging the boarder... I love boarder-huggers, they're easy to sink when their engine is reduced by %50.
  15. Navalpride33

    "Either/Or" missions

    OR missions means, you finish one of the two offered objectives and you finish the mission... It doesn't matter which one you finish as long as you finish one of the two objective.. Its done you get rewarded and it counts toward your total.