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  1. Whatever you're watching do not reflect the actual composition of players in a giver tier... Therefor, "SERVER STATS" is not a good indicator... Can you please try again?
  2. Another torp hate thread... And you wounder why WOWS is getting stale with the same ol gun show, time and time again.
  3. To Late... The rework was one of the multitude of issues players have moved on. Que sera sera..
  4. Navalpride33

    Torps drops go anywhere

    A ver... Si tu puedes reproducir la falla en la sala de entrenamiento o cuando juegas, grabarlo en tu replays? En el video, el angulo donde disparo Flamu era muy precipitoso. No me convence de una falla en la mecánica. El angulo y el prospectivo del barco rojo, y no de su barco en cuando dispara los torpedos. Nunca se veo o noto cuando se disparo. Gracias por dejarme asistir en el asunto... Saludos Capitán...
  5. Navalpride33

    Torps drops go anywhere

    Bueno, en el video de Flamu (en la cual no me gusta su personaje pero ni modos.) Solo veo capturas de fotos sobre el incidente, pero no es de mayor cosa para ayudarte... Eso es lo que tu ves también ???
  6. Navalpride33

    Torps drops go anywhere

    (in the whole 40 sec video) All I get is still photos but nothing that will help your cause... Is that what you see as well ?
  7. Navalpride33

    It's the weekend.

    Carry harder...
  8. Navalpride33

    Scenario achievement. What is it?

    There maybe a chance, the OP found a way to receive the achievement not noted in the WIKI or written by the WIKI editors... This possibility is not the fault of my longevity... As the Queen Of England, famously stated in a past quote.. (with a revision and citation). " Thank you to the fair gentlemen with 24k battles, for making me fill so old (and Wise )
  9. Navalpride33

    Scenario achievement. What is it?

    https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Achievements It doesn't give more info then what Slimeball gave... At least its there... Who are the Wiki editors? As long as they're not posted in the forum header.... They're going to be known as "Anonymous."
  10. Navalpride33

    Scenario achievement. What is it?

    @Slimeball91 Ninja'ed me because all I got was the explanation in the wiki for the same photograph.
  11. You know the mantra... I might as well get credit for it... "Be careful what you ask to big brother, you may not like the end results" I get a kick out of how the DEV team come up with the wildest ideas, deviating greatly, from the player's expectation when it was asked for years earlier..
  12. I dont know what's worse in the meme DIV dept... 3 Ise or 3 Kitakami's Its the player base worst fears in one package if you see them in a match... Plane Spam OR Torp Soup... Either way... High tiers is so screwed.
  13. This only means one thing... The arrival of the Kitakami is near...
  14. Navalpride33

    How will bad players deal with Subs.

    very care free...