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  1. Favorite YouTuber?

    jingles, for a salty ol overlord he does have his charm
  2. I would start the conversation this way. What type of relationship/role do we want the CV to be in for the fleet as a whole, what type of contributions do we want to see for playing this vital role that is reasonable. To me the GZ is a freak nature and its because of This idea that a CV can take over the whole map/situation and there is nothing below the plane's target they can do about it. Over compensation of extra AA defense to counter the CVs assault is near the saturation point. Saturation point means, either GZ planes to strong that the AA defense appears weak OR Surface ships AA defense is to strong that the CV player can't do DMG, his options of DMGing ships is limited to a few rather then the BIG list you posted. IMO, the answer this question I would recommend for the good of the fleet, that the CV role never goes past "support" role. If we even attempt to change the that vital role to something else, THEN that is how the GZ problem starts and it will only get worse. Support role means Having the overhead view Spotting with fighters and if able confront red fighters. The use of T-bombers and D-bombers to "weakened" the red fleet BUT not wipe them out. THe CV class is the only type of play style in where DMG farming is not only encouraged Its a must. I know that changes are coming, however if we maintain these basic parameters in place, then like me I would dive into the deep end of the CV pool. Till then I can only recommend or lobby for changes. CHeers !
  3. SO someone who looks up your stats to have an idea of what type of capable ship you play to get an idea what situation you will more likely to confront is some how an idiot? Now its cool to be all gun-ho and just stick to your guns and just say you disagree and say Then I would be well, he is entitled to his opinion. An opinion that doesn't carry much weight but its an opinion none the less. Considering what ships you play in the first place, one can assume the outcome based on the capabilities of the ship. Now IF you use the ship in a different way, then that requires more in-dept reading of your stats. All I stated was I understand where your coming from, Danm the stats, its how I feel that is more important. You are defending points 1 and 2 of my original post. That is your choice, I prefer a more civil game play in where personal responsibility takes importance over shaming the victim of the friendly (not so friendly) shooters torps. Take care.
  4. Tier 3-4...your favorite cruiser?

    at Tier 4, simple the original hoarder of citadels, the Russian cruiser Svietlana. This old girl will have a date with your Citadel and set to mood with fire. Very hard hitting.
  5. That is the challenging part of the game. Think of it this way, if you had easy games all the time you long in for say 8 games. You go 8 for 8 consistently every time, what kind of a challenge is that ? None, now I would argue if you are consistently winning in random. That is the toughest thing to do, not to mention your playing a very hard ship line to master. Either way the game will be here if you do decided to play other games, I some times need a break to since we have our things that need our attention. In summery this game is well a challenge :P. CHeers!
  6. hmmm what I am looking forward to is "Smoke screens will now be visible from all distances regardless of graphics settings or hardware configuration. Previously, the rendering sequence applied to smoke screens could be broken, making any deployed smoke invisible in the binoculars view." ooo boy I don;t think this is a good idea... IF you hit someone especially with torps causing him to sink, you should be sunk as well. Oh well, a win for the TK'ers its not an automatic sink if they sink a friendly with torps. SO from what I am reading, I torp a friendly first hit is free the 2nd and subsequent hit THEN the mirror dmg takes into affect. I dont like that arrangement, but I will hold my judgement till someone whines about in the forums. CHeers!
  7. I have said in many whinny post about the system that the firing salvo of HE in close proximity to the firing arc is a little bit to sensitive. if they down that sensitivity down then its cool. This one is a working as expected. Cruisers need to learn to control the torp trigger finger and aim when there is a friendly in front of them. Sadly I guess going to this extreme is the solution I guess. I blame the cruiser on this one. Cheers!
  8. Are The Missions Bugged?

    If you dont have the rewards then you need t finish it. One thing that is not a bug is the game's ability to track what you have done for a given mission. That I can assure you the game is very good at tracking progress. Its still a visual bug.
  9. Are The Missions Bugged?

    Its not a reset per se, I know what is he trying to say. For me, I get completed combat mission from say a week ago showing up again as a new mission OR sometimes it shows its complete but still there. Now IF I confirm that I received the reward I ignore it, but its a really annoying display bug that has been awhile for months now. I just don;t know have to clear it but I should take a snap shot, maybe next time. Cheers! it is a display bug
  10. IF you don;t like frustrating games and you like games in which you are in control then this game is not for you. Random play is that Random, now Operations you can tell some one is messing up on purpose because its a predictable evolution of events. Just remember, 'In hell you be in good company' just something to look forward too instead of dreading over your loses. Cheers! PS Speed the video to 1.5 speed thank me later) love this amish mafia lol.
  11. Cruiser Gameplay

    It is better but the learning curve is steep compared to the Khaba
  12. Cruiser Gameplay

    IF your starting to hate US cruiser play in the higher tiers, Then I suggest the Khaba. It only gets worse with the DM
  13. The St.Louis class cruiser is a piece of junk.

    Your right its not funny, Its down right hilarious, is it the smoke stacks ? I rarely see anyone complain about the appearance of a ship because of there smoke stacks. Anyways I love the St. Louis, Here we are going down the river. Cheers!
  14. If WG asked the community whats next?

    Ocean, for ALL tiers not just tier X. This will increase team play since you're forced to play as a team.
  15. Torpedo Ricochet?

    It happens, usually if your to close for the torp to aim you will hear the thump sound of a torp ricochet.