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  1. Navalpride33

    The Ping Mechanic

    Its almost hard not to watch the train wreck... Its the morbid curiosity of our human nature... It is what it is...
  2. Navalpride33

    The Ping Mechanic

    So is current AP characteristics BB AP very high accuracy Some cruisers whom cant angle because it doesn't work HE spam The current flood chance ratio. So much "unnecessary and Unrealistic" points to choose from, so now you want SUBS to play by the whats "necessary and realistic" Rules ??NO! Let WG do what WG does best.. Restricting a class before its live is discriminatory.
  3. Navalpride33

    iChase showing some submarine gameplay

    IMO, Maybe having the homing mechanic on all torp DD is a good idea... Anything to increase the current dismal %8 torp hit rate...
  4. Some who dont remember the past are condemned to repeat it... As a long time player of MMO games (since 2005), WG has made the same errors/mistakes as my other MMO game did. After over 10 years in operation, they stopped Operations... I am grateful to the Devs of that game to print my avatar when the installation process happens... I say that to note the following.. WG is making the same fatal mistakes as that particular gaming publisher. For me its deja vu. At current state, I dont give WOWS much credit surviving 10 years. If it does, is because of reasons other then having fun. I do have to point out, yeah the enjoyment of watching the WOWS streams. Does diminished when grown men (not entitled millennial's as some have hinted) Beg for free stuff. Its rude.
  5. Get home safe Aslain, will be hear for your return...
  6. Navalpride33

    Viejos Portaaviones aun viven?

    estan en version 7.3
  7. Navalpride33

    Viejos Portaaviones aun viven?

    Si amigo, es mejor tarde que nunca pero si, en el servidor Chino. Los puerto aviones de los tiempo 7.0, todavía existe. http://wows.kongzhong.com/
  8. Navalpride33

    Hilarious Anti-CV fail rantage.

    Wolfy since its co-op, I assume its :IRSTUPID:
  9. Navalpride33

    I can’t seem to find a DD line I want to play

    The weakest/highest skill requirement DD are PA-DDs IJN torp line DDs. The meh DD line USA Germany The flat out OP/Over capable DD line RU DDs French DD IJN Gun DDs Any Gun DD against torp DDs The newbie forgiving DD line British AA strong DDs Kidd RU DD Udaloi line No Matter what nation or DD you play, its *IMPORTANT* to know how to play the game mode. I cant stress it enough... Hope this helps OP
  10. Navalpride33

    New information about how Submarines will work.

    Few things, WG dont know/cant find the middle ground on overburdening players OR playing in console (where %80 of the action is automated). We still haven't learned anything from the "rework" debacle... Having to click minimum a thousand times a game is ill-advise, as well as the current snooze fest of the rework, is ill-advised as well. considering some cruisers are at the over-worked lvl... I think DDs should have some form of manual depth charge capability. Its just MHO... BTW, Subs are NOT going into Randoms this time around (they just might change their minds and leave subs as their own game mode)...Right now, Planing for the Halloween 2019 event is done... Now its just putting in all the components for the Oct. Patch. That means SUBS are getting their own game mode. Whoever is stating false narratives other then what I noted above... Just is spreading wrong information...
  11. Navalpride33

    Maplesyrup Request

    Why not use all available 3rd party stats sites? Giving different perspectives to an issue is IMO highly recommended.. What I dont like to see in a stat worksheet is, one stat source/location. Me as a reader, I will dive in to the integrity/validity of the numbers. If your numbers are wrong, then the integrity of the conclusion will be skewed. Now I am not saying maple is totally bad... All I am saying is, Maple is flawed but useful in key areas. I would not Maple for general assertions or to make a declaration of fact, for a few points. Maple is not accurate Maple has some data private. I would use maple to as a reflective tool or a comprehensive snap shoot as to the stat values it collects. In the end, I would caution my readers to the shot falls of the links... At least that is what I would do.
  12. Navalpride33

    Please stop rewarding cowards

    Tactic fails I have seen The conga line to one side or cap Some times it works, must times well... You know... The crack run in two brothers Some guys know how to use the crack to win.. Using the crack in Random game mode a little to early Going down the crack alone Going down the crack EARLY in Domination mode. BBs not pushing... BBs pushing a tad to late... BBs forgetting their brave pills/man pants when no red DDs are alive. cruisers not hunting DDs... cruisers (the high caliber gun ones) not hunting red cruisers.. Slow BBs (like a NM) taking the Norwegian cruise way instead of fighting/supporting ANY SHIP, I do mean any ship regardless of class... Ending up at the A, B, I, H, 1, 2, 9 or 10 line BBs playing beyond 10km from a nearest cap in Domination mode. DDs not spotting first... Any ship, NOT KNOWING how to play the game mode... Sky cancer not sinking DDs. Players who DMG farm instead of sinking the priority target ship I can go on and on... But its the basic complaints as to why wins turn into loses for me.
  13. Navalpride33

    Maplesyrup Request

    Maple is not a good site for reliable stats.... Just got in a 15 DD game... Sucked
  14. Navalpride33

    PSA: A friendly observation from a restless spirit

    I disagree with you WNN... The reason BBs are OP/Over capable now is BECAUSE OF, not needing other ships in the fleet to accomplish a win. You put ASW on BBs AND all cruisers, then you have no targets a sub will attack... DDs and light cruisers fine, BBs? You're pushing it...
  15. Navalpride33

    Asashio, what Shimakaze should be, or was?

    Unfortunate for me I play every game aggressively.... I have manage to be in the top 15 of ATL capt. with the must torp hits...