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  1. Navalpride33

    WoWs is inflating premium time

    inflation, not only does it happen in game. It happens in RL too.
  2. Navalpride33

    Ships that take to much energy to play?

    Any tier 10 ship, Tier 10 battles really drain my energy. Its a very boring environment in where, BBs are over capable and the first one to either lose them or have lack of production as a class in a fleet you're in. Its a loss. In tier 10 (tier 9 only battle is not that bad, tier 8 only battle its starts to be the above described situation) No other class ships can carry alone IF the BBs fail to do anything production regardless of game mode. however, IF you manage to have the other two classes of ships (3 if you count the CV) pull the BBs lack of production to edge out a win, then that would be my definition of a miracle match. But yeah iter 10 is a drain on my energy. Did I mention the CVs are over capable at tier 10 too? Thank god for the remake now dont screw the "balance" because then is the remake 3.0
  3. Navalpride33

    Cruiser tone coming after CV update?

    YIKES Mini Izumo... My the WOWS gods have mercy on us all for having two black sheep of the IJN ship line (all 4 gun batteries up front).
  4. From what I understood, friendly was in front You had the mini map awareness to know a friendly was in torp range, yet it was your choice to send torps with a friendly in front of you knowing full well there was a "chance/gamble" he might get hit. If I am understanding this than, its your fault. There is no friendly torps once you fire them. IF a marine fires a grenade at an enemy at close proximity of friendly marines one thing for certain, its NJP =NON Judicial Punishment if he causes any injuries to his fellow marines. Military tribunal if he kills someone. In game you get 3 games pink. Do your penance and move on. One thing for sure, a game with out consequences breeds out bad behaviors of "Nothing will happen to me if I become a jerk and fire at friendlies." In that regard WOWS did great deed in giving warning out on that toxic behavior.
  5. Navalpride33

    Why keep playing?

    ^^^ What are you talking about ? MM is broken because of Over capable ships.So why would your theory be correct if that is the problem in he first place ? If you decide to move on then I wish you well in what ever game you decide to waste time in. Take care.
  6. Navalpride33

    Ouch, A Costly Blunder

    I know some very heavy tanker ships are go bridge Dark underway. IF the eyes are not adjusted to the lights, these things can happen. That is way you don't drive with the car dome light on, Ever.
  7. Navalpride33

    How Not To Suck - Two Bad Player Types

    I know you're capable of playing the objective in hand in the past no argument there. However, in this video you only positioned your self to shoot at BBs and that was your mind set from the start. That mind set ended up being your down fall. Remember if you post a video in the forums critiquing others, then you open yourself to the same standards. As stated before, Cruisers hunt DDs not BBs in domination mode. Although you may disagree with my interpretation, in that fight it still was cruiser and BB fail, BB fail mainly. DDs can't carry its not natural for them to do so. Farm DMG on BBs after you sink DDs. Not before. Next time farm DMG on the DDs, that way the caps wont flip as fast. Especially in Domination mode. I loved the video, Even though we may have disagreements on the events. Cheers!
  8. Navalpride33

    Wargaming...sly devil you...

    Only a few can pull this off. The ones with not enough credits will find this statement to be false.
  9. Navalpride33

    How Not To Suck - Two Bad Player Types

    I disagree with you're analogy on the game and on MM. On MM, starting at on the 6:35min mark where you start your rant. A game developer is up front with how things are done and you dont believe it? Then I ask my self why ?What is your motivating factor. Then At the 6:50 min mark your true intentions come out. Where you stated "The win streak I've encountered equals the losing streak you encountered". By the laws of math because math is a law, if your wins = your loses then your at %50 WInrate. If you have more wins then losses then its above %50. If you have more loses then win hen you're below %50. The more games played you have (say I am close to 13k games played Plus other event accts.) The harder it is to have a higher WR knowing the above formula. Others with over capable ships, will have a different perspective about MM. Because they have those over capable ships, they're encounter with MM is believable because they're winning (will they're over capable ship is). Trust me you don't want Skill based MM. Your results is valid, after when I seen in the video I can see why you have those extreme win/loss streaks. Now about the Match itself, Mind you, when anyone posts a video in the forum criticizing other people game play. Then the OP opens himself to critique as well. Fair Advisory in advance. DDs as a whole in the Battle did one hell of a job. Caped 3 capture pts with no help from the BBs. DDs also tried to defend he caps in a losing effort. Cruisers failed, upon your death, the red DD was still alive. You complained about the DD helping himself but at the same time you helped your self to the BB HP and never once fired at a DD. As the cruiser in domination mode, if you fail to sink a red DD, you will lose the majority of your battles (I can believe why you have extreme win/loss swings and its not MM fault. Is your play style in the game mode). IJN DDs are atonamos to the fleet (except the IJN gunboats). Its the job of the IJN DD to be independent of he fleet. What a I saw was DDs capped while cruisers failed to sink a red DD, reds recapped because no pressure from the cruisers and no BBs in the caps. BB really failed. Failed to protect the caps after our DDs caped it. Failed to do anything productive. Failed the sink the cruisers My suggestion to you Elo. In domination mode, playing a cruiser, sink the DDs instead of farming BB HP Dmg. Yeah you did DMG but for the game mode, you failed the objective therefore the loss was earned on your part. Also Once you sink all the DDs then you can "encourage" the Big guns to come closer to battle. GL/HF
  10. "One small step for WG, One gaint leap for WG on Xbox one". This is a big deal in trying to gain market share of the consoles. I wish WOWS Xbox one Dept a lot of luck with this new project.
  11. One Concept, Damage Saturation.
  12. Navalpride33

    Chance or Coincidence?

    I dont think he was talking about the "patent" it self. That I know. Up to a certain point, having a very high % can be interpreted as something else like for example: A Boxer who pads his stats by facing off or facing "soft" competition. I dont think for a sec MM is restricting people to %50 or close to it. There is a balance affect. In essence, where in order for one group of players to be at a certain percentage than the there is a certain number of the player population that will be lower or higher percentage. What determines this is the win or the loss produced in game. IMO they're two factors in which MM can;t calculate which are The Human Factor The over capable ship factor. At least with the #2 part of the argument, mirror match making should've resolve that. Its not perfect because factor #3 and #4 comes into play The volume of players in queue, what ships those players have selected to play. Now, not every game is going to be a perfect game based on these factors. One thing for sure, many games in the past. Have ceased operation when implementing skills based MM. But if we HAVE to instill it just to give the community a taste of the harshness of the idea (because IMO I dont think it will not resonate how bad the idea is in the first place). Then its going to be a long ride. :).
  13. Navalpride33

    Chance or Coincidence?

    ^^^^ I dont see this anywhere a Russian bear from the DEV team has held a Q&A opportunity... This needs a citation or its hearsay/fake news.
  14. Navalpride33

    Chance or Coincidence?

    MM, MM, MM, MM, before that was the CV rework. Before that the apocalypses of the Asashio. The problem is when people start believing these fairy tales. Adults, they lie kids... Santa is not real, There is no cookie monster (that is me on a hungry afternoon) There is no boogie man I feel better, in this case the truth will set you free.