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    MatchMakingMonitor and PotatoAlert ext. apps

    Both PotatoAlert and MMM are in the game folder but they did not function at all(
  2. makimota_fighter

    MatchMakingMonitor and PotatoAlert ext. apps

    I came to a humble conclusion that this Aslains modpack was quite a buggy one for me (
  3. makimota_fighter

    MatchMakingMonitor and PotatoAlert ext. apps

    Hi again, Aftermath uninstall of the latest Aslain's modpack 0.10.3 the game hangs at entry stage so I need to check and repair game client. My query is simple is that happen to everybody who installs this modpack or is it only my issue?
  4. Hi there, Why MMM and PotatoAlert ext. apps won't working after their installation? All other selected mods are installed and working except these two apps. 1) PotatoAlert even won't install itself and pops up a notification about a missing dll file and 2) MMM installs and puts its icon in the taskbar and dissappears right after clicking on it!!! Any ideas how to make these both external apps work?
  5. makimota_fighter

    PSA: Trojan issue with mxstat

    Hi, after installing last release of mxStat and it’s mod to the game folder, I sadly noticed in-game lags!!! Tried it with and without mods: results are same lags in the game! How to completely remove mxStat from computer and it’s traces whatsoever?