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  1. CaptainZub

    Pay 2 Win: The Game

  2. CaptainZub

    Update 12.5 - Bug Reports

    Clan missing on patch.
  3. To access and play this game, at some level, remember it is all about the
  4. CaptainZub

    do cheat codes exist, and if so how common are they?

    To those who seek a "Cheat Code", this may be heresy, it is only a game, so say to them.......
  5. Same, see below from game and to the left in forum...
  6. CaptainZub

    Twitch Drops in Update 12.6

  7. CaptainZub

    why do people drop depth charge with no SS?

    I wish I could offer words of wisdom, but Betty White beat me to it...
  8. This is a better approach...
  9. CaptainZub

    oohhh the games tonight

  10. CaptainZub

    Took a break...