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  1. CaptainZub

    EULA violation?

    Just might be a simple case of the stupids. Remember....
  2. CaptainZub

    my shoulders hurt.......

    A big cold one I hope....
  3. CaptainZub


    I agree with several points. My thoughts.. Very true. Very true, maybe add more enemy bots or eliminate the -2 bot ships and only do same tier and +2 Agree. Too much "long-range play". Yes I know get better. But if you are -2 tier it is a pain. Somewhat agree. Though if you see an "old friend" it is nice to say hi. Maybe only during the first ~2 minutes. Gold star for you.
  4. CaptainZub

    Ban Subs

    Happening when pigs fly.
  5. CaptainZub

    Need more achievements

    Please consider adding Cue-Ball and wth. Cue-Ball: 10 or more ricochets in a single battle Cause a fire or an Incapacitation with no damage Ricochet Ricochet
  6. CaptainZub


  7. CaptainZub

    which T7 cruisers do you NOT use in Narai

    Skip all others on the list until I get to the USS Atlanta, fires fast has torpedoes
  8. CaptainZub

    Wow this just happenned live on Stream.

    Interesting thread. One point did catch my attention, his income from stream depends on audience. Don't care who it was, but this was a lot of free advertising.
  9. CaptainZub

    Bad news for Coop player's

    I will not stress out. Some may take the hard road and go for the big bonuses. Personally I'll just enjoy my coop and nice cold...
  10. CaptainZub

    Never give up =)

    You forgot to add...