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  1. S16_Hunter

    What would it take to get you playing again?

    Strangely enough in the last week i have had some games that were incredibly close and came down to the last minute or two to decide the outcome.. Lost a few won a few and i was absolutely stunned that it was happening.. Up until these games happened i can't remember the last time it wasn't a total stomping for one side or the other.. I think i had probably 6-8 games that were super close the last week give or take a day.. Who knows why? Thankful that they happened as it made me realize it's still possible, i was losing my objectivity in that regard. Close game used to be the order of the day and that was what made WOW's really interesting but i can't put a finger on when the stomps started, well any specific change/update etc.
  2. S16_Hunter

    Done with Ranked.

    i Got to 10 and called it a day, way to much back and forth and i'd hate to get down to say 7 and run into a streak of "OMG WE STINK" teams and end up back at 10.. If they had a non revocable at say 7 or 6.. or even 5 that would make it more tolerable in my opinion. I didn't see a lot of salt in chat while i was playing, some but it was not to bad, actually had some games where chat was constructive and useful and a few where it was just plain funny.. Teams were all over the board ship wise and stomps were the order of the day for the most part.. I sold my Kitty when i got the Gumo.. i may buy it back.. Not having faced many Blacks in the past that was a new experience and not entirely pleasant either :) 10 and done.. got the flag.. i'm good.
  3. S16_Hunter

    Looking at another T6 cruiser for Ops

    DeGrasse - useful everywhere.. Perth - HaungHe - i have both and can't stand the Perth, HaungHe on the other hand is decent and has great AA but short range guns.. Torp reload booster is a + Leander.. good choice Buddy and Nurnburg - Both squishy and the Nurn is kind of slow, but man can they put out some rounds and the Nurn has better torps.. Molotov - Very squishy but has great guns.. Citadel ships like nobodies business and it does wonders on forts. Little slow to reload but not horrible. Primarily I use the Degrasse, Nurn and Buddy .. Those are the go to ships for tier 6 scenarios if i'm playing a cruiser, i'll dabble in the others but mostly it's those 3. Graf is ok but not enough rounds down range.. torps are awesome though..
  4. S16_Hunter

    USN BB's - How Bad?

    Both, when i do play in a division we usually get stars, ranging from 2 - 5.. but being in a division is no guarantee. You only make up part of the team. Sure it's fun but dang can it be frustrating to play that scenario, even with your buds.. But if you think about it and to me this is the thing, it is difficult and challenging and why would you want it any other way? Sure flat out "no way to get this done" is one thing and would just suck. And ho hum this is boring another 5 star, would be just as bad.. sure farming credits is one thing.. but super easy/boring is another. There is a group that specializes in scenarios and offers to div up with folks, they have a link i believe in another thread on the forums about it. And on subject, USA BB's up till the NC can be frustrating.. NC and up.. awesome.. Try the French line, the lower tier BB's are fun to play, well at least for me they were, Normandie was really fun. i'm up to the Alsace t9 boat in that line and except for the T8 boat i've liked it a lot. T8 boat and i just didn't mix well. Another BB you might like is the FUSO - Don't be in a great hurry to rush up.. although the game is designed to make that happen. High Tier play is daunting.
  5. S16_Hunter

    USN BB's - How Bad?

    out of all the operations this one i consider the hardest.. I've gotten 5 stars several times in the last few days but those are surrounded by stunning failures and zero stars.. It is tough, have to have the correct mix of ships and folks that can shoot and scoot.. I have seen it 5 stared a couple of different ways so i don't think there is "one" set way to do great at it. I had a game i had 246,000 in damage, killed 12 ships.. and got zero stars.. arrgg.. High DPM cruisers are the best choice, couple of BB's.. either ones that reload a little quicker or something that has great secondaries. DD's.. well it takes a fair amount of skill to do well in a DD in this op, my opinion of course others may disagree. Keeping the 3rd wave out if the hardest part in my opinion. If you loose one or two ships before that it is hard to recover and get good scores. Sadly to say in my opinion CV's in this scenario have not contributed as much as say another high DPM cruiser would. There have been a few exceptions but very few .. Although the CV's can provide good spotting capability if they are willing to do that so the rest of the ships can engage further out.
  6. Been looking for a decent FPS, anyone play Div 2 ? Played FPS all the way from Delta Force - done most of the BF titles and COD's although that got to gimmicky for me. Played CS long time ago.. I played MAG on the PS3 and that was a fun game, but gave up the PS3.. Fortnite is out, but some folks i know play Pubg.. may give that a try.. So nothing recently and i'm still looking for something that is not overly complicated..
  7. S16_Hunter

    Best Ships for Ranked Season 13

    Yes you should not have, you should have played at least 2 random battles ok, so there are exceptions.. But for us "average" players i still believe that bringing a new ship to ranked is not a good idea.
  8. S16_Hunter

    Best Ships for Ranked Season 13

    I would agree the best ship is the one you are knowledgeable about and comfortable playing. The ship you should NOT bring to a Ranked match is one you have less then 10 matches in. One match one player on our team said in chat "sorry guys new to this ship".. "How many games?" someone asked, "oh about 10".. REALLY.. LOL i applaud his enthusiasm and he must have been struggling with other ships he normally plays.. but Don't practice with your new ships in Ranked. On a side note, he did ok.. not horribly bad but nothing stellar either and it was a BB.. so we did lose some carry weight..
  9. S16_Hunter

    Rank is just a [edited] show

    Don't disagree that it forces the matter, but you get so many that don't want to "get in the middle" and fight.. Figure they can hover around the outside and just long range snipe.. Just get's frustrating to me being in the circles watching your big guns hanging out side, "hoping to survive", or rack up enough HP to "save that star" but yet not help the team really. Not that any map is much different honestly.. so .. just seems worse to me on Epi.. And Epi can be challenging tactically because you can hold certain rings and still score points but folks easily lose track of that as well. Really wish they would take that "save a star" thing away, you lose and you lose a star.. done..
  10. S16_Hunter

    Ranked ...breaking the mold!!

    And even after you fire at them they don't know you exist because EVERY SHELL is either short or long or left or wide right and your not getting close enough to even make them wince.. That ship vexes me.. it was Nagato originally that got me, now the Izumo and i thought it had got a buff.. it was not enough.. LOL. I wish you well ! it may be a long long grind using that ship.
  11. S16_Hunter

    Rank is just a [edited] show

    Started out at 15 - and it was miserable for a lot of games, stomps in both directions mostly. up one down 2 back up three, down 4.. arrgg.. Stopped playing, then Saturday early started again and got hooked up with several good teams and rolled up to 10. I'm stopping there as that was the goal for me anyhow.. But yeah it's feast or famine.. Saw every ship i think 9 has.. Lot's of GA's, JB's, Kitties, Had games with NO DD's.. only Cruisers and BB's, and a couple of games with 4 DD's per side and no cruisers. And for the love of all that is holy WG TAKE OUT EPICENTER ! omg.. the more i play that the more i can't stand it..
  12. S16_Hunter

    Super ultra noob question about fires

    I would think that whomever's fire/flooding/last shell hit that takes the ship to 0 HP will get credited with the kill.
  13. S16_Hunter

    What the f... with overpens?

    I know a of a sure way to not worry about what you get for every salvo ! for every Over pen - Take a shot of your favorite alcoholic beverage! by the time you get through 3 or 4 salvos's you won't care what the follow on salvo's do!.. of course these days with as many OP's as you get you maybe falling out of your chair.. LOL.. It's no wonder you see more BB's shooting HE all the time. And i have had times when i got broadside cruisers and BB's at close range, inside 10k, and put that ole cross hair right at the water line just enough windage and poof.. all the shells go into the water.. no damage.. But the over pens.. yeah wow.. lot's of those to go around, granted i'll say a lot of times it's just RNG or my aiming but other times nah.. just no way they should over pen. But it is what it is, won't change so i just switch to a different ship or shoot HE or go play a DD or cruiser and don't worry about it.
  14. S16_Hunter

    What ships do you plan to use in Rank?

    Personally i think you are going to see the Benham a LOT.. the way that thing dumps torps out.. Had not really thought about it honestly.. Fair amount of T9 dd's in port, Few Cruisers and a couple of BB's.. Still thinking about picking up the Georgia. Probably play a few see what is trending.. and do something different. I doubt i'll go all the way to R1.. probably hit 10 and stop like i did the last time.
  15. S16_Hunter

    French Destroyer containers question

    Nothing for me.. but that's ok, think i've had about a dozen crates. I have the Aigle and the Terrible and i don't really care one way or another if i get any of the other French DD's. Maybe at some point i'll grind that line..