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  1. You want toxic.. you should listen to some of the stuff in chat for COD -- i'm a former sailor so I've heard some things... but wow.. some of the stuff makes you cringe, especially in these times, some of the racial name calling is pretty amazing.. WOW's pales in comparison.. it's always easy to be the "tough guy" or the "spoiled brat" behind the keyboard when your just a screen name..
  2. Awesome! yeah we brought her around from Seattle and i left in geez.. 81.. Went to the Bremerton up in New London then sailed her over to Pearl. got out in 83.. Where you still in Charleston during your tour? That was a nice city..
  3. Well i served as well in the Submarine force, and we have something in common. I'm a plank owner on the Frank Cable also a FTG1/SS... Served on Frank Cable but was only PO2 at the time.. And on the Uss Bremerton SSN 698 not recently in for decommissioning. When were you on the Cable?
  4. S16_Hunter

    What constitutes a "whale"?

    Spent more on this game then any other online game i have ever played.. don't know if i consider myself a "whale" though? Probably less than a $1000 spent overall, but in context i had the money to spend, not like i was shorting my mortgage payment or anything. And frankly i have other hobbies that are way more expensive :) Any of you play Golf regularly ? LOL..
  5. S16_Hunter

    A painful reminder that WGC's to come ...

    WGC is small, like <1 GB. WoWS on the other hand is 50+ GB. In that case i'm good.. I was worried it would be another 10 gig or something.. Yeah when i downloaded WOW's to start a few years ago it put it on my SSD C drive and i just have not taken the time to get it off of there..
  6. S16_Hunter

    A painful reminder that WGC's to come ...

    How Big is the launcher? not sure if i want to let it install on my C drive.. may have to wipe it all out and put it on my other D drive..
  7. S16_Hunter

    New Gaming Monitor

    Just as an update i ordered the Aorus FI27Q - it was on sale.. :) or price dropped due to newer models out there.. I'll let you know how it works.
  8. S16_Hunter

    Weekend Spree, ANZAC Day Weekend 2020 (24-26 April)

    Didn't play a single game over the weekend.. COD MW is the tipple of choice at the moment, although at times it's painful.
  9. S16_Hunter

    Killer Atago

    Was the first ship i purchased for the Game.. Great ship.. And yeah the torp angles are much nicer then Mog or Myoko.. or Aoba for that matter as well. Always have fun when i play it, great concealment.
  10. S16_Hunter

    New Gaming Monitor

    Was looking at this on NewEgg, and reading the reviews there is difficult, old, other products mixed in, have to take a lesson in sorting and selecting what reviews to read.. The Asus, is $650 - says "g-sync" the Aorus is $549 and is a compatible g-sync primarily a free-sync.. .. I'm kind of leaning toward the Aorus.. thanks everyone..
  11. S16_Hunter

    New Gaming Monitor

    Several of the View Sonic monitors get good press and reviews.. Only have room for one monitor though :) i'd Love to get a 34".. but $$ over a thousand.. Alien 34 curved wide screen.. Yeah i'd buy that if i was willing to drop $1,200 bucks.. Not quite ready to drop that kind of cash and i'd upgrade my PC before i bought that expensive a monitor. Frankly there are so many to choose from it's difficult picking one. You read great reviews and then go to you tube and see good reviews and then one or two people go.. JUNK to expensive, better choices etc.. Which is what they said about the Razer Raptor 27.. basically said your only reason to own it is if you are a Razer fanboy.. LOL.. Aorus models seems to be getting the "good monitor but a bit pricey". for what you are getting.. ANYTHING G-SYNC specific is usually 100 - 200 or more expensive. Sometimes to much information is not a good thing.. LOL..
  12. S16_Hunter

    New Gaming Monitor

    I have an alien Aurora R6.. with the GTX1080 TI.. so yeah, the 4k thing is a future consideration, not going to run it with this card. Also 27" or 32" at most.. pretty sure i'll stick to 27". The LG's get some good press but not like other models.. And yeah i'm reading more and more of the FreeSync monitors having Nvidia compatibility. This monitor is for FPS and wows.. and the FPS games need better response times.. Currently using a standard HP monitor and it works fine for WOW's.. not great for COD.. and it's geez.. 5 or more years old now..
  13. S16_Hunter

    New Gaming Monitor

    Ok, not sure where exactly this kind of post should go, so if it needs to be moved, moderators feel free. So i'm looking at getting a new Gaming monitor, 27" to 32" .. not sure if i want curved, G-sync compatible at least.. Price below 700 bucks.. Not sure i want to do 4k yet, but may.. but i won't run it there, yet. Future consideration. Been looking at a TON of them and man is the field full.. oh.. Refresh of 144hz or above, So what is everyone using ? or suggests using? I've been looking at the Razer raptor 27, gigabytes Aorus FI27Q, AD27QD, some good looking LG monitors out there also. Was looking at ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q but reading some of the reviews seemed less than desirable.. Thoughts?
  14. I disagree. 1. Yes you know enemy radar ranges, does not do you any good really if you are trying to actually scout and cap. Based on what you are saying you can't get close enough to do that, scouting and capping, if you are respecting radar ranges - If you place yourself outside of enemy radar range you have taken your DD out of the role it's intended for. Sure you may survive.. but .. not to mention, i can't spot a ship behind an island.. but they can see me. And not capping fairly early will more often then not cost you the game. And oh the joy of multiple radar ships at the same cap.. arrg.. 1a. Oh .. and if the radar guys don't get you that elusive CV player most likely will. 2. I've have done the positioning, setup perfectly, had a decent way out, but when Radar paints you and the entire red team at the Cap, oh let's see, a DM with a what? 6 second reload, a Mino? a SMOL? you get the picture, maybe just maybe you can't run away fast enough.. even with a good escape route , and in some cases those are hard to come by.. escape routes that is. of course that's ME at my skill level.. Others may fair better.. 3. I disagree with you on smoke, sure what you are saying is a good thing IF you have folks that will take advantage of it.. most i have found don't. I use smoke or try to at least as a last resort and to help break off contact if i can, works sometimes.. not always.. or i use smoke as a bait.. lay it down but don't stay in it.. hoping i don't get CV'd, Radar'd or out spotted by another DD.. LOL. I'm not playing much right now, but between radar and cv's playing dd's was getting to be un-fun.
  15. S16_Hunter

    Weekend Spree 17-19 April 2020

    Played a few games on the scenario that was it, not interested in the new Campaign.. Currently more interested in COD MW - playing that online with my kids.. been a hoot.. FYI.. i die a lot.. LOL