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  1. Looks familiar.. I've been on both sides and honestly that last few days I've actually had some really close battles which honestly is a shock because it's been so unusual of late. Either way I'm sure it's not something "sinister".. so I'm just driving on and playing and trying to enjoy myself.
  2. Tirpitz is a good choice, but keep in mind it does not matter what you are playing if a "Wuster" or Haragumo start beating on you with HE seems you will melt like butter, but they are also killable but not easily so. T8 in T10 is for sure challenging, I've had "WOW" games and a lot of those "what just happened games" . I find that you need to stay with the group more, don't let yourself get singled out, hiding, angles etc.. all good things. Be a tad bit less aggressive then you might normally be. Benson=decent, Akizuki I had fun with, slow as all get out, Tirp is always a hoot to take out, I like the hipper as it does have longer range guns which the Mog, Cleve etc. don't. Allows you to stand off a bit. Actually did ok in the Charles Martel once it was fully upgraded just don't stop moving.. To me, I kind of resigned myself when playing T8 that i'll have good games and short games when matched up with the 10's because any mistake you make in a 8 with a bunch of 10's around never ends well.
  3. Raptor Rescue woes

    Seems no matter what someone gets hit by the torps right at the beginning Another thing I've noticed of late is the Furry at the beginning is hardly even making it around the island anymore ! not a bad thing to happen. I've gotten the hole gamut, no stars to many 5 stars, it's fun to play. The high DPM cruiser are by far the best choice for the match, having a good CV will make a difference. BB's have their place also and come in handy late in the game. One thing though if you bring the Buddy, it's seems it's a marked vehicle and you will get shot at a lot. I've gone most of a game in my DeGrasse and not been shot at but that dang Buddy is loved by all the red ships. DD's do ok, but you can't be overly aggressive in them. The Graf Spee I've yet to have a good game in that for some reason.. It is fun, it is frustrating, just go into it and do the best you can, hard to control what other players are doing or not doing.. Have had some folks that gave good advice/direction in chat.. others not so much. Nature of random teams.. I don't think WG is putting them, scenarios, together for "training" purposes, just another mode of play trying to make it so everyone enjoy playing..
  4. Easter Egg in operations

    Well I think I've played that scenario a fair amount of times and gotten to the exit ahead of Raptor, I've never seen that so I'm gathering it's a random thing?. Would be pretty strange seeing it though.
  5. If you can afford tickets to the games anymore :) Ovi is good, don't think Sid the kid should be on any top 10 list. Gretzky was amazing and I saw him play twice live. Today like all other sports the players are bigger, faster, stronger. Heck look at the kids in High School, when I went back in the 70's we had very few kids over 6'2" now.. geez it's like 6'5" is short.. Bobby Clarke, Bernie Parent, Patrick Roy, Bobby Orr, Guy Lafleur, Esposito, Brodeur, Bossy, everyone has their favorites. Dave Schultz was always entertaining.. lol.. Bringing him in as a captain. yeah well got all kinds of other weird folks as captains so why not..
  6. Has anyone tried it on the 'hard" setting? just curious if it makes a difference? think i'll try that this afternoon. As I stated earlier it can be done, I don't think anyone wants scenarios to be cake walks what fun would that be? I like it the way it is. I like the DeGrasse in this scenario along with the Nurnburg and Duca Decosta although it's a little squishy.. The T61 works well in it. Graf spee does ok as well but for some reason I can not get the Dunkerque to work worth a dam.. dispersion is horrible even in close. Seen some great results from other BB's..
  7. Level 12 upgrade

    a Billion and a mill free xp.. amazing in my book.. LOL I just got to the 100 mill mark on credits and promptly bought a t10 and poof back below again.. well one of these days.. 3r22r - I agree with the other posts, save it. or try to spend it in moderation as the higher you go in Tier's boat wise the more expensive everything is. I kind of went the "try all the ship lines" route and that can end up costing you $$.. Maybe concentrate on 1 line or 2 lines and work your way up. After that you can start one of the others and it will provide some new experiences in the game for you. Have fun..
  8. Sometimes it seems extremely difficult and in other games super simple. I find it hardest when toward the end the three BB's coming sailing in from the left. When that happens usually it's a loss. Otherwise it's about equal between crushing it and getting crushed. DD's are ok in the game but seemingly people that bring them tend to get a bit aggressive against the bots, bad idea as they dodge torps like nobodies business and don't miss shooting you. I find it fun and challenging and have been trying different ships, fast firing cruisers by far are the "ideal" boat for the scenario, DD's work but you have to be patient and pick your attacks carefully and BB's well.. good to have; slow firing but can make a difference at the end. CV's eh,, good ones make the scenario easier, not so good ones kind of hinders the team overall. I don't think the operation needs any adjustment, probably just have had a bad run of MM.. One thing that tends to get teams during the match is when the first carrier appears, all of a sudden 3 ships are headed up there to kill it, only problem is you need the firepower down around the Raptor because that's when the DD's show up. A lot of the losses I've been part of have been right there where the Raptor basically get's torped to death.. Only 1 ship should go for that CV.. maybe 2 depending on health of other teammates. Last game I played our CV actually sank that CV and we were able to role through the DD's. Just keep playing it can be challenging but it is fun.
  9. "it's just a game"

    It is just a game, I do play to win, I do try to learn and know my ships and those against me because it helps me survive, however I'm for sure not a "top" level player and I do like to have fun.. It would be awesome if there was teamwork during random games, sometimes you see it but rarely or by accident. I used to ask all the time at the beginning of a match, Plan? Where to? a/b? always something like that, now it's met with NO RESPONSE, or worse, "Wilco" and then everyone goes and does whatever anyway. 12 folks playing, very hard to make "teamwork" work. Lack of available comms does not help, chat is a terrible way to try and work and control as a team. Voice chat in the game far as I know does not work? Intuitive team work? nope don't think so. Getting any number of 12 players to actually agree and listen to a "in game" admiral directing things, suuurrreee that will work, talk about Salt. I personally would love to see more "team work" even in Ranked where it's a bit better but devolves quickly once the shooting starts. Usually at night I play with my brother and another clan mate, and we don't always work as a Unit, we try, but more often then not it devolves down to just individual play based on how the game progresses and not to mention we are not "win at all costs" folks.. But we do try to have fun. Really though if you want "team work" a Clan is about the only way to really get there.
  10. Can I get a good game...

    I would agree with this based off of perception, I don't keep actual statistics on it. Very rarely these days are the scores within 50 or 100 points of the other, usually it's very lopsided. Really can only think of a handful of games lately that were ever remotely even battles. No idea why.. just seems to be happening a lot.
  11. SC yesterday, 50 valentines camo. Usually I just pick Camo and signals so.. First SC in quite some time. Never really expect outlandish things like ships etc. so it's free, I'm good.
  12. Completed the Jervis mission today

    I got the Acasta and the Icarus from the in game missions in containers as personal assignments. Would love to see a Jervis. I like the Acasta, but the jury is still out on the Icarus as I've not played it enough to get a good feel.
  13. Submarine Poll

    Personally being a sub veteran I think It will be fun.. Not sure it will do the game a whole lot of good but it should prove interesting. I also agree with the above; the forums have many many requests for simple things and continually about new maps. It would be great if they came out with that kind of new content along with some of this other stuff.. But I'm sure it's about marketing and making money, new maps don't really generate money, new fun SUBS will I'm sure. PS: dang, I won't have my Mk113 MOD 10 system to use on the sub.. bummer..
  14. Kind of like all the ones I have with the possible exception of the Buffalo, compared to the others Ibuki, St.Louis, Roon, Donski, it does not keep up at least for ME.. others views may differ. Not going up the RN line anymore.. Probably won't keep the Tashkent unless I can get up to a 19 pt commander.. fun to play though. Have not figure out the Alsace yet.. but that's all the farther I'm going there for now. Also may not keep the ST.Louis if the Henri proves a improvement.. Chung, fletcher, 46 all good boats.. probably keep the Fletch and Chung.. Time will tell, I have some time till I'm facing replacing them with the grind between 9 and 10.. so who knows what will happen with the game by then. Keep what you like, sell if it's marginal and you need the $$..
  15. New Ranked Battles

    Yep, I can see that happening, although I think it would be short lived as the top players would advance out of it or rank out.. Although I guess nothing says you can't play ranked battles once you reach the top, so who knows.. may end up just being a XP farming event for the TOP tier players.. But what is "Normal" Ranked? T8 till 15 then T10 is that the "normal' now?