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  1. S16_Hunter

    Weekend spree

    Overall I had a fun weekend playing, played the Krasny, and Murmansk, both turned out to be fun actually to play. The AZ well that will take some getting used to. I find the Boise to be interesting but it would be WHOLE lot better with slightly longer ranged guns. So over all the weekend was "moments of brilliance followed by some really inept play on my part" .. My only problem child is the Z-39.. so far I have not figured that ship out, I like it but have not done anything significant in it. One other thing that really really is frustrating me and what's worse I KNOW it's going to happen is the capping / support meta.. ARRRGG got left in my little DD several times this weekend fighting for a cap only to realize EVERYONE BAILED ! I know "situational awareness" "get gud" etc. Always seems like the green team support is 10 - 15 k back but the RED team is sitting on the CAP with their DD's.. one day, I may actually learn to not play the objectives.. huh? oh, and CV's galore, they were everywhere in every tier seemed like I had them on the majority of games I played this weekend. Still fun though..
  2. I think this would go a long way to helping with things being stale, heck take some of the lower tier maps, and modify them and put them in the higher tier rotations etc.. Have a Player based contest on Map design take the top 5 or 10 and put them in.
  3. S16_Hunter

    Why why why why BB players

    To me the question is "why wouldn't you?" at 10-12 K a lot of BB's guns are at their most accurate so yeah I shoot at them. I always try to shoot at them when someone calls for fire on them, and any damage is better then no damage. I'll even wing some shots out at Max range, heck you never know. I play a lot of DD's so yeah, even with minimal health a DD can pose enormous threats to BB's with torpedoes so I understand the need to take them out. Not to mention capping later in the game etc.. scouting and screening. I had that choice last night in my Colorado, two Iowa's and a Yugomo.. I was primarily shooting the Iowa's, who seemed to be ignoring me for the most part :), but the Yug kept popping in and out and I tried to shoot him, he kept disappearing and in the end between a couple of torp hits from him and some fire I died, but if I could have killed him I may just have survived.. Always kill the DD's when you can..
  4. S16_Hunter

    51 19Pt Captains

    That's my problem.. I like to play many different ships every night. Now my brother did exactly that, he played 1 ship with a captain till he made 19pts. I think he now has 4 or 5 19pts. Guess i'll either bite the bullet and play just "one" ship till I get there or just deal with not having any.. but 51 of them.. holy cow..
  5. S16_Hunter

    51 19Pt Captains

    Amazing.. just simply amazing.. I don't know how you guys do it.. I just got a few of my captains to 17pt.. One day..
  6. S16_Hunter

    Musings of a Turkey

    Thank you for taking your time to be a Turkey! Although I didn't bag any I saw quite a few in matches and it's appreciated that folks will take the time to do these events.
  7. S16_Hunter

    Last day for yy before nerf

    I am 10k away from researching the YY.. and I was going to pull that trigger this week, and now.. I'm not sure.. Really was looking forward to this ship as it was a strong ship, I know I got hammered by one last night. Now I guess i'll, keep the Chung Mu, just let it build Ship XP, and i'll save the credits maybe for the Gearing or work up the Ognevoi to get Udaloi instead.. Of course I could just work on the Trashcan and see about getting to the Khab? .. hmm now that's a thought. oh well.. plenty of ships to play so no worries I can suck equally well in all of them. Happy Holiday's to everyone.
  8. I did, and have no plans to move up to the Repub.. Let's face it, I'm 'average', so having the Perma camo that makes high tier play a little less costly is beneficial to me and I had the dub's available then.. I actually don't play it that often anymore.. sigh.. I love the Chung MU, so we shall see how the YY goes once I get it.
  9. What really sucks is this is the second time a ship got Nerfed just before I'm ready to get it ! DANG IT WG ! QUIT DOING THAT! First it was the Alsace ! and now the YY.. I was really looking forward to playing it.. Now I'm not so excited.. I'll still get it in hopes they "undo" some of what they did.. I agree, they could have tweaked it a little and not got out the nerf bat and hit it into left field..
  10. S16_Hunter

    Changes to MM noticeable?

    Honestly I didn't really notice any difference in the matches I played last night, but 6 or 8 is not a good sample to judge by really.. Going to give it a week or two or so to see how it stacks up..
  11. Isn't that the truth.. I agree with you a 100% on this, although I think those "special offers just for you" are not really "just for you". But doing a true "shopping cart" should be child's play for these folks. I don't know of ANY online sales entity that forces you to only buy 1 item at a time, do you? Heck they could buy the code or an entire system for that part of the operation if nothing else, gee with a little cash you could probably get someone from the community to write the code for it. Have never understood that, they can do amazing things with the ships and environment but yet can't modernize the tool that actually is where the income comes from? go figure. And YES NEW MAPS would be awesome.
  12. Honestly didn't know that you could use WOW"S premium time in WOT's.. of course I don't play WOT so .. that could be the problem. I just bought with my nifty 30% off discount coupon a fair amount of premium time.. so me thinks this will work out just fine..
  13. S16_Hunter

    Topside Tuesday - Best Looking Ship

    Scharnhorst I think get's my vote.. Atago is really good looking boat as well and to round that out the T-61 is by far the best looking DD.
  14. S16_Hunter

    Gutless heavies

    Playing a DD these days is usually nothing but frustration. Which is why I usually mix up DD, cruiser and BB play. Probably hurts my overall skill levels in each as I don't get specific but at least it's keeps the game a little more "fun" Last night I got on to play just a couple of games and decided one of them was in the Tashkent, certainly not your "go take the cap" kind of DD.. detect from space :). So told the team "going to bump A" see what happens.. got RDF'd and then detected before I got to the CAP.. 3 ships.. rut roh - run away run away :) and lo and behold the strangest thing happened.. I Actually had "SUPPORT" it was nothing short of a "WOW" moment... A Cleveland and Akizuki, and a DOY actually were shooting at the ships facing me.. amazing.. Eventually we did kill the 3 ships, lost the Cleveland in the mix but we ended up taking the CAP .. What happened above is NOT the norm anymore.. it is so very unusual that it happens anymore. Not unusual to get late into a game anymore and have all the DD's dead, Cruiser DEAD, and have 4 FULL HEALTH BB's sailing around shooting HE at the opposing team. I've decided that as a DD player from now on, no support no cap. even if there is support I'm not sure I'm going into a CAP immediately.. PS: by the way we lost that above mentioned game, the RED team huddled in the C cap and just slowly killed our entire team who was trying to get at them all bunched up. Which we really didn't need to do as we had 3 of 4 caps, and were a ship up, I tried to help a DOY who was by himself and got ended but I was already low on HP by then. Yep.. playing DD's is a lot of frustration..
  15. S16_Hunter

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    Thought about the 40 guineas so I could get the Cossack and debated getting doubloons and then thought about the Jean Bart... and finally decided just to get premium time.. Overall I think that the premium time will provide better benefit and Christmas is coming and hopefully the Christmas crates will provide some nice stuff.