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  1. 8000 Gold Paintjobs - Acceptable?

    I think the vindictiveness of Wargaming shows through when they respond with a forced name change, heh.
  2. 8000 Gold Paintjobs - Acceptable?

    Was there for that, and now about 2% of those original buyers play, is that sad a tale.
  3. 7.3 update upcoming

    Seriously, go read, troll.
  4. 8000 Gold Paintjobs - Acceptable?

    But even paying an extra surcharge, we didnt sit and demand these skins so, why should we pay extra even with them as a choice, the logic behind it would be WG EXPECTING us to just pay, which is why I referred to them taking lessons from EA after all the damage that company has done to its name as a whole.
  5. 8000 Gold Paintjobs - Acceptable?

    Lets not go into WG's containers chance calculations, thats a whole'nother section of threads.
  6. 8000 Gold Paintjobs - Acceptable?

    I think it is a primary thing to point out this is JUST the paint, you need own the ship first, this isnt buying a ship and paint for a bargain, this is a blatant slap in the consumers face. The marketing trick I can see coming but then again, at a limited supply of ships, even thats dodgy, its not like a new lines come out (France for example) its just same old boats.
  7. 8000 Gold Paintjobs - Acceptable?

    I was indeed thinking of getting one, but I wish to have the extra 3k justified, have they taken on too many new staff, are they struggling make ends meet or are they just getting so greedy they'd rather charge more for one paint than 75% of the ships they have on sale, actual ships, with paint!
  8. 8000 Gold Paintjobs - Acceptable?

    Now thats some straightforward thinking, 5k was and is acceptable, why they must squeeze for more is a bad sign for prospects ahead for this game.
  9. 8000 Gold Paintjobs - Acceptable?

    Again, it is the fact the extra cost is there, cant explain this more basic to you, sorry.
  10. 8000 Gold Paintjobs - Acceptable?

    To be entirely blunt and forward with you lad, Im worked up because this is how games start to really burn, EA is a prime example, you just let this happen, nobody protests enough and the developer shakes you all down for money, its a sad state to watch, honestly it is, everyone just falls in line and pays 'if they want to' which to me says that theres a mass thats fine paying 40 dollars for a paintjob, its called taking advantage of your customers, but when it comes to video game,s theres no spine against cost, just roll over and take it. Kinda like dogs. Sorry if that seems trollish, Im just being blunt.
  11. 8000 Gold Paintjobs - Acceptable?

    Appreciate the postage! Exactly my point, and Im sorry but if you make content, yeah you should get paid, but they arent in debt, they arent expanding so again, no reason charge an extra 3000, I'd probably of been happy along with many pay the 5k, but there just isnt a justification apart form sheer Russian greed when I look at this, sorry Devs but your marketing teams getting your ankles bitten for this.
  12. 8000 Gold Paintjobs - Acceptable?

    $40 for a Skin, Has EA visited Wargaming recently or something? I am serious when I say Ive seen some blatant ripoffs in my time but this is Wow, if people want them fair enough, wont be blowing $40 add no benefit to my ships, per ship even.
  13. 8000 Gold Paintjobs - Acceptable?

    Point is why is this 3k more than any of the others in stock, whats the justification of it?
  14. 8000 Gold Paintjobs - Acceptable?

    First and only post I reckon. Just wanted allow my disgust for 8000 Dubby paintjobs to come out of Wargaming. Please explain to me how this is justified, the extra 3000, stop ripping us off Wargaming, you cant even keep servers working right for foam mechanics. Cheers.