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  1. _BIQ_

    IFHE on BB's

    I use IFHE on my RN cruisers, seems to work well for me - give it a go!
  2. _BIQ_

    How Ranked Should Be Done

    I have no idea why people are up in arms over ranked being T10 - if anything it gives a well earned break to the ever-suffering t8 grind as people who play T10 will probably be playing ranked (at least for a couple of weeks before they tilt/give up/rank out). I personally might even play some of my t8 premiums to make some credits... Something I've long since given up doing regularly.
  3. _BIQ_

    Gimmicks gimmicks Gimmicks

    The main Battery reload isn't a 'gimmick' as such, it seems to be a nice extra layer of play that will allow skilled players the chance to get the most out of a ship. I think it's a good addition, certainly better than slapping another radar module on an under-performing and under-used ship to give it greater utility