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  1. Excellent video. Thanks for posting. I think a lot of what you said about CB applies to random these days as well, especially in regards to DD effectiveness. I play Cruisers way more than I have in the past.
  2. WarDemon1

    Subs: End of the Game?

    Good point. But I for one play the game less and enjoy it less than when carriers were rare. Since the AA nerf, this is even more true. DDs are becoming nearly impossible as CV players improve. Your only hope is they don't target you or they suck at DB and Rockets. If subs just focus on spotting DDs, they will be even tougher to play. By not pinging and running at 6 meters, a Sub teaming with light CA can really hammer DD. Not saying end of game, and newer players will no doubt adapt quicker than an old timer like me. Maybe Subs will become the new cap contenders and DDs will be rarely played. I still love playing the game when no CV's are present.
  3. WarDemon1

    tried sub battles again

    Why do you...and several others... say game is going downhill? A lot of people still seem to be playing, are there numbers showing it declining? I know trying to make a profit on free online game must be challenging. They must either get new players or sale new ships without making them too OP. I spent a fair bit when I first started, but not a dime in the last 18 months or so. Mostly just curious to know if game numbers are declining?
  4. WarDemon1

    My honest view of RANKED SPRINT!

    This is my issue with ranked. There are several very OP ships that are no longer available. If you are on the team with a Kami or Gremy, you have good chace of winning. If not, then you lose. Too bad the MM can't balance these out somehow. Very frustrating to play in stock ships. I bet the majority of people ranking out will have played a lot of their battles in premians. I may try playing some more later in the hope all the special ships have ranked out.
  5. WarDemon1

    Why is the Izumo the trash can of Battleships and a T9

    I agree about the pre-buff deserving her reputation. I stopped playing it and missed that it got buffed. I can tell a big difference in how much damage it takes. Also, the better concealment is great. I think the Izumo is now on a decent par with other T9 bb/s
  6. WarDemon1

    Why is the Izumo the trash can of Battleships and a T9

    The recent nerf to the Alsace and buff to the Izumo have evened them up a bit. In fact, I've been doing better in the Iz of late and often struggle to get 75k damage in the Alsace. That 2sec reload nerf on the Ally seems like forever. It makes her a bit tougher to brawl. If you haven't tried the Izumo since the buffs, give her a go. The reduced detectability helped the most for me.
  7. WarDemon1

    Ranked just aint FUN

    I wish you had added at 3rd question to answer. I like ranked, but I have also seen some stupid players. And at times, I are one of the the stooped. It doesn't take a big mistake to get you deleted or put your team in a bad position. I see a consistent theme in saving stars coupled with very different play styles being a regular source of frustration, often with several players accusing each other of being a potato or noob. This hinges on some players being very aggressive and others being slower and more methodical. Both playstyles can work, mixed together less so. A push needs to be supported to have a chance, but so does playing position battle to draw the enemy into you defensive fire. When one guy decides to push and rest hang back, that can be a bad deal all the way around. Reading your own team's mindset is a skill that I have improved on, though only marginally. It gets really bad when players start insulting each other of flinging useless commands around as it tends to make me stop reading chat, which can on occasion have valuable information in it. So I have enjoyed ranked, but I have to keep in mind it is what it is and keep trying to get better reading my own team as much, if not more, than the reds.
  8. WarDemon1

    CV Rework Feedback

    I can see why the good CV players will be upset by this. But carriers dominate play when they happen to show up. About once every ten games of so it seems. The CV is a dying breed right now. Who even specs for AA anymore most of the time. Or if you do, how often does it go to waste. I like the new interface in that it is more in keeping with the arcade style of the game but still rewards thought based play using appropriate strategy and tactics against real people. I think change could well rejuvenate the carrier in the long run. But working out the new tactics will be a challenge at first.
  9. WarDemon1

    Republique vs Yamato

    Thanks. A lot of good information. I prefer being mobile but on the other hand you gotta love big guns. No dirty innuendos intended, lol. But since the Izumo has been frustrating me, I think I'll give the Alsace first crack.
  10. WarDemon1

    Republique vs Yamato

    To the good BB players out there. I just unlocked the Alsace, but haven't started playing it yet. I heard they nerfed her so the videos about it are out of date. I also have the Izumo at 39k XP and am trying to decide which line to focus on first. I've had good and bad games in the Izumo and have mixed feelings on her. First - Is the Alsace still fun to play? Or at least more fun the Izumo? Second - Which is the better pay off? The Yammy or the Rep? Thanks!
  11. I am getting progress in ranked. Also the missions list ranked. Are you sure you have the right class of ship listed? Oops. Just unlocked 3rd set of missions and see what you mean. As others noted, you can still progress in a few. But I agree, it would be nice to not have to worry about what type of battle.
  12. WarDemon1

    Elephant in the room

    I agree with this except for one thing. Kills and farming damage are still more profitable for the risk than capping. I used to play dd's a lot more and did okay capping, but then I saw my damage and kill stats coming up lame and that's what everyone seems to care about. I also seem to make a lot more credits farming damage. Though winning is a big boost. I liked dd's more until I saw how low my ratings were, despite having above average XP.
  13. WarDemon1

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Baiting is tickling a radar cruiser in some way while at the limit of their range so that you can get away before they can really target you. Either by jumping in then out of a cap or popping them with your guns at max range. Then you have a window while they have to wait for radar cool down time. I admit, with so many radars now on the maps, this is tougher to do, but it still works. I am very familiar with T8 dd's as I have both Gearing and Shima and also a Kiev. Right now the Kiev is working the best for me due to its speed. However, both Gearing and the Shimmy have long range torps so at least you can strike at range. Also, a few extra kilometers gives you the opportunity to use smoke and fire from there. Not much better, but better. Its the 5's and 6's that I see being on the short right end now.
  14. WarDemon1

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I generally hate [edited] dd players, but I guess I just became one. I can handle radar usually, and maybe its just because of all the new CA's out there, but my T5 and especially T6 dd's are getting spanked really hard. You can barely even fire your guns from outside radar range in many cases. I used to love T5 and 6 dd's for grinding credits. I know the [edited] replies will be to play something else, and I do. And I don't feel sympathy for T8 and up, they have the tools to bait and work around radar with gun and torp ranges. But the mid tier dd's are really getting screwed right now.
  15. WarDemon1

    Food for thought

    An attempt at warful poetic thought: Mighty war machines, Manned by the iron, Slinging fire and fury at one another until death settles the matter.