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  1. Kutejikashi

    Game freeze in the Login screen

    It don't bring nothing special.
  2. Yesterday I was playing normally, doing the new halloween mission but then the game started crashing mid match, twice. I have some mods installed, maybe that was the reason why the game crashed, then I uninstalled EVERYTHING. have 0 things installed. But now I can't join the game because the game didn't want to pass the "login screen". I already try the "safe mode" but even in that mode the game didn't proceed. Any ideas why this happen to me?
  3. Kutejikashi

    The new CV's

    I'm thinking about starting to research a CV line (american, japanese or british). But with the new revamp of all the CV's and some nerfs I read and heard, i don't know which line to research nor what are the difference between CV's line (wich aircraft is their best, what are their strong and weak points, etc). Someone care to explain it to me? Their strong points, their best aircraft (if it any), what they are good at. Thank to you all <3
  4. Kutejikashi

    Best credit maker ship?

    May I ask on what type of crates the Missoury is in?
  5. Kutejikashi

    Best credit maker ship?

    Could anyone tell me which ships are the best for making credits? both premium and if there's something as a non premium credit maker ship that could help too. Thanks to all