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  1. ghostbuster_

    Divisions should not be allowed in Convoys

    Read the post I answered first maybe? this thread might be about conwoy but in this particular post, I was answering the post below.
  2. ghostbuster_

    Divisions should not be allowed in Convoys

    I would rather have 0 divs in my team than having a div with 3 DDs to be honest.
  3. Which is another thing which makes absolutely no sense. Why does the consuption increase once subs get spotted? So, sub should try not to misplay / not to get spotted. 2-3 km range would be not very useful. But they could tune DC damage down a bit.
  4. but without that special armaments, subs would have "Im suddenly untouchable" button. thats also a huge problem.
  5. ghostbuster_

    If you were compelled...

    1-) Russian. Because they have basicly the most OP ship in the game (petro). They also have broken ships like slava, smolensk, lenin etc. No Russian bias btw. 2-) USN. Because of DM, alaska, monti, iowa and fletcher. 3-) IJN. Because of yamato and basicly harugumo line. Btw. Russians also have the most broken captain in the game.
  6. ghostbuster_

    New line

    WG: "playing against ships with rapid HE firing guns and smoke screen is a toxic/unfun experience" Same WG introduced smolensk aaand now this new line is coming. at this point I can only laugh at them.
  7. ghostbuster_

    Abuse of Reporting

    first of all, karma is pointless. why do you even care? second of all, "plays poorly" option is exactly for this reason there. to report people who plays poorly. have you ever thought that these people who call out that you play poor maybe are right and maybe you indeed play poorly and maybe they have been giving good advices to you about what you should do? maybe you could improve your gameplay if you listened to these insead of getting annoyed and coming here whining about being reported? this isnt about how they want you to play. its probably about what would have been better for the team. but yeah, give us a replay and we will see why you have been reported. if they were being just "jerks" or were you actually playing poorly.
  8. No matter which class, every ship in this game should be able to deal damage to any ship/ should be able to fight any ship. can they fight effectively? well not everyone should be as effective as others but every ship should get the chance. For example a BB might drop less DCs than DDs while each DC dealing less damage than DD DCs. this would make BBs not as effective as DDs at fighting against subs but at least BB would get the chance to fight back if the sub misplays and gets detected. WG could also make the asw radius differ for each ship. Before someone jumps in and says "how can a BB fight a DD because they cant spot it". No, BB gets a chance to fight back if DD gets spotted by his teammates or if DD misplays. This should be the case with sub aswell. If sub misplays or gets spoted by a friendly sub, you should be able to do something in your cruiser or BB against that enemy sub. Image not being able to shoot a spotted DD in you BB and Cruiser because you dont have the armament to deal damage to that DD. this is the case with subs right now and its just not even close to being balanced. For the love of god you keep saying that you learned from your mistakes during CV rework @Sub_Octavian @Ev1n_NA. for once at least try to be sensible. Giving some ships no chance to fight back is beyond ridiculous.
  9. ghostbuster_

    New Torp Bug Fix Announcement

    Thats what CC program used to be. They were testers just like super testers but with a community. Right now it isnt,yes. Why do you think I said that being a CC lost its meaning? Nah, its simple to distinguish the feedback given due to frustration from a feedback whoch is given for the health of the game. I agree. But for example if WG decides to buff petro and a CC comes up and says that petro indeed needed that buff, this is just being a WG clown. Or it means that CC has absolutely no idea about the game. You cant possibly believe what you just said... these are WG employees and they do only care about WGs interest due to their jobs. They would help WG in any way even if WG wanted to rob the bank accounts of every single player. They are not advocates, they are hypocrites. Dont get me wrong, Im not saying anything against their personalities. Their job requires them to be hypocrites. There is one way to go to top and its not constructive feedback. We have seen this multiple times. It USED TO BE that. Not anymore. Thats why I keep saying being a CC lost its meaning. I mean most impactfull ones (with most viewers/followers) left anyway. CC program is still there but kinda dead. Do all the remaining CCs combined have the same amount of followers as Jingles for example? I dont think so. There was still no answer to this question. "How exactly do the remaining CCs contribute to the community?"
  10. ghostbuster_

    New Torp Bug Fix Announcement

    Im sorry but I dont see the answer for how they exactly contribute to the community. Lets say a CC is a nice guy. So what? What contribution would this have? None. And no. CCs are expected to be objective about anything. Like, if a ship is weak, they need to call it. If there is a dumb change/addition being made by WG, they should call it and inform their viewers. If WG does something possitive (its very rare sadly but still) they should also call these good stuff aswell. They are expected to be honest, not nice and good. CC can be the meanest person on planet, I dont care as long as that said CC stays objective and actually vocals the issues and the good things. Like I said, being a CC meant something back then. But it lost its meaning with the testing part was taken away from them.
  11. ghostbuster_

    New Torp Bug Fix Announcement

    no not to those who follow them ofc not. are their communities big enough to matter, this is the question?
  12. ghostbuster_

    New Torp Bug Fix Announcement

    and how exactly do these individuals contribute to the community? I mean there is a reason for them being not known.
  13. ghostbuster_

    New Torp Bug Fix Announcement

    You gotta first learn how to read, then try to understand what you read and only then we might have a conversation.
  14. and we wonder why WG calls playersbase whales..
  15. ghostbuster_

    New Torp Bug Fix Announcement

    I said "almost all of these people", didnt I? What does almost mean? it could also be good to know for you. Like I said maybe few remaining ones do. but most of them doesnt. sadly.