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  1. ghostbuster_

    Dear WG, Don't Mess Subs Up

    The thing is zoup, you say "wg dont screw subs up" once in that entire video. May i ask you whats the point of creating this thread? And i dont know if its just me but sadly i found that video more like an apology video to wg... Edit: btw. Im sorry to tell you this but they have already screwed it up. Subs are straight up broken. Their only counter is enemy subs. Thats it. You are gonna say: " but hey its just a test" (actually you jave already said that in video). But if you are going to test something in multiple phases, you make some tweaks between each phase. There is absolutely no change between the subs we have in live server and subs we had in PTS . They didnt even add other maps so we could test them on other maps. Mark my words, they are gonna introduce subs into randoms in this state.
  2. ghostbuster_

    Rocket Planes out of control

    So according what you said, there is absolutely no problem in the game right now. Belfast is balanced since super unicums can play against it. Smolensk is not a problem at all since super unicums can counter it by positioning well or by shooting into smoke. Right? and km DDs didnt get outperformed by other gunboats since super unicums can still perform really well with them. No. Just because his stats are good, that doesnt mean CVs are counterable and balanced. But i understand you. Being nailed that hard must reay hurt
  3. ghostbuster_

    Rocket Planes out of control

    Lol yeah almost all super unicum players and super unicum CV players dont know how to play but you do.
  4. Lol. Reroll? Do you see my sinature? Do you see the amount of battles there? Over 17k battles? My main account is on EU server. Feel free to check. https://wows-numbers.com/player/529210271,ghostbuster_/ Why 150k? Its a sh.t result. oh my bad. You meant with subs. I think yesterday i had a game with that much damage. Gonna check when im at home. Btw. Why do you care about damage in subs? I focus on killing other subs and DDs first before i go for damage farm.
  5. Well those people are irrelevant since its not the way subs should be played. There are people who still sit full broadside while playing kremlin and get blaped. Can we say that kremlin is not tanky? No ofc not. Those are potatoes who shouldnt be taken into account. Since there is no delay while diving, you can dodge the incoming shells pretty easly. Why do even want to outrun BBs? If they charge towards you, no need to run. Just stay at 6m and spam torps until they die. If they run away from you, go to 5,9m and do your thing.
  6. Easy solution: stay at 5,9m=you are faster and also almost immune to everthing while spotting enemy. Once you get spotted press C once=dive to 6m=you just got undetected again. Then go to 5,9m again. If you get shot, dive to 6m again. Repeat this until the end of the game. Unless you want to kill an enemy sub, diving below 6m is absolutely not necessary and stupid.
  7. ghostbuster_

    WG please fix AA

    I know he is. But those "brilliant" devs can not be reach. Even you can reach them,, we all saw the s ss answers they gave during every q&a and CC meeting.
  8. ghostbuster_

    WG please fix AA

    Let me do it for you: -after 4 years we got those buttons. Big wow. -such a huge nerf to CVs. WG got another big wow too. -would you also count kremlin nerf in that list which was a minor AA nerf? - almost after 2 years conq was realeased, she got concealment nerf. Another wow. So are you telling us that the feedback we gave can be added to game after 5 years? PTS is useless because WG doesnt encourage people ti play there. Thats why every battle was full with bots during cv and sub tests. Yeah surely you do. Like NTC thing. We got RB and leg. Modules are gonna be there after they get reworked. So, its the same s as ntc just with different color. It would be much better if you didnt pretend like you care about feedback and said: "f you all. This is how we want and its gonna be like that"
  9. ghostbuster_

    WG please fix AA

    Im sorry but where the hell do all that constructive feedback from players go? In last 2 years, we have seen s. ton of contructive feedback but WG keeps doing some ridiculous additions or changes to the game.
  10. ghostbuster_

    WG please fix AA

    Play subs man. Play subs. They are as broken as CVs and even better, they are immune to CVs if played right.
  11. just like in every test version, subs in live server are a joke. -them being able to recharge their batteries while being submerged is just stupid. this must be changed. they should be able to charge their batteries only on surface. -they have little counter right now. the only counter is other subs. its too easy to hunt DDs with subs. to change that, subs should have delay when diving and surfacing. i mean, if you are on surface and want to dive, sub shouldnt dive right after you pressed C. like 5-6 secs delay must be addded. -they are extreamly easy to play. pings are way too fast and way too easy to land. imo pings should be slower akka harder to land and they also need to have longer cooldown.. -every class should be able to deal damage to sub if sub f.cks up with positioning. meaning if sub gets spotted within 2 km of any class, that class should be able to return fire. -splash damage of HE shells shouldnt have the same radius for different caliber of guns. for example if 152mm guns have a splash damage radius of 5,9m, 406mm guns should have much bigger one. but ofc congrats to art department, the only department which actually works properly. they did an amazing job. subs look awesome and underwater graphics are also quite good. so, are the deptcharge explosions etc.
  12. WG f.cked this up aswell. they could allow people subs only after playing certain amount of battles with other classes in sub test mode. for example: to be able to play 1 sub battle, players have to play 3 battles with other classes. but ofc thinking this is probably too complicated for WG...
  13. ghostbuster_

    CV really isn't broken or OP

    And how does it mean CVs are not broken?
  14. ghostbuster_

    Destroyers are bad for the game

    Whining is ofc mich easier than trying to learn. When i see such people, air pollution comes to my mind. Such a waste of O2.
  15. ghostbuster_

    Destroyers are bad for the game

    If you pressed aswd you could dodge DD torps aswell. But let me guess, you try to react after DD torps get spoted, right? There are other DDs which hard counter enemy DDs. There are hydros, catapult planes, spotter planes. Those also counter DDs. And there is radar which is also a very hard counter to DDs. And ofc there are CVs which hard counter literally anything but they counter DDs harder than any other class. Lets see what counters CVs have. None. See the difference? Or is it still to hard for you to get?