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  1. VictoryInThePacific

    The Daily Missions for the Shipbuilding tokens

    Ah, I see now. This may be their dumbest overly-convoluted gimmick yet lol.
  2. VictoryInThePacific

    The Daily Missions for the Shipbuilding tokens

    I don't even see where it lists the shipbuilding tokens - they aren't where I'd expect them to be (in the Armory, in the same row as steel, doubloons, med tokens, and credits).
  3. VictoryInThePacific

    Republic tokens?

    Even a couple of dozen isn't enough, since you only earn a few at a time, and there's nothing in the shop cheaper than 200 tokens. This whole thing has just been a joke to them majority of the player base.
  4. VictoryInThePacific

    The Case for IJN Long Lance

    At that point, why even call it the Long Lance at all? That has very little to do with the torpedo and very little to do with a dozen other things the USN and/or the US economy did better than the IJN and/or the Japanese economy. Exactly. It would be like thinking the Pz III was better than the T-34 based on 1941. No, it doesn't. They were facing the USN - it was hopeless and they should never have started the war in the first place because they didn't have the slightest chance. The United States, by September of 1945, had more GDP than the entire rest of the world COMBINED. Their surviving navy was more powerful than the entire rest of the world's navies combined and that would be true even if they all got to resurrect all their sunk ships and fight with everything useful that they had ever built. There are a lot of ways they were inefficient and they did a lot of things poorly - they took far too long to move on from the Zero, they had virtually no convoy system and poor ASW, they were catastrophically short of fuel, they were catastrophically short of merchant shipping, their intelligence service was outclassed, the army and navy were at each others' throats, their radar development was slow, etc. But even if you change all of that, they still lose.
  5. VictoryInThePacific

    Update 0.8.6: French Destroyers

    Just a month or so ago, they were purportedly trying to encourage people to play lower-tiered ships, and now they are implementing a bonus to playing with T5+ ships only.
  6. Yet another gimmick from on high that discourages proper team play geared solely towards "whatever helps us win the battle most". I realize you can't, but they couldn't have set the application functionality up with an auto-feature that let everyone not selected know they weren't selected.
  7. VictoryInThePacific

    Epicenter needs to be removed

    It wasn't meant to be - just a boosting of the idea that many people do indeed dislike that mode. And then of course, pretending that anyone who disagrees with you is automatically whining, and is automatically refusing to adapt (instead of, you know, adapting but not liking it anyway) is also not an argument for Epicenter.
  8. VictoryInThePacific

    Crap, is there a way to decline a daily shipment

    Right, that's what I was referring to.
  9. VictoryInThePacific

    Bismarck utterly spanked by Lenin

    As it was in real life.
  10. VictoryInThePacific

    Status of captains when "forgetting" a line

    True, but so is the idea that the captain of, say, a Furutaka would have to be retrained before being able to competently captain a freaking Aoba.
  11. VictoryInThePacific

    Epicenter needs to be removed

    No, it isn't. This isn't a real argument for Epicenter, it's just a nicer way of saying "I like it, and the only reason anyone would think differently than me is that they suck at being a team-player" FWIW, I don't think I've ever played an Epicenter without at least one "not this mode" groan in all-chat. Usually it is accompanied by a chorus of agreement.
  12. It seems to be intentional that you can time these out (particularly the 24 hr premium) since there are 10 daily rewards and you have more than 10 days to get them in. I was waiting to collect my 24 hr premium until Sunday, but I logged in today when I saw that Doubloon -> Free XP conversion was on sale. And now it looks like it's going to auto-start my 24 hr of Premium when I don't want it to and waste it completely. Is there any way to decline this, or, as I suspect, did I screw myself over with some help from a "gotcha" game mechanic?
  13. VictoryInThePacific

    Good Job on WG

    Average ideas tend to be favored more after being presented with a poor idea. It's a common negotiation tactic - it's similar to why, if you want $500 for something, you might ask for $600 first since "$500 instead of $600" sounds better than just "$500".
  14. VictoryInThePacific

    Good Job on WG

    Or was that the plan all along? Get us all to LOVE THEM for an idea that would have been negative to "meh, sure" had they introduced it as the first option rather than as the alternative to an obviously terrible option?
  15. VictoryInThePacific

    PSA: Naval Training Center Update

    Encouraging play of lower-tiers is a good idea. But if you have to max out multiple lines to do this, then that effect will cause more people (who might currently be playing lower tiers) to start playing their highest-tiered ships more, and cancels itself out. Especially since not everyone's goal is to eventually get every single ship to Tier 10. A lot of people like a particular ship where it is for gameplay and/or historical reasons and don't necessarily care to play the ship "above" it. Granted what the game needs much more badly than new flashy features is a basic rework of the very clunky port/modules/resources/etc interface that takes way more clicks and time than it ought to while displaying far too little info, but I've basically resigned myself to figuring that this will just never happen.