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  1. VictoryInThePacific

    adding in your on music

    I have .mp3 files only and it still won't play.
  2. VictoryInThePacific

    Premium Ship Review: USS Enterprise

    I know this is a loooong TTT but I just randomly found this thread while Googling something else about the Enterprise, and found this statement hilarious. I realize World of Warships is not supposed to be a simulation, but the actual Yorktown class were very maneuverable, much more so than, say, Junyo, Akagi, Lexington, Essex, or Midway. At the Battle of Santa Cruz the Enterprise managed to dodge over a dozen torpedoes, for example.
  3. VictoryInThePacific

    Now i know why people hate CVs

  4. VictoryInThePacific

    Now i know why people hate CVs

    "I did it once [everyone look at how elite I am] against one particular CV player so everyone should always be able to do it against any CV player".
  5. VictoryInThePacific

    Greatest Forgotten Commanders

    Charles Lockwood - his submarine campaign alone might have doomed Japan in WW2 even if the surface navy had done nothing more than sit around guard Hawaii & Samoa. And he did it over a lot longer distances than Germany was dealing with in the Atlantic, and with a lot fewer subs (although mostly very well-designed subs), and with astoundingly awful torpedoes for the first year or more.
  6. VictoryInThePacific

    Mountbatten and Pearl Harbour

    Well, Admiral King hated pretty much everybody, so there's that...
  7. VictoryInThePacific


    They should just call it a battleship - it's more similar to Scharnhorst and Dunkerque than to anything else and the game considers them battleships. Heck, it's historical purpose was almost identical to Dunkerque (hunting down German Deutschland class vs hunting down a nonexistent Japanese ship that would have been an upgunned heavy cruiser similar to an advanced Deutschland class).
  8. VictoryInThePacific

    Losing intrest

    I don't have a big problem with this. It's possible, but it's not likely. I've done that to BBs in a DD before. I've also sat undetected in smoke, tried to burn a BB down, and then he fires into the smoke with HE and blasts the living snot out of me. If your argument is that it shouldn't even be possible at all, I disagree. Granted this game isn't much of attempt to be historical, but look at what a few destroyers did at the Battle off Samar with smoke screens and fancy maneuvering. Or 1st Guadalcanal, where Hiei was crippled by DDs and CLs. And I know she wasn't hit either, but ask Bismarck if destroyers are easy to hit. So if the Warspite lost 70% health to a DD in smoke, then most likely one of the following is true: 1 - the Warspite's teammates were doing a [edited] job of supporting 2 - the other team did a good job sinking or driving way those other ships, and got rewarded for this 3 - the Warspite should never have gone out there alone in the first place or 4 - the destroyer player was really damn good at what he was doing I had never thought of it, but that's a good point. This game has some of the most civil all-chat out there. Yeah it gets flamey at times, but not usually. It's nothing like, say, DotA.
  9. VictoryInThePacific

    WG's nerf priorities is abit wth, but justified

    The problem there really is that they are so intent on making certain things characteristic of entire lines.
  10. VictoryInThePacific

    CV Rework Feedback

    Making CV's virtually unplayable for anyone who doesn't play regularly isn't going to help the problem. I can't play nearly as I often as I used to and pretty much they have killed my desire to play CV's any more because I'd spend more time figuring out all the new crap than I would actually playing. And then to add onto it, they take away a huge part of the fun/reward by making it so that it takes far longer to grind to the next ship I want! It's a double whammy.
  11. VictoryInThePacific

    USS Alaska is coming!

    And it's real world stats don't fit into the way the World of Warships tech trees are designed. There just aren't enough battle cruisers to make full lines out of. And making Alaska anything like it's historical ability would make it, by far, the best cruiser in the game. It's more like the Scharnhorst in overall ability than it is like any cruiser.
  12. VictoryInThePacific

    Is it possible to line split at tier 8 for the IJN BB’s?

    They had 4 de facto classes of BB since Ise and Fuso were nearly identical. They don't need more when the US doesn't even have both North Carolina and South Dakota in the game, and also has no Alaska, and the British don't have the R class, or Renown, or Vanguard. They could both use more of a line split than Japan.
  13. VictoryInThePacific

    US Battleship Line tech tree split discussion

  14. VictoryInThePacific

    Fuso is such a beast

    Could be they come from playing Kongos, where you have to be a little more judicious about how close you get to the enemy (granted you still shouldn't be playing like your Parthians....)